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Touchstone Archives: Family Takeover

Just received a notice from Stephen  Baskerville about his excellent article on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). There are legions of these people all over the world who will not be satisfied until they are allowed to make the world over in their own image.  It’s all for the children, is their favorite mantra, but at heart, these people couldn’t care less about child welfare.

Family Takeover

A United Nations Treaty Will Undermine Both the Family & the US Constitution

by Stephen Baskerville

Imagine a law in America that could set children against their parents, centralize power away from the states toward the federal government, mandate increases in government spending regardless of taxpayer wishes, bypass the House of Representatives, and abrogate constitutional limitations on government power. Such a measure may soon come up for ratification by the US Senate: the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

Children have become today’s favorite political weapon. From gun restrictions to mandatory seat-belts, the way to neuter opposition to intrusive government measures is to present them as being “for the children.” But the first casualties in the politicization of children are parents and therefore the family. Professionals who advocate for other people’s children inevitably do so at the expense of those whose first responsibility is their own children.

The CRC illustrates how radically human rights law has turned from its fundamental purpose, to be a shield protecting individuals from government intrusion, to being used as a tool of government intrusion. As Geraldine Van Bueren, a law professor and one of the drafters of the CRC, approvingly observed in a 1999 article in the Human Rights Quarterly, these laws are not about protecting political prisoners or dissenters from repression, but about redistributing power and wealth among social groups:

International human rights law is a peaceful but powerful instrument of change. In essence, human rights is about peacefully redistributing unequal power. . . . The essence of economic and social . . . rights is that they involve redistribution, a task with which, despite the vision of human rights, most constitutional courts and regional and international tribunals are distinctively uncomfortable.

She bluntly states that “the CRC provides an ideology for state intervention” into social and economic life. It is not a limitation on state power but a rationale for expanding it.

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Molested by the state

A recent United Nations report advocates giving mandatory instruction in masturbation to children as young as 5. “Sexuality education is part of the duty of care of education and health authorities and institutions,” according to the U.N.

Entitled “International Guidelines on Sexuality Education,” the document is published by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, or UNESCO. The entire document is a manifesto for governments to assume control over the “sexual education” of children, to inculcate in them politically correct ideas about sex and sexual politics, and to undermine and marginalize their parents.

This is from an article by Stephen Baskerville, which discusses the UN’s continued push for a separation to be made between parental rights and children’s rights.  He correctly observes that this is eroding the traditional family, with the idea of enhancing the power of the state to dictate how children are to be educated.

This is a serious development, which began, of course, before there was a UN.  It started with the idea of public education.  It just seems as if there is a certain percentage of people who can’t get it out of their heads that they need to control how you think and behave.

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