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Fathers should have a say in abortion – Juneau Empire

Every now and then this issue comes up, and the NOW people scream bloody murder.  This is a very complicated issue, with no easy answers.  But family law on this issue is one example of a society that has gone stark raving mad, turning age-old notions of justice inside out and upside down.   This is also related to the paternity fraud issue, which still hasn’t been addressed adequately by the courts and legislatures.

I think we need to start asking for legislation that protects fathers' rights when it comes to abortion. I support abortion only because I feel like I have no right to tell others what to do. If people so choose to live with the act of abortion, that is the weight they have to carry. But fathers have no say in it. Why? Because they do not have to grow the child for nine months and then give birth? Pregnancy is just nine months. Men should be able to have a voice for their child to possibly have 50, 80 or 100 more years of life.

Men must also realize that if the mother does not want the child but the father does, he must be the one to step up to the plate to raise the child and not just say, “It’s your baby, you raise it” to the mother.

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Bill to give fathers say in abortion proposed

The first step has been taken by an Ohio State legislator, Rep. John Adams from Sidney who introduced a bill called H.B. 252. The bill would give the father rights regarding an abortion. The bill would make abortion without a father’s permission a misdemeanor. It would also make naming a false biological father a misdemeanor with a maximum fine of $1000. A similar bill was introduced in 2007 but the Planned Parenthood group protested the measure.


I doubt this will pass.  Too much entrenched opposition to anything giving more recognition to the importance of fathers except in so far as they can pay child support if the mother chooses to keep the child.

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Abortion rights for men? Abortion Parties?

Last week Alternet published a controversial essay wherein the narrator attended a party thrown to raise money for a friend’s abortion. Numerous conservative bloggers wrote obligatory posts. The piece took heat from the left too. Tracy Clark-Flory posted a worthwhile example. “I hadn’t heard of an abortion party until today. That’s despite growing up in the liberal sanctuary of the San Francisco Bay Area and attending a passionately feminist women’s college,” she wrote. “I’ve seen women unabashedly announce “I had an abortion” to friends and strangers alike, out loud and on T-shirts and bumper stickers, but an abortion party is an entirely new concept to me.”


I was once interviewed for a piece in Glamour magazine on the case some years ago where a guy sued a woman for misappropriating his sperm without his permission.  The other commentator was someone from National Organization for Women.  They, and most of the comments that appeared from readers, took the position that it’s a woman’s right to determine what happens in her body.  It was my position that more and more, we are seeing responsibility foisted on men, but freedoms granted women.  That issue is still playing out the same way, as near as I can tell.  It seems to me, though, that an abortion party is really sick.  This isn’t something to “celebrate”, or to just mention casually.  It just isn’t right.

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