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Fatherless Day Rallies

Just received this:
pix-m-International Fatherless Day-2011a-pgff-j

Friday, June 17th, 2011 at YOUR capitol state house

LOBBY with your Legislators from 9am until Noon

RALLY outside YOUR Capitol from Noon until 3pm

WHY? Because children need BOTH fit and willing parents as active participants in their lives. Please JOIN us and help raise attention about unfair practices of this country’s ANTI-Family court system. Bring the Kids! Everyone is invited. Send us pictures from YOUR state. We have pictures from 8 states ca wv co cn il in ky ny. Where is YOUR state pictures.

Call (614) 448-3276 | Email

Planning and Organizing

Donald Tenn


Event Organizer

(916) 838-6291

Mike Russo


Central States Coordinator

(314) 660-1819


Fred Schuler


Eastern Events Coordinator

(321) 446-0234


Barbara Johnson – Family Law Activist

Received this request from a friend:
Please COMMENT on Hank Richards’ article on; If the article gets 40 comments, the story will be FEATURED all over the net and be picked up by Google. So if we want corruption in the courts and the need for court reform and the abolishment of judicial immunity to be featured finally in the media, it is extremely important to click the link to the article and COMMENT. Thank you.

Barbara C. Johnson, Advocate of Court Reform and Attorney in Fact

Apdo #404-4013
Alajuela, Atenas, Atenas
20501-Costa Rica

Twitter: barbjohnson74

SKYPE ID: barbaracjohnson74
SKYPEIN: 978-961-0079 (Call forwarded from Massachusetts to Costa Rica)
Phone 506-2446-6724

I am currently writing two more books: HOW TO books, which I hope will help those folks representing themselves in court. To cover publishing costs, as well as related costs, I am now seeking donations via PAYPAL. To donate, click

Author: Behind the Black Robes: Failed Justice is available for purchase as a paperback ($23.99) or a Kindle edition ($9.99) on To go directly to the Amazon book page, click

False Allegations:
Formerly, Participating Attorney:
Campaign 2002:
The judicial system is very broken. It must be fixed.
There are four people who can do the job:
Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody.
Everybody thinks Somebody will surely do it.
It is a job Anybody can do. But Nobody is doing it.
At least I’m trying. What are you doing?
It is dangerous to be right
when the government is wrong.

All truth passes through three stages.

First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.


Exposing Abuse at Abuse Shelters

A member of the board of directors from a chain of abuse shelters contacted us last week. They brought forth a total of 187 current and former employees who are willing to testify to the abuses of shelter residents, falsification of funding requests, embezzlement, padding of resident numbers, sexual harassment of residents, and others throughout a chain of abuse shelters in Florida. We can not disclose the name or location (beyond the state) of this chain of shelters.

The witnesses said that they can prove every item we exposed in our piece, “Congressional Guidelines for Abusing Women” and more, including specific grants violations under HUD, VAWA, VOCA and others.

 True Equality Network has been requested to manage the deposition of the witness, due to the witnesses’ distrust of the legal system. TEN has agreed to do this. In order to accomplish this project we are going to need to find a few attorneys willing to help depose the witnesses – pro bono, raise money to cover running expenses and set-up a temporary office in Florida to run the operation from (this could be a extended stay suite or the like or a borrowed apartment, home, or office space) for approximately two months. For security reasons the temporary office can not be shared space.

Additionally, the witnesses have requested that we find an investigative reporter to work with them to document this story. We need your help to locate all of the above.

Stay tuned for updates…

Yours truly,
Terri Lynn Tersak
President & C.E.O.
True Equality Network
member – Affiliate
R.A.D.A.R.: Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting
P.O. Box 14214
Research Triangle Park NC 27709


Your Judicial Misconduct Complaint in 350 or Fewer Words

News Release from

  Summarize For Newspaper
Your Judicial Misconduct Complaint in 350 or Fewer Words

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Last September 27, the Committee on Judicial Conduct and Disability of the
Judicial Conference of the United States (28 U.S.C. §331), held its one
single hearing in the whole nation to receive public comment on its draft
rules governing judicial misconduct complaint proceedings provided for
under the Judicial Conduct and Disability Act of 1980 (28 U.S.C.

I presented graphs (pr:11-13) based on official statistics of the federal
judiciary (pr:21-41) showing that between October 1996 and September 2006,
the number of complaints against federal judges and magistrates filed with
U.S. chief circuit judges was 7,462, but the judges disciplined only 9 of
their peers!
( )

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