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Fathers’ rights activist charged with criminal damage after camping out on MP’s roof (From Your Local Guardian)

Protests are still happening in Britain.  Here in the states, the reform movements are having a difficult time getting any traction.

Father protests in Britain

A fathers’ rights activist has been charged with criminal damage after setting up camp on Justice Secretary Chris Grayling’s roof.

Martin Matthews, 47, of Middlemead Road, Bookham, was arrested yesterday evening following a day and night on top of Mr Grayling’s home in Ashtead.

Mr Matthews has been released on conditional bail and will appear at South East Surrey Magistrates Court on September 8.

Police were called to the house at about 12.15am yesterday and erected scaffolding in the afternoon so that a negotiator could reach him.

At the time the BBC said Mr Matthews gave them advice about the scaffolding saying “Don’t wanna go breaking tiles”.

He climbed up with supplies at 9pm on Tuesday night and unfurled a banner. A photograph provided by New Fathers for Justice shows him apparently mooning.

The group said: “This is another protest to highlight the injustice parents face in the present family court system.”

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Fathers’ Rights Groups Rally Behind Nick Olivas In Odd Rape-Child Support Case | Fox News Latino

Here is an excellent example of how the child support industry is out of control.

Fathers’ rights groups across the U.S. are calling out Arizona court officials for showing what they believe is a miscarriage of justice in the case of Nick Olivas.

Olivas was 14 years old when he conceived a daughter with a then 20-year-old woman. The year was 2006, and yet he wouldn’t learn about the fact until just two years ago. The state of Arizona came knocking, saying the Phoenix native owed child support.

According to court papers, he has a past balance of around $15,000, plus 10 percent. The state has already seized money from his bank account and takes $380 from his paycheck each month.

via Fathers’ Rights Groups Rally Behind Nick Olivas In Odd Rape-Child Support Case | Fox News Latino.


Fathers’ rights man convicted for threats | Herald Scotland

Most people have no idea what it is like to be denied any contact with your own children. the situation is doubly hard when you go out to try and right this injustice, and you are met with dismissal.  This father’s reaction is totally understandable, yet, he is the one in trouble, not those in the system who inflict such  suffering on others.  The word of the day, folks, is “obey!”

A  FATHERS’ rights campaigner must carry out unpaid work in the community after being convicted of threatening an MSP and a BBC reporter.

Brian McKerrow threatened SNP politician Christina McKelvie and repeatedly phoned Panorama journalist Sam Poling.

The 42-year-old, of Larkhall, Lanarkshire, had been on trial at Hamilton Sheriff Court, defending himself.

He was convicted and yesterday a sheriff ordered him to carry out 300 hours’ community service.

The court heard Ms McKelvie say he had threatened to “take up arms” against her if she would not take on his case.

The pair first met while she was out campaigning in Hamilton during the 2011 Holyrood elections.

McKerrow had wanted her assistance in getting access to his children but launched into rants against Ms McKelvie and her office staff after he was told she could not help.

The MSP said: “I have never been as unnerved as I have been with Mr McKerrow. At one point he told me that he knew people in the military who would sort us out.”

Sheriff Vincent Smith decided not to impose a custodial sentence but gave him unpaid work as a direct alternative to jail.

McKerrow said he planned to appeal the sentence.

via Fathers’ rights man convicted for threats | Herald Scotland.


Bring Evie Home. by Ashlie Beal-Ewen – GoFundMe

There are so many stories like this.  So much pain – carrying forward from one generation to the next.  We call ourselves a modern civilized society based on laws and concepts of universal justice, yet time and again we see the laws allow such obvious injustice.  We are not a civilized society, we are an insane society.

If anyone seeing this now is able to assist this father and family, it is a start in the battle against the forces that create this kind of world.

In January Christian walked in the door of the home he shared with his fiance to find her packing. She told him that she’d met someone else; they’d gotten married just a few days before and she was taking Christian’s daughter, Evie to live with her new husband in Virginia. At that moment, she and Christian were still living together; in fact the day she married another man Christian brought her flowers. He wasn’t able to file an injuction quickly enough to keep the mother of his child from leaving their home in the state of Colorado, so within days she was gone with his two year old daughter, leaving no forwarding address: just a stunned and heartbroken father. Christian and his daughter found themselves in a situation seemingly ripped from a daytime talk show.

I’m Christian’s sister. I worked with our family & friends to create this page for my brother and my niece, who I dearly love. Our family is providing all the financial and emotional support we can but the necessary legal fees are quickly surpassing our means. We’d like to offer thank-you’s for the financial help provided with “rewards”. Please let me know if you have ANY questions by emailing

via Bring Evie Home. by Ashlie Beal-Ewen – GoFundMe.

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Inside Track: Time to speak up for the rights of fathers | Herald Scotland

In Britain, fathers face the same challenges that they do in America as well as in Canada.  Something has gone extremely wrong since the advent of no-fault divorce.  Fathers are treated as a threat by many who currently have power in the area of family law and family courts, as well as the immense industry of specialists (sometimes called the “whores of the court”) that has arisen around divorce, child support and custody matters.  Coming out of court, many fathers are profoundly shaken when they discover they are nothing but a paycheck.  Their manhood, their father hood, all of it comes down to nothing more than money.  What a world we live in.

John Forsyth, of Families Need Fathers (FNF) Scotland, says: “We often hear [them saying]: ‘I felt I was assumed to be guilty of something, but the stronger I argued my case to carry on being the father to my kids, the more I could see suspicion in their eyes.'”

Fathers talk about the court process being profoundly shocking, feeling as if they are on trial and can only have contact if they can prove their worth.

via Inside Track: Time to speak up for the rights of fathers | Herald Scotland.


Push to change custody laws: What’s best for kids? | 89.3 KPCC

The problem is that it is often the offending parent… the one who really wants to hurt the other, who can change everything by just a few carefully worded statements that invoke the domestic violence statutes.  Once you have run afoul of that, you are screwed.  It is an unholy situation brought about by some really man hating people over the last 25 years.

Fathers today spend more time than ever with their kids, experiencing just as much stress as women in balancing work and family, if not more. But when couples divorce and a custody dispute hits the courts, too many judges award custody to mom, according fathers’ rights groups.

Ned Holstein, head of the National Parents Organization, formerly called Fathers and Families, says research shows that children do better academically and emotionally when they see a lot of each parent.

“We believe family courts are actively hurting kids,” by not awarding joint custody more often, says Holstein. The best legislation, he says, favors joint custody, so long as both parents are fit and there’s been no domestic violence.

via Push to change custody laws: What’s best for kids? | 89.3 KPCC.


Fathers’ rights activist Tim Haries found guilty of defacing Queen portrait, painting by Australian-born artist |

A MAN has been found guilty of defacing an Australian artist’s portrait of the Queen with purple paint while it was hanging in Westminster Abbey.

Tim Haries, a Fathers4Justice campaigner, told jurors he vandalised the STG160,000 ($296,000) oil painting to highlight the “social justice issue of our time”.

He had denied a charge of causing criminal damage of more than STG5000 ($A9300) but was on Wednesday found guilty by jurors at London’s Southwark Crown Court.

The 42-year-old father-of-two smuggled a can of purple spray paint into the abbey on June 13 before scrawling the word “help” on the painting by Australian artist Ralph Heimans.

Haries looked straight ahead as the verdict was announced in front of a public gallery full of supporters, many of them dressed in purple, the colour adopted by the campaign group.

Jurors heard that, moments after committing the act, Haries told a steward at the abbey: “Sorry mate, I’ve got nothing against the Queen” before telling a police officer he was “guilty as charged”.

Prosecutor Allister Walker said Haries shouted “fathers for justice” as he put the graffiti on the large oil painting before being tackled to the ground by steward Peter Crook.

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Legal battle over Native American girl comes to a poignant end –

The courts won on this one, as to their power to dictate law as an ideology.  This case really highlights just about everything that can go wrong when bureaucrats and judges lose site of wisdom.

Was justice served Monday when a little girl called Veronica was taken from her biological father, a Cherokee, and returned to the white South Carolina couple who had begun to adopt her at birth four years ago?

This is one of those heartbreaking stories that periodically makes headlines, sending a shiver down the spines of adoptive parents and enraging Native Americans whose children had been ripped away from them so often that a federal law was passed in 1978 to put safeguards in place.

The facts of this case seem so unfair to the biological father that it’s hard to understand why the adoptive parents have ended up with custody.

Legal battle over Native American girl comes to a poignant end –


‘Baby Veronica’ dad arrested, won’t turn over daughter |

Here is more on that case where the biological father is being excluded from his daughter’s life:

'Baby Veronica' dad arrested, won't turn over daughter

Dusten Brown, the birth father embroiled in a heated custody battle over “Baby Veronica,” surrendered to Oklahoma authorities Monday on a charge of custodial interference.

The case of Veronica Capobianco has reached a boiling point, despite rulings from a South Carolina court and the U.S. Supreme Court stating that the 3-year-old Cherokee Indian girl was to be turned over to her adoptive parents, Matt and Melanie Capobianco.

Court orders ‘Baby Veronica’ back to adoptive parents

Brown failed to appear for a mandated transfer of custody August 4 and a felony warrant was issued Friday for his arrest. According to Charleston County, South Carolina, Sheriff J. Al Cannon, Jr., the charge carries a sentence of up to five years in prison.

Brown was granted leave from his National Guard training duties in Iowa in order to turn himself in. He was released on a $10,000 personal recognizance bond Monday after turning himself into authorities in Oklahoma, where he lives, and has refused extradition to South Carolina.

In a press conference Monday, Sheriff Cannon stated that everything Brown has done, including surrendering to authorities in Oklahoma and using his National Guard duties as an excuse to not appear for the transfer of custody, has been “a continuing felony, a continuing crime.” Cannon also said he did not know Veronica’s or Brown’s current whereabouts.

See how it all began: Supreme Court rules on little girl’s fate

The case first reached the high court over the issue of whether the adoption was valid based on the fact that Brown – and Veronica – are Native American. Brown stated that the pending adoption violated the provisions of the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), a federal law which lays out specific rules for the adoption of Native American children. In a split decision, the Supreme Court justices ruled ICWA did not apply in this instance and sent the case back to a South Carolina state court, which ruled in the Capobiancos’ favor.

An emergency custody hearing was held Monday morning in Cherokee Nation Tribal Court in Oklahoma. Brown did not attend, but his attorney, John Nichols, said his legal team “intends to do everything within the law to make sure Mr. Brown’s rights are protected.” Further, the Cherokee Nation has said Veronica has rights under tribal law that have not yet been exhausted.

Lori Alvino-McGill, attorney for Veronica’s birth mother Christinna Maldonado, said Monday’s hearing was held without notifying her client or the Capobiancos. The Capobiancos have an open adoption arrangement with Maldonado and was actively engaged in her daughter’s life, prior to her removal and placement with Brown.

The Capobiancos have called on federal law enforcement to resolve the matter. In a press conference outside their South Carolina home Monday morning, Matt Capobianco said, “Our daughter has been kidnapped, and I expect the situation to be treated as such.”  He went on to say, “If this doesn’t happen, I will be boarding a flight to Oklahoma today and I am coming to get my daughter.”

Doug Mayer, a spokesman for the South Carolina governor said, “Gov. Haley is working closely with law enforcement, the solicitor’s office, the state of Oklahoma, and the family on this case. Our goal is to do all we can to get Veronica back home safely.”

‘Baby Veronica’ dad arrested, won’t turn over daughter |


Tax proposals, fathers’ rights topic for chamber legislative call (02/07/13)

Fathers are still showing up at legislative hearings to demand more time with their children.  Opponents often argue that increasing time with fathers could lead to less child support being paid, and so argue that fathers shouldn’t get more time.  Unbelievable, isn’t it?

McCOOK, Nebraska — Wednesday’s legislative session at the Capitol in Lincoln, Nebraska, saw extensive testimony focusing on Gov. Dave Heineman’s proposed tax changes, while another topic was nearly as effective at stimulating speakers. According to Sen. Mark Christensen two rooms were also filled with speakers wanting to testify on father’s and grandparent’s rights.

Sen. Christensen told members of the McCook Area Chamber of Commerce that LB 22 and LB 212 saw extensive testimony about splitting parenting time, with opponents worrying the changes would reduce child support obligations in place.

“I was amazed at how many dads came in and said they didn’t care about child support, keep it the same, they just wanted to have more time with their kids,” said Christensen.

McCook Daily Gazette: Local News: Tax proposals, fathers’ rights topic for chamber legislative call (02/07/13).