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Judge shot by Darren Mack on witness stand

Note: I’ve always wondered if the reason they couldn’t get an impartial jury empaneled in Reno was because they couldn’t find 12 people who would vote to convict!

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A Nevada judge took the witness stand Tuesday to recall being wounded by a sniper-style gunshot through his courthouse window, and pointed across a courtroom to identify Darren Mack as the man he immediately thought shot him.

“That man, right there,” Washoe County Family Court Judge Chuck Weller said, as he told a jury that Mack’s name was the only one he gave police detectives before he was wheeled into surgery June 12, 2006, at a Reno hospital. Continue reading Judge shot by Darren Mack on witness stand


Fugitive Darren Roy Mack wants to tell his side of the story

BULLETIN  from  William WAGENER @  OST


Santa Maria, Thursday was consummed trying to get

reputed fugitive Darren Roy Mack, who is thought to

be in Mexico to turn himself in to authorities.

 Thursday Morning Darren R. Mack emailed

William Wagener, Producer of

and a local TV show in central Coast of California,

with a piece of information that confirmed his identity.

 Authorities, including FBI & D.A. of Washoe County, Nevada,

and Reno PD, have been seeking Mr. Mack in connection to the

death of his estranged wife, Darla in Reno, and the shooting of

the judge, Charle Weller, who sat on their custody/divorce case.

 William Wagener is the only person to have taped Darren Mack

on or about May 27, 2006, and another Reno dad in connection

with the reputed crooked acts of Judge Charles Weller nearly 2 weeks

before the events of June 12, when Judge Weller was shot through

his 3rd floor Window of the Courthouse. Mr. Mack had tried in vein for

months to get media attention to the blatantly unfair rulings of Judge

Weller, in his case and a dozen other cases. Continue reading Fugitive Darren Roy Mack wants to tell his side of the story


Update: Another FAMILY COURT JUDGE SHOT- Weller in RENO

Sent: Monday, June 12, 2006 3:16 PM

Subject: Another FAMILY COURT JUDGE SHOT- Weller in RENO

On Second Thought –

Judge Weller shot through Courthouse Window

According to local ABC Tv, CBCNEWS and AP report from Scott Sonner, Family Court Judge Charles “Chuck” Weller, was shot through a 3rd floor window at the justice center at 11:15 Am Monday, June 12, 2006, from the outside, but still lives after 4 shots. A woman near the window was injured from shattered glass. Local reports said this:

  We’re looking for somebody who apparently shot through Judge Weller’s window into his office,” Haley said “We don’t know if we have one person or multiple people,” he told KRNV-TV in Reno. “We don’t know precisely where that round may have come from, so we have to close down and search a large area just north of the court complex.”

  OST’s William Wagener talked to Officer Frady of the Reno Police

late this afternoon. They are now looking for Darren Roy MACK,

a jewler/businessman of 3 or 4 generations in Reno.

 Mr. Darren Roy Mack, had gone through his second traumatic Divorce

and Child support case, where he claimed Judge Chuck Weller was ordering him to pay twice or more money than he earned, and he is apparently already in bankruptcy court.

 Nancy Grace, on CNN, reported none of this and knows next to nothing about the Mack vs. Mack case in Washoe County, Nevada.

Mrs. Charene Mack was apparently also unavailable, but was according to sources, OSTÂ reached being sued for the return of a ring by Mr. Macks mother and CEO of a Jewlry Sales company, which

Mr. Macks ex or soon to be EX had possession of on condition she

return it for Sale. Judge Weller is believed to have ordered Mr. Mack

to get his mother to “drop the civil” suit against his soon to be ex-wife,

and basically allow the ring to be stolen under threat of “Contempt of Court, but the details are sketchy. The Mr. Mack’s mother is also not talking.

 Mr. Mack had no prior criminal record, and this appears to be, if

he committed the shootings in Reno today, the act of a man pushed

to the brink of hopelessness. His business destroyed, his child increasingly likely to alienated as Judge Weller, or future judges

throw him in jail for failing to pay more child support that the current

level of income. IF, and it is not known for sure, but IF the Reno Police have correctly fingered Mr. Darren Mack as the shooter in the event of the morning of June 12, 2006, then IF Mr. Mack’s appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court failed or was about to fail, THEN…

this would have left businessman Darren Mack in a hopeless

situation. He can not pay more than what he does earns. Jail, like 100,000 other NCP’s was a certainty… just a matter of time. Any given day, there are 100,000 men and some women in jail or prison

for failure to obey a court order which they literally can not obey, for

lack of money. Another 50,000 to 100,000 die from suicide, depression from loss of contact with their children or both, but are not reported to have died because of being legally abused in court.

We can not say, because the documents of the Mack vs Mack case

are reported to be sealed by Judge Weller, but close friends of Mr. Darren Mack claim that he was abused in court. We will have to wait to see the Cd’s of the court case, before rendering a final judgement.


 Judge Judge Chuck Weller, said during his campaign for the judgeship that he would be “fair” to Fathers. But once in ffice, numerous complaints from litigants started to reverberate,

from Custodial and Non-Custodial Parents [ NCP ] that most of the

time, the lawyers who contributed to his campaign WON in Judge

Wellers courtroom, regardless of the facts.  Some complained that

the evidence was often ignored, or not even allowed on the record.

A few, say, “Justice was literally – ‘For Sale’ in Wellers Court.”
If your attorney, contributed to his election… you Win, if not, you lose.

Facts and chldren immaterial.

  Some were ordered to pay impossible amounts of Child support

far in excess of their incomes, and threatened with “contempt” and jail indefinitely,  if they did not pay more than they earned.

 OST was just beginning to investigate this Judge Weller and

the opponent he defeated for the Judgeship in May, 2006. Cds of Judge Wellers court conduct show wide swings in his courtroom demeanor from begging NCP to explain, when a NCP leader was watching, to being indifferent to one party.

   It was the same in Dakota. Where Judge Heith Janke, of Grand Rapids “stuck it to” a former businessman and councilman, in the

morning, only to have him return and shoot Judge Janke point blank in the afternoon.

  This case is different from the Dakota Judge shot point blank in the Courtroom, as that assailant was a former City Councilman who was being stripped of all his property,

 and ordered to hand it over to his ex-wife. The Assailant did not hide or try to escape.  One friend of Darren Mack’s we contacted in Reno today, said, he was “shocked” and suspected Mr. Mack had gone to the mountains to put the last bullit in his own head.

 Extreme prejudice against the spouse or parent who earns the

most income may well be the common factor in this shooting in Reno Today.  We talked to members of the same Fathers Rights group

of Reno, which Darren Mack belonged to, and they all agreed, that

this kind of violence would NOT happen, if…Â IF…

1. Judges gave Both parents equal time with their children,

2. No involuntary child support was ordered, because each

   parent would “support” the child when they had the child.

  The divorce/custody lawyers come out the BIG winners in the

current system, and many of those lawyers in Reno donated to

Chuch Wellers 2004 campaign. The system in Family Court is

exactly what drove Mr. Nickels in Atlanta in 2005Â to snap and kill a judge and others, and lead to the death or Brian Armstrong in Valley

Street jail in 2000, and the death from nerve degeneration in Wilbur

Streett in New Brunswick, N.J.

 In Judge Chuck Weller’s case it is more interesting,

because he promised during his campaign to be “fair”.

Yet most litigants reporting “injustice” in his court claim

it was simply a bias to let which ever attorney contributed

to his election win. Even those parents, who won seemed to think

Judge Weller did not give opponents “fair” hearing.Â

  Judge Janke in Dakota, recovered from his gunshot wounds,

but according to Dakota Mitch Sanderson, a candidate in 2004, the

Judge in Dakota exercise more decorum, and was less abusive

to the party he ruled against in his court.

  Weller was reported to not follow the law in custody cases,

causing much anger among those short changed in justice.

Hundreds of Thousands from Warren Farrell a former “feminist”

mam on the N.O.W. Nat. board of directors to Prof. Stephen

Baskerville of ACFC in Virginia have been calling for 50% time

with each fit parent and an end to child support payments if not

agreed to voluntarily outside of “Family Court”, in order to improve

relationships with the children with both parents and end endless

and expensive bickering in court. And judge Weller was noted to have

granted some 50-50% placements, many claim his ordering more

money paid by one parent than earned was not based on child need,

but whether or not the prevailing lawyer had donated to Wellers 2004


 Below, is one of the Reno Police reports on Weller’s case:

Reno Police Department
News Release
June 12, 2006
For Immediate ReleaseUpdate Shooting Investigation, Homicide Investigation

Suspect:  MACK, Darren WMA, DOB: January 31, 1961
5-ll, 190-220 pounds, Brown hair, Brown eyes

Possible Vehicles:Â Â Late model Silver Ford Explorer with unknown
license plate

2003 Hummer H2, Burnt Red with Nevada license

On June 12, 2006 at 11:06 a.m. the Reno Police Department began
to receive multiple reports of a shooting that had just occurred in
downtown Reno. One report came in from a citizen at the intersection of
West First Street and Sierra Street that an armed subject was in the
parking garage located at the northwest corner of First and Sierra.
Another report came in that Family Court Judge Chuck Weller was shot
while in his office located on the third floor of 1 South Sierra Street
south of the parking facility.
The Reno Police Department responded to the scene and met with
Washoe County Sheriff’s Office personnel who were already on scene
inside the courthouse. The Reno Police Department set up a command post
at West Second Street and Sierra Street to begin search operations for a
potential sniper. Both the Washoe County Sheriff’s Department and the
Sparks Police Department responded with additional personnel to assist
with the search and investigation.
The investigation shows that at least one shot was fired from a
northerly direction through a north-facing window of the judge’s
chambers, striking him in the torso. A staff member of Judge Weller was
also struck, receiving minor injuries possibly from broken glass or
fragments of a bullet. Both Judge Weller and the staff member are being
treated at a local hospital. Additional information on their condition
is not available at this time.
The multi-agency search operations by officers from the Reno
Police Department, Washoe County Sheriff’s Department and Sparks
Police Department focused first on the immediate threat of additional
shots being fired, the safety of pedestrians in the downtown corridor
and the surrounding buildings, and then a secondary search for what may
have been the location of where the sniper fired. Special Weapons and
Tactics teams from all three agencies were assigned potential danger
locations in an attempt to find the sniper.
The investigation led the Reno Police Department to 9900 Wilbur
May Parkway where blood was found. That investigation led to the
discovery of a victim of a homicide. The suspect in that case, Darren
Mack, is also wanted for questioning in the shooting of Judge Weller.
Mack had been involved in a recent case in Judge Weller’s court. Reno
Police detectives have indicated there is significant investigation
information to link the two incidents.
During the crime scene investigation in the courthouse
facility, two K-9s alerted on the judge’s vehicle providing
indications of possible explosive devices within the basement of the
Family Court building. Subsequent investigation did not reveal any
explosive devices and the building has been reopened to staff.
One of the vehicles that was initially identified as possibly
driven by Mack, the 2003 Hummer listed above, has been located in west
Reno and secured. The suspect is still outstanding and may be armed.
The Reno Police Department is seeking any information available on the
location of Darren MACK. People with information should contact the
Detectives Division at 334-2188, or Reno Police Department Public
Information Officer Steve Frady at (775) 334-3850.
The Reno Police Department will hold a news conference at 9:00
a.m. at the Reno Police Department at 455 East Second Street on Tuesday,
June 13 to provide updated information on the investigation.
Steve Frady, Police-Fire Information Officer
(775) 813-6911 cell phone