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Dear Supporters,

I hope this email finds you all well.

It has been sometime since our last email and so much is happening. The film
is back and ready for national distribution. On top of that we are finally
at the first step towards the Academy Award Qualifications for 2012 with the
Los Angles Screening booked and ready to see July 11 through the 17th, 2012.
Go to and click on show times.

Yes Yes that is true. We are screening the film for a full 7 Days at 2
times per day and we have tons of seats to fill. So you guessed it…. we
need your help to do it!

We have been working diligently on this film that tells a story that needs
to be told. It’s something that we feel will make a positive impact on many
lives and the social economics of this great country we live in known as

The land of the free…… or is it?

What really does matter is that the film persuades and shows people that YES
we do have a problem with our current policies.

There are problems with millions of dollars of ERRORS in the child support
system. There are problems with the divorce industry as most of you know it,
and the custody battles or the visitation as “visitors” to our own children.
We can go on and on listing more and more problems. What has been added to
the film now is more on the Parental Alienation and the simple fact that the
custodial parent has more rights than the non custodial parent.

The newer and final version (OMG yes final! lol) contains:

* New never before seen footage and interviews that will shock you.

* Also- are the Judges tainted? Find out when one steps down after we
interview her and found out she was allegedly receiving some form of
incentives the more she sent guys to prison for child support arrears. On
top of that the state even denies she ever worked there….you can be the
judge now!

* We cover the exorbitant amount of money that goes into creating so
called “dead beat dads” at a time when our politicians are looking for
budget cuts and the tax payers are footing the bill.

* We have revisited the way the non-custodial parent is basically
forced out of the child’s lives by having only 4 days a month of parenting
time and becoming a “visitor” in the lives of their own children.

* Who our we really Supporting here ?

* When does the “pay before you play” with your kids ever end?

* Military – We cover the military troops that fight for our freedom
only to come back and find they have been wrongfully named biological
fathers becoming victims of paternity fraud then ultimately stripped of
everything they own while they were away.

We have tried to cover everything including the myth of the dead beat mom or

Our team continues to strive until show time. All of us have only time to
give and have used all of our own funds to get to this stage.

Now friends it really is up to YOU!

Would you please support us in Los Angeles , July 11-17th, 2011. Tickets
will be $10.00 each. For group tickets please contact us.

Buy a Ticket today, ( get a T- Shirt or Pre Order
The full DVD that will be shipped out to you on July 28th right after we
screen in New York city starting the 19th – 26th of July 2011.

Bottom line if you or someone you know has been through what is called “the
system” then you know we need reform and we need your help to make this

We need it starting today and right now. You can even just buy the team a
cup of coffee if you would like to. Every bit helps.

Go to for Show times and updated info. Follow us on
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The train is moving again and we hope to see you aboard! Please pass this


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Local man along with others files suit against state in child support case

It is a bit difficult to believe that any counties or states are still putting parents in jail for being broke, without at least providing them with legal representation.  The laws throughout the nation are quite clear on this matter.  These prosecutors should be prosecuted for this injustice.  They should be made personally responsible to pay these parents for what they did to them.

A Rome man who served time in the Floyd County Work Release Center after falling $3,000 behind on child support payments has filed a lawsuit against multiple state and local officials.

Randy Miller and five other plaintiffs from around the state filed the suit Tuesday at Fulton County Superior Court. They are represented by the Atlanta-based Southern Center for Human Rights.

The suit alleges that the parents’ civil rights were violated because the state has failed to provide legal representation for those unable to pay child support.

“Languishing in jail for weeks, months and sometimes over a year, these parents share one trait in common besides their poverty: They went to jail without ever talking to an attorney,” said the lawsuit.

via – Local man along with others files suit against state in child support case.


States motivated on child-support enforcement by financial gain |

The writer of this letter is a father who has recently experienced the shock of modern day divorce, custody and child support laws.  He correctly sees that in a divorce, the state assumes the role of caretaker of the children, and then assigns that duty to one or the other parent, and charging the ncp with child support.  It does this both for economic, as well as social reasons.  Child support is evil.  It harms children, in that it alienates them from their fathers (about 85% or 90% of the time, fathers lose custody to mothers).

It is interesting, also, that one commentator to this letter upbraided the author saying that it was the father’s duty to pay child support.  Men who take this attitude are one of the reasons that these unjust laws are perpetuated.  They are the problem.

What does it mean to be designated a “deadbeat parent” “Deadbeat parents want free lawyers,” Nation/World news, Wednesday? It can mean you have lost your role and responsibility to be a parent — often because of an uncontestable divorce — withoutt any legitimate cause or reason.Once a parent, now a payee, the noncustodial is faced with the most egregious legal act: the discharging of his duty to his own family, his children.

The basis for such an egregious act is a federal child-support enforcement program — a program that matches the state’s child-support enforcement collections with funds from Social Security that go to the general state budget. In effect, those legal representatives are motivated by financial gain for their purses and for the state’s purse. These representatives are part of a larger program that is systematically destroying parental rights while fleecing the family.

As wards of the state, children are treated as marital property. A price is placed on the children’s heads — which is imputed to the noncustodial — in accordance with guidelines and current or expected family income. Those representatives claiming to act in the best interest of the children are, in fact, acting in their own interest and that of the state.H. Kirk Rainer

via YOUR VIEW: States motivated on child-support enforcement by financial gain |

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bhamliberal March 27, 2011 at 7:56AM


I have no idea what your point is but when I divorced many years ago, I got hit with some steep child support. Although I was non-custodial, it was my duty as a parent to pay…..and pay I did. Its called responsibility.