Free State protest ties up police

I like these guys.  Think how much they are costing the idiots who make idiotic decisions in this sparsely populated states.  Too many people are in jail for things that simply aren’t crimes, except in the narrow little minds of fascists who have gained control of our courts and legislatures. These protesters were bringing attention to the jailing of a fellow Free Stater who was in jail for child support.

When a car collided with a college student walking in downtown Keene on Sunday evening, a Marlborough police detective had to investigate the incident while N.H. State Police troopers interviewed the victim.

On most evenings, Keene police officers would have handled the accident, which resulted in minor injuries. But they were busy processing a dozen people who were accused of trespassing at the new Cheshire County jail in Keene.

The arrestees – all were charged with trespassing and one was charged additionally with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia – have ties to the Free State Project and one of its offshoot groups, Free Keene.

The Free State Project is an effort to persuade 20,000 people to move to New Hampshire and participate in activism or run for political office. Project members are particularly active in Keene.

The Free Keene website states that the “Trespassive Twelve” circled the jail building several times, attracting the attention of some inmates, and police. “No Trespassing” signs are posted on the property.

Ian “Freeman” Bernard, 29, a Keene resident who was among the protesters, said in a phone interview Tuesday that the group was rallying for N.H. Free Press publisher Russell Kanning. Kanning is jailed for nonpayment of child support.

Bernard added that he and the other protesters also wanted to “raise the spirits of other men and women in prison there.”

The gathering drew a rather large police response: the Keene Police Department sent an entire shift, four officers and a supervisor, to the jail. Marlborough police sent Detective Steven E. LaMears. Swanzey police sent an officer. The N.H. State Police sent two troopers. Finally, three corrections officers from the jail joined the group.

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Threatened with prison, former deadbeat parents are paying child support |

One of the worst developments in modern society is the criminalization of parents for debt.  The damage done by these mindless and evil “do-gooder” idiots in Human Services who have foisted these Soviet styled child support laws that serve to prop up the family destroying unilateral divorce laws on every family in America that comes before a family court is impossible to adequately calculate.

CLEVELAND, Ohio — An aggressive effort to collect child support from deadbeat parents is paying off in Cuyahoga County.

cuyahoga-prosecutor-logo.jpgThe Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office and Child Support Enforcement Agency collected a county record of $1.86 million last year from parents facing prison time for criminal nonsupport. And 184 new cases were opened in 2009 that could lead to another record-breaking year.

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Surprise! Tiki Barber thought wife Ginny would wait til after she gave birth to file for divorce

This is a case where I’d be on the wife’s side. Barber gives father’s rights a bad name with this kind of behavior.

Tiki Barber was blindsided by his angry wife.The former Giants running back, who dumped a pregnant Ginny Barber for a blond hottie a decade younger, was “surprised but not shocked” when his spurned spouse filed for divorce Monday, a source close to him said Tuesday.

“He was absolutely under the impression they were holding off on divorce filings until after the kids were born,” the source said.

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Super Heroes campaign for Fathers 4 Justice

These guys continue to make the news.  Hooray for Fathers 4 Justice!


WOULD-BE superheroes Captain Cash (left) and Captain Equality, members of New Fathers 4 Justice, had to resort to a megaphone to get their message across outside Richard Huish College on Monday.

The captains – aka Mark Harris and Wellington’s Neil Richardson – were at the college to speak to Vince Cable, deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats, about fathers’ rights in custody disputes.

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Fathers should have a say in abortion – Juneau Empire

Every now and then this issue comes up, and the NOW people scream bloody murder.  This is a very complicated issue, with no easy answers.  But family law on this issue is one example of a society that has gone stark raving mad, turning age-old notions of justice inside out and upside down.   This is also related to the paternity fraud issue, which still hasn’t been addressed adequately by the courts and legislatures.

I think we need to start asking for legislation that protects fathers' rights when it comes to abortion. I support abortion only because I feel like I have no right to tell others what to do. If people so choose to live with the act of abortion, that is the weight they have to carry. But fathers have no say in it. Why? Because they do not have to grow the child for nine months and then give birth? Pregnancy is just nine months. Men should be able to have a voice for their child to possibly have 50, 80 or 100 more years of life.

Men must also realize that if the mother does not want the child but the father does, he must be the one to step up to the plate to raise the child and not just say, “It’s your baby, you raise it” to the mother.

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