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Accused Seal Beach gunman sought revenge: prosecutor | Reuters

Another tragedy brought to you from the divorce courts of America.  If divorce and custody issues were handled from the perspective of parental rights to children, instead of best interest, these kinds of events would be fewer, since there would be less opportunity for enmity to escalate.

(Reuters) – A man California prosecutors say shot his ex-wife and seven other people to death in a Seal Beach hair salon in revenge over a child custody dispute was charged on Friday with first degree murder in their deaths.

Scott Evans Dekraai, 42, who is accused of carrying out the largest mass murder in the history of Orange County, was also charged with a single count of attempted murder, Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas told a news conference in Santa Ana.

The lone survivor of Wednesday’s shooting rampage at Salon Meritage, 73-year-old Harriet Stretz, remains in critical condition at a hospital in nearby Long Beach.

An emotional Rackauckas announced he would seek the death penalty against Dekraai, who he said was targeting former wife Michelle Fournier, a stylist at Salon Meritage, in the shooting rampage.

“There are some crimes that are so depraved, so callous, so malignant, that there is only one punishment that will fit the crime,” Rackauckas said. “When a person in a case such as this goes on a rampage and kills innocent people in an indiscriminate bloody massacre, I will seek the death penalty.”

Dekraai made an initial court appearance on Friday afternoon, wearing a yellow Orange County Jail jumpsuit and handcuffs and shackled at the waist as he sat in a caged area.

Orange County Superior Court Judge Erick Larsh agreed to a request by Dekraai’s lawyer, Robert Curtis, to postpone the arraignment until November 28 so Curtis can assemble a defense team.

Curtis also asked the judge to order to ensure that Dekraai was given his medications, including two anti-psychotic drugs. Larsh said he could only order jail doctors to “do what is appropriate” for Dekraai’s medical conditions.


As Dekraai was being taken out of court, a woman in the audience shouted “I hate you! I hate you!” toward his back. Another man clutched a picture to his chest.

Prosecutors say Dekraai, who divorced Fournier, 48, in 2007 and was still battling her in court over custody of their young son, wanted revenge when he stormed into Salon Meritage and began shooting.

The former couple had been in court over the child custody issues on Tuesday and Rackauckas said the hearing apparently “didn’t go very well” for Dekraai. He said Dekraai and Fournier had argued over the phone on the morning of the rampage.

“We believe that the defendant committed this unimaginable act of violence because he wanted to kill his ex-wife over a custody dispute over their 8-year-old son,” Rackauckas said. “He was willing to end any life in his path, and he did.”

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Kinison friend says comic fathered child – Yahoo! News

It will be interesting to see how this is handled.  It is possible that he has a civil case against the biological father’s estate. He may also have a case against the attorney who represented him for malpractice.  Historically, however, the presumption of paternity of the husband trumps everything else.  So just because it is obvious he wasn’t the father, nevertheless, the courts may decide to leave this case alone.

LOS ANGELES – A longtime friend of Sam Kinison said Thursday that he recently obtained DNA testing shows the late comedian fathered a daughter with his ex-wife and that he hopes the revelation will free him from years of unpaid child support penalties.Comic Carl La Bove filed a petition Thursday to try to invalidate a nearly 13-year-old agreement requiring him to make payments for the girl, who is now 21 years old.

As of 2009, La Bove owed nearly $188,000 in back child support, according to a statement filed with his petition.The debt has left La Bove without a driver’s license, a passport and shoddy credit, he said.But he said any animosity he felt toward Kinison for sleeping with his now ex-wife during Kinison’s hard-charging heyday in the late 1980s is gone.

Success is not guaranteed, said Michael McCormick, executive director of the American Coalition for Fathers & Children, which is aiding La Bove in his case. The 52-year-old comic will have to show that he was coerced into signing the 1998 agreement.

In his court filings, he claims he was not fully informed of his rights before signing the agreement. In an interview, he said that his divorce from his ex-wife took six years and that his attorney never suggested he challenge the paternity of the child, even though his then-wife had told him that Kinison was the girl’s dad.

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Nas ordered to pay Kelis $44,000 a month in child support for baby born Wednesday | TV, movie and music news | Music biz |

Nas ordered to pay Kelis $44,000 a month in child support for baby born Wednesday | TV, movie and music news | Music biz |


Wow. Just like the Eddie Murphy case, this is something more than just “child support”.


Eddie Murphy Ordered To Pay $50K A Month In CHILD SUPPORT To Mel B … $5,000 Less Than NAS IS PAYING KELIS!!! –™ 2009

Eddie Murphy Ordered To Pay $50K A Month In CHILD SUPPORT To Mel B … $5,000 Less Than NAS IS PAYING KELIS!!! –™ 2009.

ANCPR Says:  Wow.  That’s a lot of money. Seems like we shouldn’t call this child support.  It’s something,  but it isn’t child support


Does This Celebrity Divorce Indicate an Important Cultural Shift? :: Glenn Sacks on MND

Does the Kaczmarek-Whitford divorce indicate an important cultural shift?


Former “Malcolm in the Middle” star Jane Kaczmarek has blasted rumors she’s fighting for full custody of her kids with her estranged husband, former “West Wing” actor Bradley Whitford.


Commentator and Fathers Rights Advocate, Glenn Sacks, may be right here.  There may very well be reluctance now on the part of some mothers to go for sole custody because of stigma, but I’m not so sure. The system is still primarily an adversarial one, and the least thing will trip up the best of intentions.

via Does This Celebrity Divorce Indicate an Important Cultural Shift? :: Glenn Sacks on MND.


Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen case in the news

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen are back in the news again, and folks, this is really bad.  The case shows exactly how it goes in these custody cases, although most of the time it is not reported.   What really fries me in this little snippet below, is the obvious idiocy of the writer.  Notice how Sheen is said to spewing “venom”, when all he is doing is expressing controlled and patient frustration with a mother (Denise) who is obviously insane

The Denver Post – People: McConaughey steps in for Owen Wilson
It just keeps getting uglier in the Sheen-Richards custody tussle, and Wednesday the actress asked a judge to “protect her children” from Charlie, reports.

Denise Richards’ lawyer tells People that Denise “believes that Charlie Sheen has significant personal issues … which require her to take action,” and she wants to stop Sheen’s overnight visits with the kids, Sam, 3, and Lola, 2. The lawyer didn’t specify what those “issues” were.

As usual, Sheen had plenty of venom in return, saying that Richards “behaves as though she owns our children. She does not.  A day of legal reckoning for her is fast approaching.”

An earlier story I saw recently quoted Richards as saying the children were returning from their “visits” with their father “upset”. Tell me, a 3 year-old, and a 2 year-old “upset” with their father?  This should be a prima facie case of mother parental alienation in the works.  Why is it that mothers like this are simply presumed to be acting to protect their children, when in fact she is simply pursuing a case of alienation against the father as a means of revenge and punishment?