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There are so many stories like this.  So much pain – carrying forward from one generation to the next.  We call ourselves a modern civilized society based on laws and concepts of universal justice, yet time and again we see the laws allow such obvious injustice.  We are not a civilized society, we are an insane society.

If anyone seeing this now is able to assist this father and family, it is a start in the battle against the forces that create this kind of world.

In January Christian walked in the door of the home he shared with his fiance to find her packing. She told him that she’d met someone else; they’d gotten married just a few days before and she was taking Christian’s daughter, Evie to live with her new husband in Virginia. At that moment, she and Christian were still living together; in fact the day she married another man Christian brought her flowers. He wasn’t able to file an injuction quickly enough to keep the mother of his child from leaving their home in the state of Colorado, so within days she was gone with his two year old daughter, leaving no forwarding address: just a stunned and heartbroken father. Christian and his daughter found themselves in a situation seemingly ripped from a daytime talk show.

I’m Christian’s sister. I worked with our family & friends to create this page for my brother and my niece, who I dearly love. Our family is providing all the financial and emotional support we can but the necessary legal fees are quickly surpassing our means. We’d like to offer thank-you’s for the financial help provided with “rewards”. Please let me know if you have ANY questions by emailing

via Bring Evie Home. by Ashlie Beal-Ewen – GoFundMe.

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  1. Here is another letter, again, just received this week, that illustrates the evil of the modern cps – child protective services – can sometimes get out of control:

    I have been providing for my daughter her whole life. I called Cps due to not knowing what else to do. For fear of her being with her mother whom is mentally ill and has a history of drug use and being a neglectful mother sadly. When i got my daughter after 17 days of not seeing her she was a wreck. Dramatized different. CPs took my daughter from me due to false reports made by the mother of my child and people I have never met before. CPs is showing extreme prejudice towards me. I have been cooperating and doing what they ask and they are manipulating everything; making false statements, not allowing me proper visits, while the mother of my child has my daughter where she is staying with other people that I have never met. They drug test me all the time even though I am not a drug user while they dont drug test the mother even though she is a known drug user documented by police. and make me out to be a horrible person. I am not I am an honest hard working man whom has done everything for my family. Cps advised the mother of my child to get an order of protection against me. The case workers give her huge and talk with her as if they are friends. While with me they are rude and report notes that are outrageous. I am scared I don’t know what else to do. Please help me. Nathan Hansen 480 246 6501. Have a blessed day.

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