Broward Sheriff’s Office conducts child-support roundup


Operation Family Matters

The real criminals are the people involved in child support enforcement.  This system is ruining lives.  How does it help children to put their fathers, and sometimes their mothers in jail just because they are not making enough to pay draconian child support orders that are imposed by courts?  The man shown here had just started a new job, which he will most likely now lose.

From the back seat of a patrol car, Sanchez, 29, said taking him into custody was not going to help his 6-year-old son. He was now at risk of losing his new job as a cook, he said.

“Listen, the whole system is messed up. I won’t make the job, which in turn won’t allow me to make the payment for my child,” he said. “And once again, will get me to this endless circle.”

The father had fallen behind by $668 in payments for his son, officials said.

Sanchez said he has paid some of the child support owed, but he does not earn enough to make the monthly payments.

He also said he has been embroiled in a battle over visitation rights. Sanchez’s mother played a video clip on her phone that showed the boy: “Daddy, I miss you,” he said.

“When does it end? When does this cycle end?” Sanchez asked. “It never ends. My life has been ruined.”

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