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Bill Forces People Going Through Divorce To Get A Judge’s Permission Before Having Sex In Own Home | ThinkProgress

As ludicrous as this sounds, there are many fathers who would probably support such a law.  The reason is that there are millions of fathers who have been forced by the courts to make house payments, car payments and other debt payments, on top of having joint accounts frozen or closed, their paycheck garnished, such that they are impoverished, living in mom’s basement, or sometimes even in their car – and then, on top of that, these same fathers must attend anger management classes, parenting classes, under go drug testing, etc., just to get supervised visitation with their own children.  Then to top it all off, the mother moves her boyfriend into the house.  A complete stranger who is having sex with the mother in the house that the father continues to pay for, etc…..

Yes, this proposed law is ludicrous.  However, it is no more ludicrous than is the scenario outlined above, which, unfortunately, is not uncommon.

There’s nothing that sets the mood for a romantic evening like petitioning a judge for permission to have sex at the end of the night.

If Massachusetts State Sen. Richard J. Ross (R) gets his way, that’s exactly what many women (and men) would have to do if they have children and are going through a divorce. In fact, not only would permission-less coitus be banned, but so too would the romantic evening and many dating activities.

Ross’ bill seeks to amend Massachusetts divorce law with the following provision (emphasis added):

In divorce, separation, or 209A proceedings involving children and a marital home, the party remaining in the home shall not conduct a dating or sexual relationship within the home until a divorce is final and all financial and custody issues are resolved, unless the express permission is granted by the courts.

The legislation, S787, was first filed in early 2013. On Thursday, it received an extension for consideration in the State House until June 30. In its current state, the bill does not specify what the penalty is for pre-divorce copulation.

Massachusetts law currently mandates a waiting period of at least 120 days for divorces to become finalized, and that’s only after a judge has approved the separation agreement. In other words, it could take at least four months, if not longer, before a person getting a divorce is legally allowed to fornicate.

Ross, who serves as Minority Whip, took over former Sen. Scott Brown’s (R-MA) state Senate seat in 2010.


Ross’ staff told ThinkProgress that the senator is “not in support” of the bill. It was filed on behalf of a constituent, Robert LeClair, as a courtesy to him. Massachusetts law allows legislators to put forth a citizen’s piece of legislation, as Ross did in this case, though there is no requirement that they do so.

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Inside Track: Time to speak up for the rights of fathers | Herald Scotland

In Britain, fathers face the same challenges that they do in America as well as in Canada.  Something has gone extremely wrong since the advent of no-fault divorce.  Fathers are treated as a threat by many who currently have power in the area of family law and family courts, as well as the immense industry of specialists (sometimes called the “whores of the court”) that has arisen around divorce, child support and custody matters.  Coming out of court, many fathers are profoundly shaken when they discover they are nothing but a paycheck.  Their manhood, their father hood, all of it comes down to nothing more than money.  What a world we live in.

John Forsyth, of Families Need Fathers (FNF) Scotland, says: “We often hear [them saying]: ‘I felt I was assumed to be guilty of something, but the stronger I argued my case to carry on being the father to my kids, the more I could see suspicion in their eyes.'”

Fathers talk about the court process being profoundly shocking, feeling as if they are on trial and can only have contact if they can prove their worth.

via Inside Track: Time to speak up for the rights of fathers | Herald Scotland.


These 10 People Went To Extreme Measures To Get Revenge After A Divorce. OUCHHHH.

Going through a divorce is a difficult time for anyone. It can bring out the worst in otherwise kind and generous people. Being so full of hurt isn’t good for anyone, which is why these 10 couples going through a divorce decided to do something about it. They got revenge. It was totally weird, but totally awesome. Passive aggression is for the birds.


Push to change custody laws: What’s best for kids? | 89.3 KPCC

The problem is that it is often the offending parent… the one who really wants to hurt the other, who can change everything by just a few carefully worded statements that invoke the domestic violence statutes.  Once you have run afoul of that, you are screwed.  It is an unholy situation brought about by some really man hating people over the last 25 years.

Fathers today spend more time than ever with their kids, experiencing just as much stress as women in balancing work and family, if not more. But when couples divorce and a custody dispute hits the courts, too many judges award custody to mom, according fathers’ rights groups.

Ned Holstein, head of the National Parents Organization, formerly called Fathers and Families, says research shows that children do better academically and emotionally when they see a lot of each parent.

“We believe family courts are actively hurting kids,” by not awarding joint custody more often, says Holstein. The best legislation, he says, favors joint custody, so long as both parents are fit and there’s been no domestic violence.

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Documentary ‘Divorce Corp.’ opens in Atlanta |

(WXIA) – The divorce rate in Georgia is among the highest in the nation. In Georgia, along with a number of other states around the nation, more attention is being given to reforming family court law so that the increasing trend toward even greater levels of divorce and family unrest can be throttled back a bit.

A new documentary is opening this week in Atlanta and 15 other cities around the nation called ‘Divorce Corp.’ The film, narrated by television psychotherapist Dr. Drew Pinsky, presents information about how the industry of divorce has destroyed families and individuals across the nation.

Thursday night’s premiere screening of the film at the Lefont Theatre in Sandy Springs, sponsored by My Advocate Center of Atlanta, included a town hall meeting and press conference to discuss the issues raised in the film, including attorney fees, child support, health care and other issues that divided families face.

While all families cannot be saved, the film points to the industry behind America’s ‘divorce machine’ as a catalyzing factor that does not help matters in many cases.

Several women’s groups have organized a boycott of the film, because, in their estimation, the film portrays and promotes what they say is a pro-fathers’ rights agenda that is equally destabilizing for children and families.

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Man buys house next to ex-wife, erects middle finger statue – Fox 2 News Headlines


Nothing quite communicates the wrath of a scorned lover like the middle finger. But in Bloomfield Hills, this middle finger is loud and proud – in the form of a near 12-foot high statue one man erected next door to his ex-wife.

Alan Markovitz recently moved into the home where the statue was erected, which happens to be next to the home where his ex-wife now lives with her new lover, whom she reportedly had an affair with while being married to Markovitz. A photo of the statue CREDIT: LenkaTuohy Twitter account

Markovitz tells Fox 2’s Randy Wimbley his plan was to get even with the ex-wife’s new lover, and never meant for the matter be made public. However, it soon grabbed local attention when the ex-wife’s daughter posted a picture of the statue on twitter. 

The installation of the statue also included a spotlight to keep the message illuminated at all hours of the day. 

Markovitz owns three strip clubs in Detroit and recently wrote a book about his entrepreneurship, which is reportedly being turned into a TV reality series on Cinemax.

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Man buys house next to ex-wife, erects middle finger statue – Fox 2 News Headlines.


Women for Shared Parenting

Received this recently:

We have initiated a Women for Shared Parenting project.  A number of prominent women are forming a group to endorse a statement supporting shared parenting.  The project is in the early development stage, with statement drafting just getting underway.   The group is bi-partisan consisting of female legislators, business leaders, journalists, etc, all of whom support shared parenting.  Presently over 50  prominent women have been identified as participants and are in the process of being contacted.  

Ultimately the idea is to have the statement translate into a website where women from around the United States and Canada sign on as endorsers.  We expect the initial group may also post two minute video statements on why they are supporting shared parenting, etc.   We will also pursue Op Ed pieces in influential newspapers.  There will be very little time commitment necessary on your part.  
Following are several women who’ve already responded, requesting their inclusion in the project.  
Barbara Kay – Canadian National Post syndicated columnist  
Molly Olson – Minneapolis, MN. Founder – Center for Parental Responsibility (CPR)
Dr. Linda Nielsen – Social Scientist, Author, Adolescent and Educational Psychologist, Wake Forest University
Kris Titus – Founder, former President – Canadian Equal Parenting Council – national Canadian shared parenting umbrella organization
Before any statement is publicly released it will be privately circulated to all who indicated a desire to participate for their input.  We anticipate the statement may be tailored as a broad policy statement in order to attract the greatest level of support.
We would be interested in being introduced to  any Prominent Women Leaders who would appreciate hearing about this endeavor.  I can be contacted with the information below. 
Kind Regards,
Terry Brennan

Documentary project on single father households

Just received this notice:

My name is Khaaliq Thomas and I’m a professional photographer and custodial dad of 3 (recently divorced).
For the past year I’ve been working on a photo documentary concentrating on single / custodial fathers households.
I’m hoping to get your help in spreading the word about the project.

Purpose of The Project
The project will challenge the belief of fathers being incapable, unwilling, and or inadequate in performing responsibly,
productively and lovingly as a single / custodial parent. I currently have 3 participants and need another 3 to 4 for a
truly diverse look into these unconventional family structures. Attention will be given to the dedicated ability of these
dads and their commitment to raising productive children and supplying a stable home on their own. The finished project
will consist of a 110 page full color photo book. I’m using Kickstarter to raise the funds to search for more dads through
advertising, print and design of the book and setting up exhibitions of the final project.

How You Can Help
I need your help in spreading the word about the Kickstarter fundraiser in order to get the project to the public and
share in the experience of a single father household through this project. I’m asking for your help in support of the project
by spreading the word on your website, (or anyway you can), and allowing me to add you as a supporter on Kickstarter.
I plan on launching the Kickstarter fundraiser early March or whenever I have enough support, whichever comes first.
A link to a video introduction of the project is included.

Thx for your time –


Tax proposals, fathers’ rights topic for chamber legislative call (02/07/13)

Fathers are still showing up at legislative hearings to demand more time with their children.  Opponents often argue that increasing time with fathers could lead to less child support being paid, and so argue that fathers shouldn’t get more time.  Unbelievable, isn’t it?

McCOOK, Nebraska — Wednesday’s legislative session at the Capitol in Lincoln, Nebraska, saw extensive testimony focusing on Gov. Dave Heineman’s proposed tax changes, while another topic was nearly as effective at stimulating speakers. According to Sen. Mark Christensen two rooms were also filled with speakers wanting to testify on father’s and grandparent’s rights.

Sen. Christensen told members of the McCook Area Chamber of Commerce that LB 22 and LB 212 saw extensive testimony about splitting parenting time, with opponents worrying the changes would reduce child support obligations in place.

“I was amazed at how many dads came in and said they didn’t care about child support, keep it the same, they just wanted to have more time with their kids,” said Christensen.

McCook Daily Gazette: Local News: Tax proposals, fathers’ rights topic for chamber legislative call (02/07/13).


Father’s Rights Debate Taken Up By The Nebraska State Legislature

These types of bills have always foundered when the lawyers and special interest lawyers start weighing in.  Also, courts are loathe to give up any discretion, especially in cases of disputed custody.

 More than a quarter of our kids are being raised by just one parent. Some Heartland fathers feel like they don’t have the parenting rights they deserve. Two Nebraska state lawmakers are trying to change that.

Joe Trader thought he had all the evidence he needed in the custody hearing for his daughter Gracie; but the judge decided otherwise. “I wasn’t going to let a decision that has been given to fathers for years determine what kind of father i was going to be able to be to my child.”

Up before the unicameral this year are two bills focusing on father’s rights.

State Senator Galen Hadley’s bill wants to bring laws made years ago up to today’s times. “I think this bill is looking more at modern society and trying to come up with a parenting plan that tries to deal with the kind of conditions we find in modern divorce.”

Senator Russ Karpisek wants to go one step further; holding judges accountable for the decisions they make.

Trader says both bills show progress. “Any benefit, any increase in time or really any acknowledgment of the equal parenting an how important it is a huge stride,” he said.

Trader’s main goal is for more time with his little girl, Gracie. “Let Nebraska know we’re tired of being just child support, we want to be parents.”

One of the bill would also make it so each parent is entitled to at least 45% of the year spent with their child. That could be over-turned, but a judge would have to cite a reason why.

Father’s Rights Debate Taken Up By The State Legislature.