Did Utah four-day work week cost dad rights to his child? | The Salt Lake Tribune

This case clearly illustrates the difficulties faced by fathers of children whose mothers don’t want the child to know the father, and would rather get money from an adoption agency.  This story is truly ludicrous. The mother should be in jail.  The adoption agency should be out of business, and the judges in this case should all be hung from the nearest tree.

A Florida man’s court fight to gain custody of his daughter, given up for adoption after her January 2010 birth, may hinge on whether he is allowed to argue a state employee’s delay in registering his paternity notice violated his due process rights.

The Utah Supreme Court is now considering whether Ramsey Shaud, of Crestview, Fla., adequately argued in a lower court that his constitutional rights were violated by the delay at the Office of Vital Records and Statistics, caused in part by the state’s four-day workweek and a legal holiday.

Shaud is the latest in a string of unmarried fathers from across the country to make his way to Utah in hopes of undoing an adoption — in this case, of a child referred to as “Baby Girl T.” It will likely be months before the justices issue their opinion.

via Did Utah four-day work week cost dad rights to his child? | The Salt Lake Tribune.




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    Its just disgusting isnt it.
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