Fathers legitimately frustrated, not ‘angry’ | SouthCoastToday.com

Rather than the term “angry” men, one could depict fathers as frustrated with the lack of progress on issues related to fatherhood and the raising of their children. Parents will often take lesser roles to spend time with their children. Parents take hiatuses from work to spend more time with their kids. So why, when you get separated or divorced, does one go from a parent to a “visitor,” especially if you are a dad? One should not.


The writer of this opinion piece has some really good points.  The opposition to shared parenting is really fierce from the Trial Lawyers, domestic violence advocates, women’s advocates and the like.  Everybody says dads should be part of a child’s life, but all that means to these people is that he lay down and have his wallet bled dry while being fine with being less and less a part of his children’s lives.

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