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Bill could hook grandparents for child support | KHON2

The legislator quoted here is concerned about this bill’s effect on families.  Anytime you get the bureaucrats involved, it is bad for families.  Families would do fine if it weren’t for the government meddling.

grandparent liability bill graphic“For example, say the 17-year-old mother has the baby. The 17-year-old father is responsible for child support in theory, but he goes to high school. He isn’t making any money. In a lot of those cases, the Department of Human Services is going to pick up the tab in terms of food stamps, financial support or other things.”

Supporters of the bill say in addition to holding grandparents “financially responsible,” the proposal could help the parents of the minor hold them accountable for raising the child, and allow them to pass on parenting skills.

Morikawa also wants to make sure the proposal would end up helping, not hurting, families.

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Fathers’ Rights Groups Rally Behind Nick Olivas In Odd Rape-Child Support Case | Fox News Latino

Here is an excellent example of how the child support industry is out of control.

Fathers’ rights groups across the U.S. are calling out Arizona court officials for showing what they believe is a miscarriage of justice in the case of Nick Olivas.

Olivas was 14 years old when he conceived a daughter with a then 20-year-old woman. The year was 2006, and yet he wouldn’t learn about the fact until just two years ago. The state of Arizona came knocking, saying the Phoenix native owed child support.

According to court papers, he has a past balance of around $15,000, plus 10 percent. The state has already seized money from his bank account and takes $380 from his paycheck each month.

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I-Team: Son billed for father’s unpaid child support |

Another example of the child support industry gone wild.  They want compliance, money, obedience.  Welfare of families and children have noting to do with what is going on here:

CHARLEMONT, Mass. (WWLP) – A man from Franklin County received an $83,000 bill for unpaid child support that his father never paid. The 22News I-Team discovered why this happened and what the I-Team did to help get this pricey problem resolved.

The bill was just the start of it, the state also sent Charlemont’s Charles Ricko II a letter saying there was going to be a lien placed on his property. “He was the stereotypical, deadbeat dad,” said Ricko II.

When Charles Ricko Sr. died last September, he owed more than $83,000 in unpaid child support.  Charles Ricko II is the oldest of his six children, but after his father’s death  he got stuck with his father’s bill and a letter saying there was a lien placed on his Charlemont property.

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Here is yet another story — we’ve been hearing the same thing for many years now, ever since this craziness began with all the adjustments that were made in family law to handle the dislocations created by no-fault divorce — about the problems with child support.  The problem is that family law is no longer really about justice.  It is not a “court of equity” any more.   Family law is now completely about gaining 100% conformity.  Truth or actuality is forfeited in favor of ideology.  It is insane.  It is upside down in the sense that standard legal ideas are abandoned in family law.  In family law, they take something away from you (contact with your child, your family, all your possessions), and then charge you for the privilege of not having your children with you.

Somehow, the people in this system have got everyone to accept this false idea that there is some kind of connection between paying child support and supporting your children.  THIS IS A FALSE ASSOCIATION!  Caring parents take care of their kids.  Rarely does one hear of someone abandoning their children.  We don’t need any of the laws that have been developed in the last 40 years with regard to family law.  Eventually, it will all be abandoned….. it is financially and morally insupportable.

Kevin Macfie owes more than $60,000 in child support, and he’s spent most of the past three years at the Bergen County Jail as authorities have tried to get him to pay up.

“The reasons these laws are so hard-core is that they were created for the guys who are determined not to pay their child support. But those are rarely the guys sitting in jail for this.”

Co-director of the Center for Family Policy and Practice

His 871 nights and weekends behind bars have cost taxpayers more than $87,000.

During that time, he’s paid less than $15,000 in child support, much of it garnisheed from unemployment benefits, which have long since run out. Homeless, jobless and struggling with alcoholism, there’s little sign he will ever pay what he owes.

Macfie has had plenty of company in jail. Last year, more than 1,800 men and women were incarcerated or sentenced to home confinement with ankle bracelets in Bergen and Passaic counties for failing to pay child support. They and thousands of others statewide cycle in and out of a court system whose mission is to get money from people who claim they just don’t have any.

It’s an obscure world, known mostly to the probation officers, jail deputies, divorce attorneys and family court judges who must wade through the tales of broken blue- and white-collar lives and the many excuses the parents offer for why they aren’t providing for their kids.

In her Hackensack courtroom, Judge Ronny Jo Siegal deals with parents accused of failing to pay child support.

Paul Nichols, who owes child-support payments to his ex-wife, has had employment struggles and has started a news website where he hopes his financial luck will change.

Across the state, authorities currently have 33,000 active arrest warrants for parents behind on their payments. Some parents are regularly picked up and jailed for weeks or months at a stretch, as they try the patience of judges as well as ex-spouses with their stories of woe. In Bergen County, the jail has a special 65-bed bunkhouse for fathers behind on payments.

Supporters say a jail stay is sometimes the only way to get reluctant payers to comply in a state where parents owe nearly $2.9 billion in unpaid child support. Deadbeat parents, they say, leave children in crisis as custodial parents struggle to pay the bills. Continue reading


South Jersey sheriff’s departments nab 760 in child support sweep |

The sheriff hear exposes his own stupidity and complete mischaractarization of the true situation relative to families and children.  Here is a quote from this puke:

“Our 21 county sheriffs and their officers strive to do their best during the year and especially during these sweeps to make sure that the children of our state receive the support they are supposed to receive,” Miller said. “Our children are our most prized possession; every parent must do everything they can to be a part of their child’s life. You can never get the time back that passes by.”

Speaking thus to parents (mainly fathers, in this case) and essentially blaming them for not being a part of their children’s lives is ludicrous and highly offensive.  It is the system, of which he himself, and all of the arresting officers as well as all of the child support personnel and “whores of the court” are an integral part that is the problem.  These people are the problem.  Parents in the overwhelming majority of cases love their children and do whatever they can to take care of them.  But when your child is basically taken from you, and then you are treated as a common criminal by these very evil people, all the parenting crap they spew becomes like poison in the mouth… one simply must spit it out.  It is high time for parents to tell the state to go to hell.  Live under their radar. Don’t give them a penny.  Don’t work at jobs that can be garnished.  Do whatever it takes to not cooperate with these fascist assholes.  Don’t use their IDs.  Don’t get a license.  Don’t answer their mail.  Don’t answer their phone calls.  Don’t have anything to do with these people.  This system cannot be reformed because there are simply too many people profiting from this system.  Therefore, either conform bow down and suck or lick whatever they say to suck or lick, and then smile and say “Thank you master!”

Another point to consider is what these operations cost, versus how much they collect.  It is obvious to anyone with a brain that the amounts collected indicate people who are not wealthy, probably even able to afford their own apartment, etc.  People who hurt others because they can (like this sheriff, like the child support enforcement pukes who created the warrants) are truly evil.  They are not well intentioned.  They want one thing, and one thing only… your absolute obedience and conformity.  This is the legacy of the modern liberal welfare state.

The Sheriffs’ Association of New Jersey announced the apprehension of 760 delinquent parents in the association’s sixth annual Child Support Warrant Sweep on Friday.

The announcement was made by Salem County Sheriff Charles M. Miller, who is president of the SANJ.

The goal of the three-day intensive nonsupport sweep, which took place between July 15 to July 17, was to apprehend noncustodial parents who have failed to pay their court-ordered child support. Additional targets included parents who have failed to appear at court hearings to establish a child support order or order for medical support.

The sweep is hosted in cooperation with the New Hersey Office of Child Support Services (OCSS). The OCSS commended both the sheriff’s association and the state Judiciary for their collaborative procedural support in the sweep.

Statewide sheriff’s officers, with the assistance from other agencies, canvassed the state in search of offenders over the course of the three-day sweep. Of the 760 warrants served, approximately $130,995.95 was collected. The total amount of money owed on the warrants was $14.8 million.

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Man jailed for failure to pay child support released – Houston Chronicle

This is welcome news.  He should never have been jailed in the first place.  This case shows just how idiotic and dangerous the child support enforcement industry can be.  These types of people seem to lack a sense of basic humanity.

An attorney for a man who was jailed last week for failure to pay child support said her client was released late Wednesday.

Tyesha Elam said a Houston family court judge ordered Clifford Hall be released after a jail review hearing. The 43-year-old Houston man now gets to see his 12-year-old son.

“That was what he was most excited about,” Elam said.

The highly publicized case revolved around a clerical error which lead to Hall’s week-long stint in custody.

For several months Hall failed to pay the full amounts owed in child support for his son. But Hall said he was being punished just because of a clerical error at his workplace.

After exhausting his appeals options, the Houstonian surrendered himself to authorities at the Harris County Civil Courthouse on June 24 to serve a six-month sentence for failure to pay child support.

While Hall worked at AT&T, an employee in charge of garnishing his paycheck for child support withheld the incorrect amount for months, according to an affidavit signed by an AT&T employee who manages workers compensation benefits.

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That Texas Child Support Case: What Everyone Is Missing – The Root

What everyone is missing is that there are some places the law should not go.  Institutionalized child support is evil.  It was evil in its conception. It is evil in its execution.  The state should not be involved in the family.

I completely disagree with those who say the solution is in the legislatures.  The solution is with people just quitting.  People must simply not comply with an evil law.  People should break evil laws. Judges should resign rather than send someone to prison in order to conform to an evil law.  People should be rioting over this type of thing.  But they are not.

The corruption of this government is to the point of complete.  For example, we used to say that by simply jamming the jails full, it would collapse the corruption.  However these people – the people who believe they have the right to tell others how to live, how to take care of their children, etc. – these people have devised a diabolical fix: private for profit jails!  So now, counties and states get money from the federal government for putting people in jail.  Where does the federal government get the money?  The make it up as needed!  Therefore, sending someone to jail, even though no one has been harmed (except the father’s family by the actions of the state itself!) is now part of improving or stimulating the economy!

To buy into all this nonsense is utter maddness, yet it is the dominant view.  How sad.  The only way to cope is to comply and simply resign yourself to doing as you are told like a good slave, or simply  opt out.  Don’t participate in this rigged game.  Make your own game.

The problem, insists Hall’s lawyer Tyesha Elam, is the law—more specifically, a law that Texas passed in June 2013 repealing protections for parents paying child support who may fall behind.

“I think that people are not recognizing that we have a local change in the law that allowed this result. People are so desirous of blaming the judge or blaming [Hall] that they’re just not hearing when I say the problem is the law,” Elam told The Root on Friday, during the same week her client turned himself in. “Across the country when people get behind in child support, the desire is for them to purge by making a substantial or total payment. That’s universal, that’s the goal: Pay your child support.

“Here in Texas we had an actual statute passed in 2007 that says if you purge and pay all that you owe, then not only will we take jail off the table, we’ll just pursue other alternatives if you pay up. What happened June 14, 2013, is that protection was repealed, and so our laws legally said that if a person falls behind—and even if they paid up—they can still go to jail, and that’s what I think people are missing,” Elam explained.

“This couldn’t have happened in June 2012. This couldn’t have happened in May 2013, but [Hall’s case] happened November 2013, after the law changed, and so what I’m trying to do is get the word out because I want … federal purging protection,” she continued. “I want the Supreme Court or [Congress] to come down and say everybody has the right to fix [their payment problems]. … In Texas our parents lost that right in June 2013.”

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Dad begins jail sentence in complicated child support case | News – Home

These court rulings show decisively, that these child support enforcement laws have one goal: complete control.  They want to own you.  they want your willing obedience.  It has nothing to do with protecting children, it is all about control and money.  The child support industry is evil. In the long run, it harms children.  In the long run it destroys civil society.  It doesn’t work because it is wrong.  Nevertheless, there is a very mean spirit very much alive out there causing many to see things very differently.  This draconian ruling is indicative to me that things are becoming even more polarized, which could lead to civil unrest, and even more draconian measures.


Clifford Hall showed up to the Harris County civil courthouse prepared to serve his jail time.

Hall fell behind and owed more than $3,000 in child support, but his attorneys claim the money was garnished not from his paycheck, but his employer.

The company did not submit the money to the court for his son and ex-wife to collect.

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Man sentenced to jail in case of unpaid child support

Dad in controversial child support case begins jail sentence

Hall eventually paid what was due plus an extra $1,000, but by that time a change in the law made it impossible for him to avoid jail time. Hall is also facing accusations that he did not follow a court-ordered visitation schedule and kept the mother away from his son longer than allowed.

The case was appealed to the 14th Court of Appeals. Hall was unsuccessful and was ordered to begin serving a jail sentence.

“It’s a horrible feeling and it makes me sick to my stomach but I have to do it,” Hall said. “I don’t know how it got like this, but I just want to move forward with my life.”

Hall and his attorney hope his story can become a cautionary tale.

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Protest over York County text message urging child support |

The fathers are correct.  Why is it ok for the state to intimidate parents with humiliation and threat?  How is this good for children?  All these bureaucratic gnomes really care about are conformity and money.

York — Some men in York County are protesting a text message they received from a county agency urging them to celebrate Father’s Day by paying child support. The York Dispatch reports today’s message from the York County Domestic Relations agency said a payment would be “the ideal Father’s Day gift.” Ricardo Reyes says he was offended by the implication that all dads are deadbeat dads.Jesse Mauss says it also implied fathers are only good for money rather than nurturing or other parental responsibilities.Both says they are up-to-date on payments. Agency director Theresa Gross says the message wasn’t meant to offend, but was an effort to use “innovative ways” to encourage child support payments and was intended for people who are behind.

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Sullivan DA appeals child-support charge dismissals |

According to many people these days, especially those in child support enforcement, being poor is criminal.  This DA is an asshole and should be fired. However, at least here is one decent judge out there!

MONTICELLO — The Sullivan County District Attorney’s office is appealing a village judge’s decision a month ago to dismiss charges against 51 people arrested for unpaid child support.The people were arrested during a crackdown a few months ago and charged with second-degree criminal contempt, a misdemeanor.Monticello Justice Josephine Finn, however, agreed with Legal Aid that the cases belonged in Family Court rather than a criminal court, since many of those charged were just not paying their child support because they’re too poor.The DA’s office filed notice of appeal on May 7.

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