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Documentary project on single father households

Just received this notice:

My name is Khaaliq Thomas and I’m a professional photographer and custodial dad of 3 (recently divorced).
For the past year I’ve been working on a photo documentary concentrating on single / custodial fathers households.
I’m hoping to get your help in spreading the word about the project.

Purpose of The Project
The project will challenge the belief of fathers being incapable, unwilling, and or inadequate in performing responsibly,
productively and lovingly as a single / custodial parent. I currently have 3 participants and need another 3 to 4 for a
truly diverse look into these unconventional family structures. Attention will be given to the dedicated ability of these
dads and their commitment to raising productive children and supplying a stable home on their own. The finished project
will consist of a 110 page full color photo book. I’m using Kickstarter to raise the funds to search for more dads through
advertising, print and design of the book and setting up exhibitions of the final project.

How You Can Help
I need your help in spreading the word about the Kickstarter fundraiser in order to get the project to the public and
share in the experience of a single father household through this project. I’m asking for your help in support of the project
by spreading the word on your website, (or anyway you can), and allowing me to add you as a supporter on Kickstarter.
I plan on launching the Kickstarter fundraiser early March or whenever I have enough support, whichever comes first.
A link to a video introduction of the project is included.

Thx for your time –


Draconian Feminist Sentencing Destroys a Woman

Excellent example of what happens when you abandon age old principles of justice, such as has happened in family courts in much of the developed world.

Michelle Taylor got drunk one night and allowed a 13-year old boy to fondle her breasts.

She was charged with the crime of committing lewdness with a minor (a charge which feminists in Nevada had recently been part of having the legislature change the sentence for, in an attempt to fight the bugaboo of “sexual predators” – i.e., as a means of having men who were slandered by their wives in custody battles locked up permanently), she was tried, and convicted.

Now she appears at her sentencing “hearing” with only one possible sentence: life in prison.

via Objectify Chicks.


BBC NEWS | UK | England | London | ‘Batman’ protest father is jailed

A fathers’ rights campaigner who spent hours on an M25 gantry dressed as Batman has been jailed for six months.

Fathers 4 Justice activist Geoffrey Hibbert, 48, of Farnborough, Hampshire, spent seven hours on the overhead sign near Heathrow Airport last August.


These guys continue to get headlines.  All the legislative action by various fathers rights groups over the last 20 years have done next to nothing, but at least these guys have got people to take notice and talk about this issue.

via BBC NEWS | UK | England | London | ‘Batman’ protest father is jailed.


Taken Into Custody reviewed in Human Events

Received the following from Stephen Baskerville:

My book, Taken Into Custody, has been reviewed in Human Events, by Joseph D’AgostinoHuman Events is a highly prominent and influential newspaper here in Washington that has been very sympathetic to our cause and has published my articles many times.  Joseph D’Agostino, vice president for Communications at the Population Research Institute, has also been outspoken about what is happening, as you will see in this review.  (see below)

You will see that the review is highly favorable both to my book and about the injustices being perpetrated by these dangerous courts.  Please be respectful in your comments. 

My thanks to the many people who have been helpful in securing media interviews (and more on that soon).

Stephen Baskerville




Children of the Stateby Joseph A. D’Agostino (more by this author)

Posted 03/03/2008 ET

There is no such thing as other people’s children. — Hillary Clinton

Conservative Americans fancy that socialism has been largely defeated or that its greatest remaining threat lies in taxation and spending. They forget that the dream of leftist revolutionaries for centuries has been not only to equalize wealth and social status, but to eliminate all distinctions among the citizens of their ideal republic. All of these revolutionaries from Marx on down have targeted the family for destruction. Continue reading Taken Into Custody reviewed in Human Events


Taken Into Custody By Divorce

Good to see this excellent review of Stephen Baskerville’s breakthrough book.   I have also seen that people in the divorce “industry” itself, often judges, and also lawyers, are really beat up about the injustice that they realize they are inflicting on fathers. The problem is, as this review points out, no one knows what to do about it. The machine has become too big.  It now seems to have a momentum, a life, of its own.

Taken Into Custody By Divorce

BY Jennifer Roback Morse

Most Americans have made their peace with no-fault divorce, believing easy divorce to be an enhancement of individual liberty. But a new book by Stephen Baskerville argues that permitting unilateral divorce allows an unprecedented scope for government intrusion into ordinary people’s lives. Taken Into Custody has several breakthrough insights.

First, no-fault divorce frequently means unilateral divorce: One party wants a divorce against the wishes of the other, who wants to stay married. This fact means that the divorce has to be enforced. The coercive machinery of the state is wheeled into action to separate the reluctantly divorced party from the joint assets of the marriage, typically the home and the children. Involving the family court in the minutiae of family life amounts to an unprecedented blurring of the boundaries between public and private life.

People under the jurisdiction of the family courts can have virtually all of their private lives subject to its scrutiny. If the courts are influenced by feminist ideology, that ideology can extend its reach into every bedroom and kitchen in America. Continue reading Taken Into Custody By Divorce


Are your children MORE important to you than all your other political Issues?

Two Questions for YOU. I really want to know YOUR answer!

1. Are your children MORE important to you than all your other political Issues?

Yes or NO.

2. If there was one candidate for President who would abolish all the Federal Funding that hurts your relationship between you and your children,…
would you vote for THAT Presidential candidate regardless of what the polls say,
or even if you disagreed with one or more of his issue positions ?

Pass it on to two friends please.
William J. Wagener

Host & Producer of


Fred On Everything – Taking a break

 Fred on Everything, Fred, is taking a break.  Many of you should be familiar with this curmudgeon of modern insanity.  He has been writing a column for several years lambasting those who are working so hard to derogate our constitutionally governed society.    In the following quote, Fred makes an observation that is completely perfect, “We no longer have the sense of shame that once made exposure of misdeeds effective.”

Fred Columns

The fascinating thing is that the flow of events seems beyond influence, as if someone or something intended it. I could write five columns a week about the absurdity of dragging second-graders from school in handcuffs for having threatened to shoot a classmate with a loaded finger. The draggings-out would continue. We no longer have the sense of shame that once made exposure of misdeeds effective. The spying will not stop. There is no will to stop it, and the technology improves. Nor will we see a return to the semi-constitutional government of old. It means nothing to most people, yet, and by the time it does mean something, it will be too late.

One of the main problems facing all the factions in the fathers’ rights movement, marriage reform movement, shared parenting movement is that so few people really get the main issue.  As soon as you open the door to “the best interest of the child” outside the context of parental rights, you are already all the way on the freeway with no exit to the complete destruction of the family as we have known it.  Continue reading Fred On Everything – Taking a break