Texas Unfair Child Support Collections in the news

Ginger Weatherspoon, a former Assistant Attorney General in Texas, has filed a lawsuit in Dallas County District Court claiming that she was fired for refusing to sign a false affidavit accusing Judge David Hanschen of wrongdoing.

Judge Hanschen has been at odds with the Texas Attorney General’s office for several years over what he claims are unfair and deceptive practices used to award and collect child support. Some staff in the Attorney General’s office had been collecting affidavits accusing Judge Hanschen of threatening the AG’s office or issuing prejudicial rulings against AAGs. Presumably their intent was to file a complaint of judicial misconduct against Hanschen.

Several lawyers in the AG’s office claim that they were encouraged or coerced into signing the affidavit’s against their will, but Weatherspoon says that she was fired for refusing to cooperate.

Ongoing conflict between Judge Hanschen and the Texas Attorney General’s Office

The Texas Attorney General’s office prides itself on its relentless pursuit of deadbeat parents and portrays itself as an advocate for children. The office’s Child Support Division has been nationally recognized for leading the country in child support collections. Critics point out that since the office receives federal funds based on the amount of child support it collects, there is a financial incentive to close as many cases as possible without regard for the rights of the parties involved.

Since 2007, Judge Hanschen and other family court judges have been questioning some of the tactics employed by the AG’s office. They claim that the office often railroads poor uneducated men into giving up their rights and traps them into paying child support for children that are not even theirs.

Judge Hanschen has butted heads with the AG’s office on numerous issues. At one time, the office had men without lawyers “sign in” upon arrival at the courthouse. What the men didn’t know was that the form they signed waived their right to contest the court’s jurisdiction. Thanks to Judge Hanschen, these forms are no longer used in Dallas County but they are still used in other parts of the state. There is also the question of how men are notified about child support proceedings. Rather than serving the men in person, the AG’s office can send a letter via regular mail. If then men don’t receive the letter or don’t understand it and don’t show up, child support can be awarded, wages garnished, or a warrant issued for their arrest without their knowledge. The latest issue has been the question of DNA testing to determine paternity.

In Texas, if a mother is married when she gives birth, her husband is legally the father. If she is not married, the presumed father is encouraged to sign an Acknowledgement of Paternity when the baby is born. Once a man is established as the legal father, he has 4 years to dispute his paternity and request DNA testing. After the 4 year statute of limitations has passed, even if a DNA test proves that the man is not the father, he is still responsible for child support.

Judge Hanschen doesn’t agree with the 4 year statute of limitations and has repeatedly ordered DNA testing in cases that are beyond that timeframe. According to blood banks, in about 25% of cases where DNA testing is performed, the man in question is not the father. The AG’s office has repeatedly appealed cases where Judge Hanschen ordered DNA testing and so far, the Court of Appeals has sided with the AG. Critics of Hanschen and others like him say that these judges are placing themselves above the law and attempting to legislate from the bench. Hanschen argues that if the judges never point out the flaws in the current legislation, then the problems can never be fixed.

The AG’s office stands by the statute of limitations on disputing paternity claiming that after 4 years, the presumed father has established himself in a paternal role and it is in the child’s best interest to maintain that role. Indeed, the Dallas Observer reports the heartwrenching story of a man who (thanks to DNA testing ordered by Judge Hanschen) discovered that his 7 year old and 5 year old daughters were not biologically his. He is now contesting the child support he has been ordered to pay which he says is excessive and would not leave him enough money to live on. His lawyer has advised him not to visit the girls because renewing his relationship with them will hurt his child support case. So the man has weekly visits with his son but no contact with the girls.

In the past 10 years, 30 states have passed legislation regarding DNA testing and child support. Nine more states will consider legislation this year. Texas at one time considered a law where a man who is determined not to be the biological father would not be required to pay more than $100/month child support but would still be allowed visitation with the children. The bill did not pass.

Lawsuit against the Attorney General’s office

In her lawsuit, Weatherspoon is asking for reinstatement to her position as an Assistant Attorney General, lost wages, and punitive damages for whistleblower violations. The Attorney General’s Office has not commented on the case at this time.




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  1. I just wanted to post a comment about the Attorney Generals Office. I raised my child from the time the child was 18 months old by myself. The mother was not involved with the childs life most of the time. She showed up every 3 to 4 years to make ann appearance and try to start a relationship with her daughter, but always ended up disappearing again. She was ordered at one point to pay child support but never did nor did she supply any medical insurance or even have a contact with the child. I tried to get help through the Attorney General time and time again but they often just ignored my requests for child support.I believe a man should be entitled to recieve child support equally just like a women is entitled to. Now, my child is fifteen years old and we went through some times that we were not seeing eye to eye. I finally had suceeded in getting the Attorney General to collect child support for the child starting in 2007. Then all of the sudden her mother decided she wanted to be part of her life. Her being her mother I thought it would be good for her mother to be involved; since she had not had anything to do with this child for over 12 years. Thats when the problems started. Everytime me and my daughter did not see eye to eye , her mother began causing trouble with me and trying to get the child to come live with her. She complained about the year and a half she had been paying child support and said she should not have to pay and that she wanted the child to come live with her. Well to make a long story short…she did in October 2008. It was unbelievable what the Attorney General did to me. After her oweing me arrearages for years and years of unpaid child support, they tried to say I had signed and dismissed all the arrearages away. They then began taking ridiculous ammounts of support out of my check, without sending me as much as a with-holding order. The whole time we were in court fighting the custody issue ( I was the sole managing conservator) the attorney general was helping her. They were supporting the fact she never paid child support but for a year and a half and encouraging her to lie. They even went as far as to say she had paid me 14000.00 in arrearages back in cash. What a joke. The women never even made 14000.00 in incoome that year. She quit her jobs on a regular basis to avoid child support and just a year and a half before had started seeing the child. The attorney general never made her supply medical insurance but they sure made sure I carried it now that she is staying with her mom. Wow…the child will be 18 years old in 3 years. Me and her mother were never married nor was paternity ever established. I just raised my child because her mother chose not too. I am also supporting 2 other children. They now take so much money from my check that I could not support myself if I were not married. Its amazing. I went through some really rough times trying to make ends meet raising this child without her mothers help and the Attorney general took years to help me. Then her mother shows up after years of nonpayment of child support and what I call neglect. ( they put men on websites and posters for not paying child support in the ammounts she owed and call them deadbeats.) But they sure are there to help the deadbeat mom when she asks for their help. The child needed support also when I had her not just when her mother has her. They claim they are working in the best interests of the child. But, how is it right to deny this child support when she needed it the most…as a child,,,,not wait to she is a teenager and award it only to the women when they have custody. This has caused great stress among everyone of our family members. We are in disbelief. They only help women….even if they are what the attorney general considers deadbeats ….thats what they call men who dont pay their child support or speak to their children for years. THANKS ATTORNEY GENERAL

  2. Hi Mark
    Like you I have custody of my 5 year old son. I have had to put up with some not so pleasant Texas hospitality also. When my son was one year old, his mom decided to leave. The only foolish thing on my part at that time was, I didn’t file divorce or custody. About a year later, she started coming back around and I let her keep him while I was working. She went to the child support office and filed child support, and received custody as a result of this. Like the arguments in Dallas County, I never received a letter or anything. The first thing I ever received was when I was served the final court order at my job. I contested it and went to court just to have my say so. I asked the judge to ask the OAG why I was not notified and the OAG worker stated I was sent two letters and never appeared at the local office. Oh, by the way I have not mentioned, but I’m a state employee also. I advised the court that I never received any letter from OAG and that I was a state employee the same as they are and could have easily been contacted through the state directory. As you can imagine, the judge could not do anything about that and only ask me to provide my income for the guidelines. They also attached on the year of arrears of when my ex-wife left and if her parents had not been honest enough to give me a statement that the child was with me during that time, they would have hammered me with arrears. Let me get to my main point. It took me about 2 years, but I finally got custody of my son back in January 2008. She has never given me a cent for child support and they did eventually hammer me with arrears as I went to work in the oilfields those two years to pay for the custody battle for my son. They were attempting to give her the adjustment during the summer of 2007 as my income has significantly changed, but my attorney kept postponing the child support while we were fighting custody. In other words I was still paying the amount of my state income while working in the oilfield. Once I was awarded custody, they still made the adjustment and awarded her arrears after I got custody of close to $5000 dollars for that year. As I said since I got custody she has not given me a cent and I’m back at the state and still paying her arrears. I decided to file for child support January 2009 and never heard from OAG. I filed again in June 2009 and never heard from them. I called the office in July and spoke with a clear who advised me of the worker who had my application and that disposition was overdue on it, but that she has not entered any information on my case. I was searching online today to look for some kind of support group that might intervene and help me either get some child support or terminate these arrears. It is obvious that OAG only fights for the rights of women and not men. I’m trying not to make too much of a stink, because I don’t want to get a label that might cause me to get overlooked for other state job opportunities. If you have any help for me, I’m more than open to listen.

  3. Wat form can a man file to have his child support readjusted he went to court in late Ausust and was given a form by the AG and told to sign it but was not explained to him what the form was and after that support statred being deducted from his check at $1000 plus amount for two separate cases. Now it is 3 months later and his payments have increased because the form that he was told to sign went back to July now more that 37% of his pay is being taken at like 1500 a month. He only makes 14 per hour. Is there a way he can get this readjusted to make amends for his everyday cost of living? Like rent utilities gas etc? He’s not running but the courts are taking all his money before he makes it realistically. He is in school set to graduate in 2.5 months.

  4. The OAG will not help fathers who are denied their visitation orders. Most TX judges will not enforce their own orders for father’s visitation either.
    It’s no wonder fathers are frustrated and angry when they’re never allowed visitation, or even to know where their child is at, but are STILL expected to pay for the torture they and their children are put through.

    Equal (physical & financial) custody by father and mother is the only way to fix the horrible mess the system is in. There’s no reason why fathers should be systematically alienated from their children as they are now. The only reason it happens is because the state rakes in hundreds of thousands of matching federal funding on the child support they wring out of fathers that are denied their parental rights.

    My family was destroyed by the corrupt system in TX. The destruction is unforgivable.

  5. My story is similar, wife cheats, alienates children, uses court system to finacially distroy me, gets away with denying me my visitation, falsely reports me to the TOAG’s office which puts a lean on my house for unfounded amount, ruins my credit score, won’t hear my documented responses to false allegations, garnishes my wages, intercepts IRS returns, makes me hire an attorney to defend these false allegations, the judge rules in my favor they defy the court order to correct amount, treats me like a dead beat Dad, all the time I am in compliance with court order. To top it off, they are immune to prosecution.

    So good Dad’s are subjected to the government harrasment and have to spend money on attorney’s to deffend themselves yet we will never get these fees back? This government agency is not accountable. So I ask you what recourse do good Dad’s have against the machine?

  6. My Texas ex takes one kid to another city and leaves me with another.

    I make the mistake of oral agreement to each of us providing individual support for each own kid in possession.

    She gets pissed and now files for original support order collection for two kids with AG.

    They get after me and I tell them the situation and let them I know I am working toward resolution via Tex. Fam. Code 157.008 reduction.

    I send AG proof of de facto custody of the one kid.

    AG office sends me form to apply for child support from my ex for the kid with me.

    So Texas AG would prefer to have reciprocal payments flowing through their office as part of the resolution to this matter?

    Could the term “Kafkaesque” better fit any other scenario?

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  8. Full Story at: http://evansrun.wordpress.com/

    The mother of my son used false Active Duty statement indicating she is active duty military in United States Military. The mother was/is not in the military. The mother knowingly and wrongfully enrolled the child in educational programs the child did not qualify for. Thus taking away 50/50 possession and causing the father to pay child support not owed. These actions caused the father to pay false arrears.

    A wrongful law suite is pending that is a direct result of this fraud. Filed by the mother to jail the me for non payment of false arrears.



    June of 2008:

    TAGO Wrongful instituted an administrative order for Standard Child Support Payroll Deduction Child Support + False Arrears Deduction for the period in which 50/50 possession should have been continued and child support should have been abated by the order of the court still current to this day.

    November 2009:

    The Associate Attorney for the TAGO in Bell County told the court the he found a standing prior order to hear this same issue in the TAGO court after being transferred to Bell County from Collin County.

    This wrongful law suite has foregone the legal process set by the prior orders signed by the father and the mother that both agreed to remedy the case by discovery in the TAGO court.

    Neither the courts nor the TAGO has addressed this issue both having written knowledge of the document presented herein.

    May 2009:

    TAGO Associate Judge in Collin County informed the mother that the father has apparently made an overpayment.

    Stating to the mother “you probably will not be getting a check for a while”.

    November 2009: TAGO in Bell County is providing services for the mother in this wrongful law suite. The “Associate Attorney” in Bell County for the TAGO stated “ I will admonish you if you give me anything”.


    In contradiction the Bell County District Court 146 has agreed to accept and hear a case involving this same case that the mother has filed a motion to enforce payment of what is clearly false arrears caused by the mother’s fraud on public school enrollment forms which wrongfully reinstated child support.

    Mean while the Bell County Attorney Generals Office is providing services to the mother to try and admonish the father. Thus the Texas Attorney General’s Office appears to be supporting fraud. None the less causing great harm to the father and the child in this case all while the father is clearly overpaid.

    References: Texas Family Code (TFC) Texas Criminal Code (TCC) Texas Penal Code, State of Texas Court Orders (CO) Texas Education Agency (TEA) Copperas Cove ISD Policy (CCISD) Killeen ISD Policy (KISD) Uniform Military Code, United States Code.

    October 2006 Child Support was abated per court order and 50/50 possession was ordered and continued from the temporary order to the current orders in place today – Exhibit “A”.

    Child Support was not to be reinstated until child was eligible and attending Texas Public Pre-K or Kindergarten – Exhibit “B”. In 2006 the Texas Attorney Generals Office (TAGO) refunded the father’s overpayment that was made by the father between during the abatement period – Exhibit “C”

    In August of 2007 the mother committed fraud on school enrollment forms stating she was in the military (mother has never been in the military) – Exhibit “D”. lIn June of 2008 TAGO began wrongfully deducting child support and arrears not owed from father’s payroll – Exhibit “E”.

    Again in August of 2008 the mother committed fraud by using a non-guardian’s social security number in place of the father’s. Only the mother & father have guardianship and legal standing in matters of the child. – Exhibit “F”.

  9. The problem is that the child support system is a business with the State’s Attorney’s Behind IT and the business has many flaws.


    1) Both Parents/Custodians ordered to pay into a child support account on a sliding scale.

    2) Prove up on paper before going to court and show both sides claims the actual events and before making administrative writs’ and before any adjustment can be made and the non-custodial parent is supplied services from the AG’s office.

    3) No changes can be made administratively prior to going to court.

    4) False suits and wrongful suits claiming back child support when actually not owed
    are punishable by law as fraud and all expense’s paid by the person making the false claim.

    Some of these flaws cause alienation by default.

    This is The Architecture of the Current Child Support System.

    1) Over 100 percent of the AG’s office hearing the the complaints in about false
    arrears are in the field office’s.

    2) Over 80 percent of the personnel in the AG’s field office’s are women.

    3) Over 50 percent of these women are collecting child support themselves.

    4) Over 95 percent of the complaint’s come from non-custodial men.

    5) Calling the AG’s Complaint Office in Austin is a joke. The calls are fielded by personnel that no nothing about the law’s governing child support and nothing about the law in general and over 75 % of those are women. Many collecting child support.

    6) The Governor’s Office Appointed The AG’s office in charge of collecting child support back in George Bush Senior’s Administration. This was not intended to be a permanent solution nor a system to override court order’s set in place.

    7) The Attorney General’s Office has Given itself administrative control that violate the right’s of non-custodial parent’s and is often in direct conflict with the State Laws.

  10. Men just seem to get the shaft, don’t they? I am a father that has child support owed and interest for child support owed. I ahve no right to drive due to licenses suspension which makes it hard for me to get a job outside of walking distance. It is nearly impossible to see my children because they live in another state and I cannot afford to send for them after garnishments. If I were able to get my taxes back at the end of the year, I would most likely use it all up having my children come visit me by buying them bus passes. I am not against child support and believe that both parents shopuld share that responsability. All too often though the responsability lies upon the noncustodial parent (usually dad, however, there are moms out there too). The NCP is usually left with very little to live off of after the CP has been awarded child support. Which in turn they decide is not enough to live on and seek to get funded by their local welfare department. Then the NCP really starts to get stripped of their right and becomes a victim of the laws. I have had a nice time checking out your site and would like to hear about things that might help put NCP back in their childrens lives. I have a blog at http://www.victimsofchildsupportlaws.blogspot.com. If you could pass it along to your readers, I would appreciate it.

  11. I urge all Texas Father’s to get organized now. If we leave it up to the system ALL mother’s and father’s will be forever at each other’s throat’s and our children will suffer the most.

    The Judges, The County, The State, The AG’s office and last but not least the lawyer’s all profit from our children’s loss.

    Get your word out March15th and July 4th.

  12. I’m in the middle of the Texas BS department… I was divorced in 1998 in NC, but my wife moved to TX. I have religiously paid her support since we seperated on a verbal agreement until the divorce decree was final, and then have paid her religiously since.
    Back in 2008, Her house in TX was damaged by a hurricane, and she was whining that insurance wasn’t going to pay to fix the whole house properly… a month later, I get a notice from the Texas OAG stating I owe her almost 4 YEARS of support from 1998 to 2001!
    Unfortunately, I have moved 9 times since we split and currently live in CA, and have gone thru boxes I have been dragging around for years and came up with only 2 Money order receipts that were being used as bookmarks… For the period in question, she would NOT give me her bank info so I could have the payments direct deposited into her account. I was sending her Money Orders every week, and she continually complained that they needed to be there “on my payday”… I told her that would never happen unless I had the info to start direct deposit. In 2001, she finally relented and gave me the bank info and it has been DD ever since. I have a STACK of emails from her about the support, and the only one that says ANYTHING about it being late was the 4 weeks between checks when I moved from Indiana to CA. it said I owed her 1625.00. I also have bank records showing electronic transfers over the next 2 months bringing that up to date, along with the normal payments. After trying for 6 months to get the OAG to contact me, after they told me last year it was in “Administrative review”, I finally got a call today. The case worker stated that they, by LAW go by what the custodial parent says, and it is up to ME to provide proof that I do NOT owe what she claims. I asked about them obtaining a copy of her bank records dating back to 1998, and they said the “law doesn’t allow us to do that”.
    he also said that because of the 3 states involved, NC for the divorce and support order, TX, since she filed her claim there and CA since I live here, that it would be best if I give authority to the state of Texas to handle it in one place, and I can appear by phone…
    After hearing and seeing the BS the state of Texas pulls, I think I will let them send it here to CA, so SHE has to be the one to hire an out of state attorney and appear by phone…

  13. I can only sympathize with you men who are going through these issues with the Texas Attorney General’s Office. I am a woman who has been wronged by this same office. I have been paying child support since 2004 because I was married to a thing who considered himself a man. Real men take care of their responsibility. Not all men run from their responsibility. I know my ex-husband said that he would never pay me child support for our 4 children. Back to the Attorney General’s office. I have always had my wages garnished from my paycheck. I had an attorney go to court with me and he got he judge to reduce the child support because when I got divorced , I got laid off. The judge would not set my child support at minimum wages X 40 hrs week. I couldn’t even get unemployment payments. I was still sending payments because my job paid me on a 12 month basis and I worked 9 months per year. Therefore, there was no arrears due . Later I had surgery and was off work and they had me set up a payment plan with ACS collections and I made payments to that office. When I began working again, the garnishments started again. With my case, the attorney I went to court with did not put my new order out on the system for 2 years. At that time I went back to court with another attorney because the Attorney General’s Attorney was trying to take my driver’s license and throw me in jail. With the assistance of my ex-husband, this issue escalated. This court ruling caused me to have a judgment of $19,000.00 on my account according to the Attorney General’s Attorney. I told them if they would take the time to think, with the amount of child support I was ordered to pay and they wage garnishiments , there is no way I could owe that amount of money. This past February I paid another attorney who worked in that same attorney general’s office to check to see the amount owed and he came up with a $17,000.00 difference. He brought it to their attention and they refused to change it. They claim they cannot go back on a judgment. One of my case workers agreed that I don’t owe the money, but they still refuse to do anything about it. This has caused me to be passed over for jobs because most employers do credit checks, stress and illness, bad credit, no one wants to rent and apartment to you, and denial for purchasing a home. They have totally messed up my lifestyle. I have talked to public officials about it and no one seems to be able to fight the Attorney General’s Office. Who can we go to about this. Texas is the worst state for child support for men and women. I know that some men do not deserve to suffer such harmful treatment. I know that I should not have to suffer the treatment that I have suffered for the past 5 years. My encouragement for all men and women is to trust GOD that he will bring judgement on those who injure and persecute people for no reason. GOD is the only way out for us. I have no faith or trust in the judicial system here in Texas or anyplace in the US. My next step is to get local news coverage through an investigative reporter. Contact all news stations investigative reports with your story by e-mail if you have access. Post your results good or bad in order to help others. I am willing to support others in any way I can. If my issues is resolved successfully, I will definitely help others, men and women alike.

  14. WOW I read this article and it give me chills. My I live in Denver my ex lives somewhere near Dallas (I think) so my ex wife disappeared years ago and showed up in the last year through this parasitic office. They have taken everything from me. I’m behind on all of my bills, living off of payday loan and still not able to get in touch with my wife. It a nice racket they got going .

  15. I’ve been garnished by the state of Arizona and by September of 2009, my balance was around $2100.00. I received something that looked like a trial balance, then, two weeks later, a letter from the Division of Child Suppport Enforcement stating that my balance was around $27,000.00!! When I spoke to a customer service representative, it was explained to me that there was interest added that “they” added interested that “they” forgot to place in between the years of 1980 and 1992. I attempted to appeal this with a letter I submitted to a case worker who was supposedly handling my account. I received a response a few weeks from them stating that I missed the 15 day timely filing to appeal. I don’t understand this and wonder how interest the Child Support Division neglected to put in can finally be imposed on a person. Is there anyone who can explain this to me. It seems unfair this can be done anyone who owes a small debt. Currently, the state of Arizona is able to impose liens on any asset I owe. I am not able to even own a house, which is something I’ve always dreamed of doing. I am currently married again with a ten year son. What we have is faith in God that He will turn all this around. That’s the only hope we hang on to as I don’t know of any lawyer who will take my case pro bono to assist me this matter. I even tried to take this to the media, but I guess the sitgma of being a “dead-beat parent” is something they don’t want to mess with. Just like Felisha, if we could get the media involved and expose some of this BS that goes on with state governments, maybe we would live a little better and have a peace of mind for a change.

  16. Hello, I read the artical and I just had some questions. My husband and I live in missouri and he has a child in texas … Well he is having his paychecks garnashed and now just found out that anything he gets in his name will have a lean on it for child support reasons. He is behind and trying to get caught up she takes all our tax returns and so on she even went to florida on one tax return :( .. Here we are living pay check to pay check making ends meet while she is living it up with her new husband and getting all this money. The boy is 10 years old NOW. and My husband has NEVER seen him.. She hangs up everytime he calls and she wont let him or anyone see the child. We have contacted lawyers and even asked questions to attorney generals and they say there is nothing that can be done. ALmost like she can take him to the cleaners … but we share 2 children and they are 4 and 5. this is just not easy expecially with the way the aconomie is.. We need a Car because my old car broke down and we cant even get one. we cant get a house. we cant do nothing with out it being a verbal deal.. We just want some advice. The back child support doesnt seem to be budging the interest keeps adding on.. please tell me something thank you

  17. My Husband and I Received custody of his specail needs son after a long Three year court battel. At the begging when the child was 2 she took him and left the state seven months later she showed up and dleft him in my husbands care during that time we were dating. at the end of it all we won and it was 2 weeks before he turned five In 2005. she has not once tried to see him and had moved from job to job just to hide from paying. she wont even file her Income tax returns. she is now 17,000.00 behind and moving from state to state. In the last two years we have found out that our child will have to be in assisted living for the rest of his life and will need a kidney transplant just to live past 16. All texas will tell us is they are working with the other state another words the are letting the other state do there job and take the blame for no out come. LIKE MY HUSBAND SAYS IF THE SHOE WAS ON THE OTHER FOOT HE WOULD ALREADY BE IN JAIL AND DEMANED HE PAY ARE LOSE EVERYTHING.

  18. In my opinion, the entire child support system ( in all states) need overhauling. If legislation is what’s needed, we (concerned people) should get together and get legislators from our home states to prepare one bill and present it . This will ensure that the bill gets passed . If we have backing for our bill we can get somethings taken care of. Texas is #1 in unfair child support problems.

  19. i too have had issues with the same office Ms . Weatherspoon worked out of. The AG’s in that office ( mostly women) are bitter and definitely have issues with men. Out of all of them, I can say she was the most helpful and the most neutral. I went to court recently to gain custody of my son when his mother disappeared to be a crackhead, which CPS had a record of. That means she has no stable address, so all documents had to be sent to her last known. Well, the AG’s that came to court, who are supposed to represent the state, were, in my opinion, and the Judges, working for the mother who abandoned my son. They were telling me that since she didnt recieve any notices, that i couldnt move forward w my case….the Judge disagreed thankfully. But the point is that they had no right to tell me anything, they are there to advise the Judge on the child support issue, not to tell me that my case wont move. These women were very rude and mean to me for no reason, and its sad that fathers that try to do the best for their kids have to also fight the Attorney General Collection Agency.

  20. UPdate on my case. I just talked to the person at my local AG’s office . She found out that I only owe $1200 in child support arrears. they AG is reporting $17,000 on their system. She is waiting on a court transcript that cost them $300. She is telling me she is having problems getting the P.O. )purchase order from the State of Texas to get it paid. Also, the interest on the arrears cannot be dismissed. she said it is a statutory. when I asked if I could make an agreement with them (AG) and my ex-husband, she said that he would have to agree to it ,because it is his money. Wrong!! The money is to take care of the children. that statement proves that the AG represents the custodial parent. This is illegal for them to represent the custodial parent. I want a bill passed to give wronged non-custodial parents restitution money when the AG report incorrect child support owed, judgment goes on your credit, and It you miss out on purchasing a home because they put a judgment on your credit report. I have sent a letter to my local Senator for assistance. I would be willing to help anyone wronged get money . I know that money can’t change much in this area, but it can help ease some of the pain that we have and are still going through. If you are interested contact your local Senator’s office. Who knows what can and will happen this year. one thing I do know is that when you contact your local news investigative reporters the AG is willing to return your calls and get off their butts and do something. Try it !!! I did !!! And it worked for ME.

  21. I agree ‘daddy’…and I am shocked the Judge acted responsibly in this case. Too often I hear and see how retarded they act, especially in my case.

    Good for you Felicha. I wish they did have laws to protect those victimized in that manner.

    Consider joining F4J…Father’s-4-Justice. It started in the UK and has chapters in most every state here.

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  24. my husband had an affair 16 years ago with a married woman and she tol him back then that she did not want him to have anything to do with this child and far as she is concerned that is her and her husbands child. now all of a sudden he is getting a letter in the mail from ag office to go to family court because she is filing child support on him. is this legal in the state of texas that she can do this and i thought that it was a statue of limitations on this.the child is like 16 years old now and i feel sorry that this mother is taking this child through this but shoud my hubby seek an attorney? thanks any help would be appreciated

  25. To whom it may concern,
    My name is Dustin Anderson and I am a non-custodial parent of 3 children. I have divorced twice and pay child support for one child from one marriage and two children in the other. I live in a small rural town in North Texas. I have struggled, as well as others, to meet my financial support this past year that led to me getting behind in child support. Amount $7000 for one and $3000 for the other marriage. After applying for over 50 jobs this past year, I managed to get a job on Dec 18, of 2009. And yes some of the 50 jobs that I applied to were gas station’s and fast food places. I was not to proud to work anywhere. After working for the last 6 month’s, I found myself at a crossroad wondering how it is that the Attorney generals office can sleep at night knowing that father’s like me all over the great state of Texas struggle to meet their financial goals with the way the system is set up.
    For instance, Let me give you a balance from my last check.
    Total hours worked: 30.250
    Total gross amount: $357.47
    Total deductions: $289.71 (Taxes, child support, and insurance)
    Net pay: $67.76
    I am not making this up. On average I bring home about $100 per week. That adds up to $400 per month, and roughly $5200 per year. My home bills are more than that and I do not even have the luxury of having cable for the kids to watch when they come to see me. That is all based off of making $11.64 per hour.
    I called the child support office and ask them about the percentage that should be taking out of my check and They said 22.5% for one divorce and 18% for the other. That is not including what they take out for back child support. I think that the attorney generals office needs to go back to elementary and learn basic math, because when you have $400 gross amount and take 22.5% of that, then when you figure the next one at 18% there is no longer $400 to subtract from. 22.5% of $400 is $90. So when you figure the next 18% there is only $310 left, NOT $400. I asked the child support office this very question and the lady told me that we can not deprive the other spouse. That is a lame answer. The father is deprived in all this but that makes not difference to the attorney generals office.
    Another thing is when a father that is down on his luck gets behind in child support, his privileges get pulled. The first thing the attorney generals office wants to do is put the father in jail. Oh that is a great idea. Kick him while he is down and blame the decline of the nation on him and put him in jail. That way the state can pay for his children to grow up with their father in jail. Let us give the children no father and teach them that when you’re down on your luck it is easy to give up hope and rely on the government to pay for everything. There are father’s out there that tried to get on their feet and when they do finally get a job the Attorney generals office steps in and knocks them back down with penalties and fees.
    But if jail is luckily missed then the Attorney generals office will step in and take away your driver’s license. There you go. That will make it better. As if the father was not having enough trouble finding work in this bad economy now he has to do it bumming rides because he has no driver’s license. Heaven forbid that the father has a CDL and that was his only means of getting a job. So now his only option is to go sit in jail and let the state pay for his food and housing in an over crowded jail. Not to mention with the father in jail, the mother will have to file for medicare/medicaid and possibly WIC to feed the children.
    I know that the prisons are over crowded and the country is paying billions of dollars a year in feeding, housing, and raising children. The state of Texas is by far my favorite state to live in but the child support laws are VERY outdated. Someone needs to step in and make some changes. We have all kinds of help and programs for single mother’s with children but NOT ONE single bit of help for a single dad that wants to try and get back on his feet and give his children what they need. The attorney generals office has gotten lazy and made a basic plan for separation and divorce. Every child custody case should be equally reviewed because like many father’s in this state, I would have loved to have my children living in the same house as me everyday. The attorney generals office does not take into consideration that maybe the wife was at fault in the marriage and the husband wanted to forgive her and make things work. The state has made it too easy for a single mother with kids to live off the state from tax deductions, child support laws, and giving them the best chance in the world to have sole custody of the children.
    Father’s are not the ones to blame in every case of divorce. Think about it this way. We do not have the same rules for someone that rapes or kills people. We put them in a trial and hear both sides of the story and then make a decision. When you get a divorce then the court should listen to both sides of the story. Yes I do understand that most cases are listened to by the judge but unless the woman physically abuses the kids or comes to court with a needle hanging out of her arm, it is almost impossible for the father to gain custody.
    My opinion is that there would be less divorce in the world if the state didn’t make it so easy for a couple. Father’s do not get treated equal in a custody battle because the system is set up for the way the world turned 50 years ago. Times have changed and so should the Texas Child Support Division. Father’s are not the ones to blame in every case of divorce.

  26. Here is my story short and sweet. I make 12.50 an hour. My withholding for child support is 267.00 weekly. This leaves me with 188.00 and some change a week to live on. Ex wife makes 70.00 an hour as a CRNA and is remarried and he makes roughly 6k a month. Do the math and they total min of 15k a month. So what is wrong with this picture?

  27. Hello

    I have a comment and a few questions. when i was younger i split up with my ex-wife and after 2 months of me being gone, she came up pregnant. I never denied the child. i gave her money to help her and visited the child on a regular basis. She decided that she was moving back to New Jersey from here in Texas. I told here if she did i wasn’t paying her a dime in child support. She went to the courts and had me sign a piece of paper stating i would pay $290 per month in Child Support and then she left to New Jersey. I was young and not understanding of what i was signing, i was just told i needed to sign this document and pay the support. I had a free consultation with a lawyer and he told me there was not anything i could do to stop her from leaving the State. Which kind of sucks because if a man did that, it would be considered kidnapping. The only way i could see my child is to travel 1300 miles to go and visit. Me making $5.50 per hour, living by myself, no family within 800 miles. Sure, i can do that and pay child support. Give me a break !!!
    Anyway, i did not pay it for 2 years until they came to my job and let me know i had to pay or go to jail. I started paying and have been paying for close to 20 years with a few months missed on occasion, maybe a total of 6 months over a 23 year period. Because of the laws of child support in the State Of texas, they tack on 6% for every year you are behind (or it may be month your behind) and i check last year and they were tacking on 12% interest. With all that tacked on, even though my wages are garnished every paycheck and have been since the early 90’s. My child support is now $45,000 in the hole. So they know i can’t pay it back with the 6% interest added, so they make it 12%. I will be paying for the rest of my life but i think it’s pretty under handed the way the AG’s office is making it hard on men.
    I have a job now which is requiring me to travel to Norway to do a six week training course and that is the only place the training course is held. Because i can’t go to my training, i am going to lose my job because of lack of knowledge of the new Technology used for Offshore Surveying. Because if you are behind in your child support they won’t issue you a passport. The AG has you by the balls and the thought of you being free in this country is controlled the government that you elected. Hell all i want to do is work so maybe one day maybe i can attempt to pay off my child support but as it is now, i am going to lose my job, which is going to put me even further behind. Just doesn’t make too much sense.

  28. My husbands 3 kids are now all at least 21. We’re fighting the TX OAG’s office because we owe arrears and they are like the gestapo. My husband was injured at church & we filed a clsim om the church’s insurance. The OAG’s office quickly sent a letter stating they would take any monies we were to be paid. Good Lord, we’re not trying to get rich & sue anyone, we’re just trying to get his medical bills paid when he hurt his knee.
    Even while my husband was unemployed he paid childsupport out of his unemploytment check! He almost lost everything but he alwyas found a way to pay somehting…she didn’t even need the money, she does very well. The OAG’s office is totally in it for themselves & could care less about the kids or anything.

  29. hi guys, well here is my story i have one child whom i havent seen in about 4 years he is 8 now the court order me to pay $500 a month and i got behind went to jail a couple of times now i got a job and they are getting a total of $800 a month for child support and back child support, is that right? i dont think so so i cant see the child i dont think hes mine the mother went to the attorney general and said that i was following her to take the child from her and take him with me i dont even know where she lives, so i cant see the child i wanna give up my rights. my question is can i give up my rights? here is my email manson_m71@hotmail.com if anyone can help me with an advise or anything about the child support email me thank you.

  30. “There is also the question of how men are notified about child support proceedings. Rather than serving the men in person, the AG’s office can send a letter via regular mail. If then men don’t receive the letter or don’t understand it and don’t show up, child support can be awarded, wages garnished, or a warrant issued for their arrest without their knowledge”.

    Incredible!! This is EXACTLY what hapened to me! Apparently I was served to appear in court at an address in (Tarrant County) I havent lived at for quite some time. Consequently, I didnt know I had a court date resulting in a summary judgement against me to the tune of $24,000. I found out about the arrears when I applied for a passport to visit my mother who resides in Gemany. I tried to contest the ruling some two years after the judgement and was informed that it was past the date to appeal.. My wages are now being garnished and I cannot go visit my 70 year old mother because of these GESTAPO tactics by the Texas AG office. Before this judgement the state owed me money because I had overpaid my regular child support payments. Somethng truly needs to be done about these people.. To think there is definately a financial motive behnd these tactics… SHAME on you Mr. Abbott!

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  33. The Texas AG’s office is THE most single most out of control entity in the state, they have lost records for my case. They claim I owe all this back child support, but I have filed 4 times for my child support to be lowered, and 4 times i HAVE not even received a response.. They break their backs to help mother with custody of children and completely disregard the men.

    Examples.. When my child support increased one time, they got that paperwork to my employer within 4 days of my court hearing, when it went down, it took 45 days and I had to call and see why my employer had not received notice, that said it normally takes 3 weeks to get correspondence to an employer, yet it too 4 days when it was going up..

    Example. .. I called the help line and asked for legal help, I called this number and left messages over 6 times in a 5 day period, no response, still to this day… I g=had a FEMALE friend call the help line, leave a message at the same number, got a call back in 45 minutes..

    Example.. The caseworker my ex wife and I met with, did not like me and acted ugly to me the entire time we had out meeting, she know my son was fixing to turn 18, and that my child support would end, so told my wife IN FRONT OF ME.. “Go get a letter saying he has ADHD, and I will get you child support way past his 18th birthday” and my ex got a letter from the Dr, which is legally inadmissable in court, and they approved 740.00 a month for over a year , till I had to hire an attorney, and a Dr, to prove he didn’t have ADHD, and then it dropped..

    Example,, I paid child support for over 2 years through payroll deduction, my ex got the checks, (1000.00 a month), now the AG’s office claims they have NO RECORD of it, and that I have to go and PROVE I paid these monies. That company is out of business…AG”S office said this and I quote “Sounds like your just out of luck then aren’t ya?? and thats a call I was smart enough to record…

    They are incompetant…completely incompetant…

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  35. Definitely agree with what you stated. Your explanation was definitely the easiest to understand. I tell you, I normally get irked when people discuss issues that they plainly have no idea about. You managed to hit the nail proper on the top and explained out all the things without complication. Perhaps, individuals can take a signal. Will possible be again to get more. Thanks

  36. What is going on with these people? My grandbabymama left the baby with me last June. She filed for child support and the freaking AG’s office is acting like they’re representing HER. ?? I guess I should file my own request for support HERE in my county (3 1/2 hours away from hers) so I can subject her to the hell she has attempted to subject me to.

    Here’s my issue: What the hell are they trying to do in arguing over child CUSTODY?? How can they do that? If they don’t represent the mom and they don’t represent the dad and they don’t represent the CHILD, they represent The State of Texas. OK, fine. What’s the State of Texas’s interest here? Really. I don’t understand.

    Also, if the AG’s office doesn’t serve deadbeat babymama who initiated this thing, after all, does that mean I have to have her served with THEIR lawsuit in order to get an order transferring it to the proper county?

  37. The Texas OAG and county child support court destroyed my husband’s life. He wants to pay his support arrearage, but can’t because until he can afford surgery, he can’t work.The first time he was arrested and denied due process,he was held for over a month and lost his home and business. His ex denied his court ordered visitation and used the corrupt family court system to terminate his rights, as he could not afford an attorney. (Although pro se responses were filed and lies refuted, we were ignored and treated like dirt). This wonderful man who’d never been in any kind of legal trouble was arrested again for child support only 2 months after his release, and just recently again—hauled off in front of all our neighbors. He has paid over 12,000 in recent years, but they took his drivers license just to make things more difficult. Their tyranny has gone on for five years now. His heart and spirit are broken. His will to live is gone. The assistant attorney general brujas show outright contempt and disrespect towards him. But they are not just mean spirited, they have falsified documents. I think that, finally, I may just have proof. Keep reading the papers, and keep your heads up, folks.

  38. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness…But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”
    Now I would like to have posted the entire declaration of independence just to reiterate the point that it is time to take a collective stand. I have suffered 13 years out of the past 18 with homelessness due to impossible support obligations. I am now being prosecuted for federal willful non-payment of child support. I through the years figured that I was alone. There couldn’t be others that have had this miscarriage of justice. I read the posts of others that have had it as bad or even worse and I think to myself, “I am not alone.” I have been anticipating the upcoming trial (next week)I read through the “discovery” and The court could not be more biased. Holding a sentence in mind of 2 years from a biased court I think that I want to run but I hope to have a jury that will understand. I think that running will not help the future men that will encounter the same lack of justice. Believe me the courts know of their wrongs they just don’t care. That is why I believe that it is time to gather in peaceful protest. Too many good men are being locked up, financially abused, etc. I think that it needs to be known that we are not going to tolerate this. I ask that everyone reading this pray for justice and pick a day to gather. Get the support of as many family members and friends as possible. We have to send a strong message or they will keep pushing.

  39. While the media focuses the public’s attention on whether or not gay marriage is acceptable the likes of our trials go unheard, even though our trials become a gateway for other unacceptable government interventions. Such as are we bringing back the debtors prisons, is double jeopardy allowed, is the court allowed to be biased, do we have any rights? When is enough enough? Our voice is suppressed. Our lives and living conditions are oppressed. And the constitution is being walked all over and interpreted in far reaching mannerism to serve the objective of divide and conquer. One nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all!!! indivisible we are divided. Liberty, we have no liberties in these court issues…And Justice don’t even get me started on justice… I have read that 1-2 men take their own lives due to the partiality of these court extremes. That is to be interpreted as they don’t care if you live or die. The public has been deceived into believing that it is for the welfare of the children. We know that isn’t so. My daughter was ripped from me when she was 4 years old. She was raised in unfriendly environments and I couldn’t do anything about it. It wasn’t until she was 15 that I was able to speak to her again. All in the name of the child’s welfare? People we are not loud enough! We are not demanding enough! and maybe that is because our children are held captive but we have to take these matters to heart. Our government has declared war on us. They have dehumanized us they have taken our resources and they have imprisoned us. I say that is unacceptable!!

  40. Ok so I have been thinking, maybe dwelling on the court issues connected to child support. The more I read what the government is doing to people and their children the angrier I get. I should just stop reading to keep a cool head but something has to be done. Now maybe I am self involved because of my current situation but I would like to think that we can change legislation for everyone. I have been wondering how to do that though. Some of my supporters are going to be at the federal building in Boise Idaho with picket signs during my court proceedings in Maine. I thought that might be something that every time somebody was to be in court to gather at the local court houses to support each other. How do we get this message out to those that can use the support? It wouldn’t have to be the courthouse where the trial is being held but all across the country at the federal courthouses because it is at the federal level that we need to make the changes. I am sure that people are somewhat organized with so many extreme cases in this country. The message we need to send has to be unified. In time we need to get a class action law suit to further embed the message for change. I have a few friends and they are getting their family members and their friends and it doesn’t take a whole lot of people to get attention. I don’t want to send the message that we are not willing to support our children there just has to be a point of balance. Anyway anyone interested or that has there own ideas please contact me at myjackiechan27@hotmail.com together we can make a difference.

  41. I think a large majority of the federal sub money for collecting child support is being taken from fed gov due to fraud by people involved in texas child support.

    I offored to pay off my full amount owed in texas in 2002 based on my 1985 divorce decree through a wyoming court. they refused the money and ordered 400 per month. I offered 12,300.00 cash.

    They lawyers and judge wanted to do this because they manupilated the texas case in a wyoming courthouse law library that allowed them to illegley capture more federal funds on the case. They violated federal law directly and laughed about it in court. They knew they could get more federal funds rfor profet by not accepting the payoff owed according to the requirments of the divorce decree. Texas is natorious for doing this beyond state lines. I was ordered to leave the state in 1994 by a official texas state child support lawyer on the same case. he said to leave the state or go to jail. You have two weeks to get out. I had no defence because of this official Texas State Action by the official Texas State Lawyer while employed by the official State of Texas. The attack to manupilate the case came at a later date. enough time to get the fradulent added interest added and reduced to judgement then begin adding interest Officially!! And after having my life dislodged to where a adiquate legal fight was impossible, and they knew it. There was nothing in my divorce decree regarding interest. They only chose to do this due to Bradley Ammendment that allowes the state to collect 66 cents on the dollar for every dollar they collect. So today the federal funding should cut for these tyrants of texas. The Unions of the Unions should require these types of cuts before the state gov begin to attack the unions. 1984 was I think 16.8 billion in fed subs was paid and I think the majority of the money went to texas the tyrant state.

  42. Everyone. The child is number one. No matter how much you hate your ex, or whatever you see them as. If they are abusing them etc…, different story. But Austin is leading the country in Abusive fathers with money, file for custody and win. They see at as retribution. And then ruin the child as a whole. I have not seen my but 4 times due to lies on the bench in Austin Texas courthouse, and a corrupt paid judge signed. Money can destroy your ex if you like. But, then what are saying you feel about the child when you remove them from either parents life.

  43. Please, I understand how the expense can ruin the extras we want in life. Since I can’t find work from abuse, and if I apply for ssi. My multi millionaire ex gets 23%. Who cares about the child in this. The attorneys. Collaborative law. Just love your child and give them hope that what they witnessed when their parents divorced etc… Is not neccessarily a guarentee to what family is about.

  44. Here’s my husband’s story sad but true; he briefly, for 1 month, dated a woman who saved condoms, used a sperm bank and had herself artificially inseminated 8 months after they broke up when she found out about our relationship. This was proven by our Lawyers review of her bank accounts. All in an effort to break my husband and I up, win him back and have him suppport her and her child. As there are no laws in Texas protecting men against this type of “crime”, he is forced to pay monthly child support, carry the child on our insurance and be subjected to her every 3 years when she attempts to get the amount of support raised, all for a child that he neither wanted nor asked for. He has chosen to never have contact with the child other than his obligations outlined by the court and for that he is treated like scum every time he has to interact with the OAG. They say that they can not enforce child custody issues nor do they take that into account when going before a judge, and that is the biggest crock of crap I’ve ever heard. He is current and ahead 2 payments of monthly support, has always had medical coverage that has never lapsed for the child since the order was placed, owes no arrears and owes no other fees and yet is told “we don’t take from one to give to another” when he inquires about how to modify the court order ot reflect OUR two children and their financial needs. We get to look forward to at least 14 more years of dealing with the OAG, spending our hard earned money on Lawyers to entertain this womans foolishness and attempts to get the order extended past the age of 18 sighting the child has high functioning Autisim. Why doesn’t the OAG put out a public service announcment that says what they really do for Americans, that simply states; ” LOSE YOUR HOME, LOSE YOUR LICENSE, LOSE ALL YOUR RIGHTS, GO TO JAIL…..THE LIFE OF A CRIMINAL? NO, THE LIFE OF A FATHER……”

  45. I think all of us Dads who try to do whats right by our kids should just stop doing whats right! If the Texas OAG wants to treat us like dead beats then we should become dead beats overload the system bring it to its knees. Someone will have to notice the dramatic increase of fathers without jobs who simply refuse to be treated this way any longer. WE should all go on strike do you really think they can put us all in Jail Texas is a huge state the system will be completely flooded and not enough so called attorney generals to police it any longer. If you want to call me a duck I will quack like a duck, if you dont want to treat both parents fairly for the best interests of the child then it is what it is!
    Im just tired of sitting at home during my visitation because I cant afford to do anything with my children.

  46. On the other side…. if a non custodial parent can’t or won’t pay, or falls on hard times, they expect to have their responsibilities lessened so that they can take care of themselves. If the custodial parent can’t pay the bills, no one lowers the rent, or the utilities, or other bills. Custodial parents have to provide for the kids NO MATTER WHAT, so why shouldn’t the non custodial parent have to as well? This is not unfair, or going after men, or trying to ruin people. THe ncp (usually dads, but not always) want all the benefits, like visitaion, fun outings, buying kids presents, etc., but do not face the responsibilities of paying the bills, going to the dr appointments, setting limits, and being a parent instead of a friend. You don’t have to go to theme parks and movies to enjoy your kids. “sitting at home” is what the primary parent does most of the time. Parenting is not only play time. My ex won’t pay “me” child support even though we can barely pay our bills and I work full time. He uses the money to “bribe” the child to like him more and to pay his lawyer and to make sure that I can’t afford my own. If you would just pay a fair amount and not refuse to pay because you are mad at the ex, people wouldn’t have to count on the ag to get financial support for the child that you BOTH made.

  47. This I agree with completely…men are treated like they are all dogs when it comes to child support! If they aren’t taking care of their responsibilities as a father simply because they dont care or have their priorities backwards then they deserve to suffer the harsh consequences. But there are men that go above and beyond what they’re required to do but make the mistake of giving their child’s mother cash & just not paying through the court & the selfish manipulative exs doesn’t get things her way ONE day & call child
    support enforcement & say hes never paid. Then there are the men who are the custodial parent & the mother doesn’t pay child support & would rather be in a club or whatever else is more important than spend time with their children but they dont get bothered by child support enforcement. It’s just wrong! I have been thru hell with the father of my children & we are going to court but I won’t let them do that to him. Women need to realize that its about the children, not ruining your exs life as much as possible. All children need their dads too ladies! And the family court needs to realize that some women are manipulative & its hard to find a job right now & they need to investigate what the mothers claim more often & give the fathers a break sometimes! I’m saying all of this because of the situation my fiance & I are currently going through. He made the mistake of paying her directly & trusting her period! I give many props to all men who are “super dads”! Unfortunately my children’s biological father doesn’t do his part but their step dad sure stepped up & is a wonderful daddy!

  48. Don’t rein yourself in at all! It’s so insightful. Summarizing the story in a sentence is a great idea. Very hard to do.

  49. Depends on the type of case you have. If it is a personal injury case, in most states no retainer is required at all. Generically I would contact your state’s bar association and seek a referral to a lawyer referral program or legal aid.

  50. Finally, I found a forum that discusses the darker side of TOAG. I am a noncustodial parent who has kept up with child support payments until May of last year. I was diagnosed with a severe mental disorder which accounted for the many times I lost my previous jobs. The next step for me was to apply for SSI benefits and advice the TOAG of my current status and intent through a formal written letter and via telephone to my local office. The local office receptionist refused to pass me over to my case manager to update my information and decided to update my status herself(a lot of good that did me). I have yet to receive any acknowledgement of the letter I sent them and only receive letters of threats the TOAG is stating it will do if I continue to be delinquent. I am at odds as to my predicament with the state regarding this issue. I have only asked for time from them pending my SSI case but there is nothing they can do for me according to the new case officer assigned to me(female). As I called her today to confirm my status and request leniency, I was just abruptly met with demeaning interrogation questions and basically a too bad attitude from her. I was again threatened with legal action if I didn’t comply considering that a pending disability claim is basically no claim at all to TOAG. I cannot afford a lawyer, can barely feed myself or current family, and am not legal savy to adequately represent myself. I’m just royally screwed up to this point and am now considered a “deadbeat” dad according to our great state of Texas. I am not feeling so proud of my Texas government at this point.

  51. Excuse me if I’m posting this in the wrong place, but does anyone on this site know where I could find opinions on a company in the Us advertising an IT sales job? The business is LTJ Management, LLC located at 900 Congress Ave., Suite L-150, Austin, TX 78701 (512) 895-9500. I’m relocating to the US shortly and any support would be appreciated. Thank you.

  52. Lets all get united on this: the SUPPORT Kids in Austin Texas has been garnishing money from my husband who has daughters ages 31 and 32 (one has 3 kids and husband)
    I have been married 24 yrs to my husband and we have 3 kids of our own much younger than his daughters. Ex wife has been married 4 times and collecting spousal support each time. We have already overpaid Support Kids and still garnishing from my husbands employer.Well, in California law 50% of what he paid this support kids is my money.I am going to expose this agency this is FRAUD.We have 3 kids that needed the much support they need from their father and yet the f….still collecting because – she is lazy and the only job she does best is get laid.CONTACT ME IF YOU WANT THESE PEOPLE EXPOSED.WE CAN GO TO THE MEDIA – IM SURE 2020 would love to hear and show a segment of this to national TV.

  53. Lets all file a FRAUD CLAIM, INTENT TO TORT,MENTAL ANGUISH AND STRESS…..my husband suffered heart condition, 2 stents
    to his heart because of STRESS from SUPPORT KIDS, they will ultimately going to be responsible if something happens…..SUPPORT Kids will have to deal with this

  54. IF you overpaid more than $50,000.00 of child arrears – then therefore, this is TORT – and I’m sure the media will be called in for this to investigate.
    Get the best lawyer you can get and get this SUCKERS

  55. Most of you do not understand that these child support contractors have full control of Texas child support. They will kill you just so they can liquidate your assets and use the valus to file for a federal subsidy check. That is why the state of texas charges alot of interst that can never be paid off. They take two with one for personal gain. God gave you a right to defend yourselves to the end. I would recommend that you dont let them get an edge in any form, but to battle for your life aginst this corruption with precision. dont ask anymore questions. they feed off of it.

  56. Hey not to go off topic but can anyone give me overview of. Philadelphia Car Insurance Reform 1044 Market St. Philadelphia, PA 19107 (215) 618-2175 They are down the block from me. I was wondering if they were a good insurance agency. I need to get hold of coverage, it is the law you know, but I need to have a good price price plus I’d prefer friendly service.

  57. My name is John and I am an Angry Marine! I have served a government that supposedly helps the weak and punishes the evil. However we have state services that are poorly run and yet they hold individuals fully accountable for all actions regardless of fault blame or actual circumstances. I have been robbed of many first from my only child and because the state says that they are doing this for the child!!!! ANY PERSON THAT ATTESTS THE STATE IS DOING ANYTHING FOR THE CHILDREN ARE BLINDED BY THEIR OWN FOOLISHNESS. They obviously dont know how to research the states many failures at state run childrens agencies or facilities. Even the state run school systems do not go to the extent of persicution of individuals that they do with the non custodial parents. There are several quick examples of better systems that people have come up with just due to their own pain suffering and rage! Its not rocket science but it does take a system that is willing to listen.

    I AM GOING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE EVEN IF IT TAKES ME MY ENTIRE LIFE AND SAVINGS! Any help and or support would be greatly appreciated. (not looking for money, just a passion to make a difference or informaiton that can lead to the conviction of these state and governmental agencies that act in behalf of their own selfish greeds).

    Let me know if you would like to provide information or be of assistance. jsterli1.js@gmail.com

  58. I am being frauded by the X wife and the AG office, by me paying an additional amount of child support…. I pay child support and then pay for the children to be put on private insurance… the x wife has placed them on chips and pockets the money…. this has been going on since the divorce and has not ever placed them on the insurance I pay for… The AG has helped her by saying I owe it even though she does not have them on private insurance… I was told that I had no rights and no rights to even file a complaint… it is fraud… no one will produce the reciepts for the private insurance I pay for… even the divorce decree states that I pay an addition for private insurance… AG office told me word for word that the AG office was only designed for the custodial parent only… where the hell is my rights?????

  59. I was told by an AG employee that it’s only concern is the money. They figure that whatever they can get from the non custodial parent, just saves the state that much money in food stamps, unemployment, etc… They wheel so much power, with so little investigation in the facts of anyone involved. This seems unconstitutional and unlawful. Someone that used to also work there told me that their job was to locate the non custodial parent. They said that their office would actually ruin people financially! Class action law suit? Seems like only fair making them go back retro active on making things right. Where’s the money, you ask? The rainy day fund is a huge amount of money sitting in reserve. I am shocked at the bully tactics of this man hating office. Dogs and Cats have better rights.

  60. My husband passed away 12 June 2012. We have been married almost 20 years. He has two grown kids with kids of their own. In his divorce decree, he was ordered to pay $200.00 a month of child support as long as the kids stayed in school through 12th grade. There was never a court hearing or an order for higher support. We paid the ex wife $300.00 a month for many years. Even though his son dropped out of school in the 10th grade at age 16, we continued to over pay. There were times we could barely pay our monthly bills and I had to split the monthly payment in half. The ex wife got paid every month just like another bill. I worked all this time and helped to make these payments. Since my husband has passed away, can I attempt to reclaim the over payments?

  61. In Janurary 2006 i went to court in Dallas county in the famous O.A.G court because my ex-wife told the the office that handles Dallas county that i had not paid her a dime in 5 years which was the biggest lie ever told so i got my proof together being that i always paid with a check including case and cause numbers and child’s name always on the check and of course along with my atty which was not worth the ink that was on money I paid him, anyway sure enough 90 percent of the time you never talk to their judge because they know what there doing and did not care of my proof and made me repay it all 12000.00 plus when it was all said and done over 8000.00 in intrest i guess the 6% per year is 40% in there books my question is how do they sleep at night ripping people wide open with there lies and games well i can tell you this GOD knows who they are because some of them may think they are you know GOD but no matter how long i fought them they got there way. Here is one more for you Feb 2007 i started getting letters from another O.A.G office telling me i owed almost 20,000 on me and my wife’s daughter the only problem with that was we were married living in the same home and there was no seperation in the works at that time ,so i called them and told them since there temp order in 2004 that we had got married and they wanted proof so i sent them a copy of our marriage papers but the letters kept coming until I filed a complaint in the with the district clerks office then they called me and said our mistake but not before June 2007 putting a 7000.00 judgement against me which went on my credit report and did not know they did this until 2011 , let me say they had no right and no cause to do so but once again it is some of the unjust tricks they play you see my wife and i did not seperate until 2008 and in 2009 we went to court again in the O.A.G court with Attys at hand for new child support order and that was all good but my question on this is how can they up your child support by sending your company a new order saying you are behind when it comes directly out of your pay check every week without fail. Anyway in December 2011 I was given my daughter by a certain Goverment office because her mother needed help in some areas and the O.A.G was notified and told this and child support was’nt coming out of my check after 3 months of me caring for my daughter but what they did do is take my tax return or at least a portion of it now in June of 2012 my wife and I thought it would be better to try to make this work our marriage I mean and plus she was so much better and feeling a lot better and I am glad we are doing this but out of the blue they put a lien on my bank account 2 times in 3 week for 1900.00 but understand this my wife went to there office and signed the paper work she needed to to release them from any more of there help but over a month since then they have still done this plus a notice to my employer to take out a certain amount every week let me tell you folks MY WIFE FIRED THEM THEY HAD NO RIGHT AT ALL TO DO THIS this is hurting my child more than me so I called them and they told me it was about what I havent payed in the last 3 months since they took part of my tax refund plus 700.00 in intrest i am sorry but again what percent are they using anyway they told me it does not matter where my child lived the money was ordered for the mom and the mom could let the child live any where away from her house but because the way the law is written, is this way. Remember this they (O.A.G) says we don’t work for the mom or dad it is for the child it sure does not sound like it to me does it you? since this time they took the money out of my account and my check and as of now me nor my wife has received it not 1 penny of my money so here we go again back to court but this time i am taking them to see the judge. I have had enough of the crud they pull and i really believe it is going to take people to stop talking about it and start doing something about it because until we do they will continue to get away with unfair tactics they use but also know not everybody in these offices are like that but it takes only a couple to make all of them look bad.

  62. How sad that I had to read ALL of these posts to find ONE, that asked the question “Why should the noncustodial parent receive any passes for not having the money to pay support when the custodial parent is never offered this luxury?” Thank you Other Side Says for pointing this out! If a custodial parent finds themselves short cash or unemployed, it’s my guess that the mortgage company, utility company, and grocery store won’t be offering any passes. The reality is that the custodial parent and child will find themselves homeless after the mortgage company forecloses. I would also venture to say that the utility company won’t look at the custodial parent’s delinquent bill and say “Oh that’s OK… No money, no problem! You just keep using that electricity and we’ll foot the bill for you”. Oh yah, and if the children get hungry they’ll probably start asking the custodial parent to feed them. The last time I went grocery shopping I had to make a stop at the cash register to pay for the food. Funny how that works. It takes money to meet the basic needs of a child and it’s not cheap. I ask you why the custodial parent should meet all of these obligations, and much, much more, if he/she is low on cash? Why can’t we all just throw our hands up in the air and say “Sorry… I just can’t do it. Sorry children, but you won’t be eating tonight because I’m broke. And forget about visiting your doctor for that ear infection because I’m low on cash”. I tell you that the great majority of custodial parents meet these obligations without question because if they don’t then no one else will. My job is to care for my child and provide him with the necessities to grow and flourish in life and that means that I pay my bills on time every month. I pay for a home with enough bedrooms for everyone and I don’t feel like I’m being strong armed into doing so. I provide health insurance because my child is MY responsibility and no one else is going to pay for it. Simply put I support mine and I don’t blame the government and my debtors for not giving me a pass when I’m feeling a little short of cash. With that said, why should ANY noncustodial parent feel they are entitled to leniency when he/she doesn’t have the money to pay child support? If the noncustodial parent has food to eat and a roof over their head, then the child should have the same and it should be funded by BOTH parents. I’m a custodial parent who supports my child and I do it because it’s my job! I don’t whine about it… I just do it!!!

  63. this is so true. this just happened to my brother in harris county yesterday. i have read and learned things about this, and he thanks people like you. he called them many times and asked what this meeting was about the ag people lied to him three different ways about what this was about. just like they are trained to lie when they are hired, i think lying 101 is a required class upon employment. they sent him a letter about coming to a meeting when this is nov and judge just set payment amount in june. when he got there after taking off work and driving to another county they told him to sign a letter waiving his rights and voluntarily giving a gift of more support to what they say in the meeting before they even discuss things and have a meeting. he postponed the meeting for a week and the day before he went to caseworker meeting(this is not in a court or with a judge so they lied again) and the day before he got a letter saying they can not reopen the case. thats why you go there and they trick you into IVthis. all you can do is pray them and their familys die in a horrible car wreck or deadly fire in order to make things right once you sign this. study and research your rights and remember, they are the enemy and that is why they are there because for every extra dollar they get from you they get extra money from the feds from a law that was passed with social security title d-IV

  64. Where there is good there is evil. This could also be applied as where there is a good father there is a deadbeat father. The issue of child support has been ongoing for centuries and the system has been delegated to be favored more on the custodial end. The laws that justify what is fair within child support or custody is an approach of being biased against the non-custodial parent. The long corrupted CS system needs to be scrutinized very carefully and make it fair for both parents to be responsible, especially if they have “joint custody.” Yet when the law says: “The best interest for the child.” Totally a false statement! More like: “The best interest of the custodial parent and not the child”. I thought the money is for the “child or children?” These types of laws embrace non caring custodial parents to seek govn’t assistance, not want to work, and receive a ridiculous CS a month that we know it all that money isn’t going to our children.

    Damn if you do or don’t. We, as caring non-custodial parents’ are labeled as deadbeats and still get screwed paying a pretty penny (20%) for CS and if we don’t, they take away our licenses and get sent to jail. The system is really broken and needs to be fixed!

    Overall, sometimes a relationship doesn’t work and it is what it is, but we as humans need to make a decent living. Stop destroying families life’s with ridiculous laws that are unconstitutional and make it fair to the point where both parties must be responsible in supporting a child or children and live a happy life.

    AG is a scumbag, thief, and should be fired for his unethical acts!

  65. I am the father of the child in question. I have always tried to do what was right. The mother moved while I was overseas in the military still making payments. No forwarding address was left. When I contacted the court they were unable to produce a forwarding address. This can be confirmed by the Tennessee CPS division. I tried to make payments and was told I could not and they would not hold the funds I paid. They sent the overpayments back to me and stated the case was closed and I could do nothing else. They did not have an address for the mother and neither did I. The mother was now married and the husband told me they did not want child support from me and that they did not want me to have anything to do with my son. I was in the military overseas serving my country. When I went to our military legal office I was told they did not support soldiers, they only server the chain of command and I would have to get an attorney on the economy. (Mind you I was overseas and making only PFC level pay!) I had not heard from my son in over 11 years when the mother called me and said he had questions and wanted to get to know me. I found out it was because the mother and father were then having troubles and she saw my picture on the internet due to me doing some modeling. I was contacted by the State of TX Attorney General’s office stating I owed more than 21,000 USD in back child support. I called TN and they said this should not be since the case was closed and there was no way for me to pay to the account. I believe the case has been closed for more than the 6 years since the last payment. The funds were returned to me for the overpayments which came to a few thousand dollars. NY is now withholding funds from my paycheck for arrears, current support due, and most recently the put a lean on my bank account. I really need to stop this madness. Please assist.

    Thank you.

  66. I once investigated child support for an article I wanted to write.After requesting permission from the judge.I quietly sat in the back of the court taking notes throughout the session.
    Multiple cases were heard different walks of life most with good intentions.During the recess she asked me to come up to the bench So what do you think?
    I quietly answered How can you impose on people without due diligence ,investigation or consideration of the long the impact it has on them the children and this country.Your taking good men and making them criminals compounded by no father in the picture many children unnecessarily turn to crime.If I were running a criminal organization I sit outside child support court rooms and recruit.Every walk of life is represented with a common bond and if history is any indicator chickens will always come home to roost.It will affect us in ways previously undetermined or considered.A car jacking,a violent robbery,credit card fraud why? Because daddy wasn’t there or couldn’t afford to be there.

    She looked at me turned her head to the side speechless.Thank you Sir.I quietly retook my seat.

    The next case called a man walked up in a formerly tan grease soaked insulated car hart overalls,his nails and hands covered in grease and grime.He apologized for his appearance.The judge accepted his apology.The prosecutor immediately went into a frantic fit of how he hadn’t paid his full child support order of $450 and also behind on alimony 668 a month.He needs to be charged with a mistmeanor.The judge looks back at me asks the prosecutor to be quiet and begins to ask this man several questions.
    1. where do you work
    ans at a junk yard.
    2.How much do you make
    ans minimum wage paid in cash.
    3.Where do you live?
    ans in a car at the junk yard.
    ans because I can’t afford to live anywhere else.
    5.How did you get in this position.
    ans He had a regular job as a manager at a auto parts store during his divorce.They imposed child support and alimony he lost the car first,then the house,then his job and to add insult to injury The ex wouldn’t let him see his children sacrificed for.

    The judge looked at me jaw gaping open.
    I bowed my head in prayer for this man,the judge and this country.
    I see the signs…
    Were unraveling at the seams.

  67. I’m not sure about how or if any of these issues have been corrected but the system is still not up to par. In my opinion, I think we still need a revamp of our child support laws. Ive started researchong. One specific item, why should a non custodial parent have to child support for a month out of the summer that the non custodial parent has his/her children per visitation otderd?

  68. good old greg abbott and the CPS showed an over payment of well into 1300.00 but no one could explain to me the VOLUNTARY PAYMENTS SHOWING. BUT seems after the case file closed they say well yes you over paid but there is really nothing we can do if she does not pay it back. REALLY took it out of my paycheck for how many years but ooop’s took to much oh well. lazy bunch working there lie to cover up the mistake and wait for the case to close so it takes an act of god and more money to recover overage.


  70. WoW!!!! So many victims of a broken system, Like many Dad here i to have been bullied by the state of CA, Eureka cps my ex-liz work for a laywer who new the judge and liz eat lunch with the ladies from cps, she lied to the court as to where i lived and her and her second husband said i did not have to give any money my two kids were sexually abused one by a baby siter when she was three rape!!Then her 2 husbans son danny rape my daughter for years he was molesterd by an uncle for many years then my ex screwd her boss and was with child left the 2 husband too a 3rd where she used cocain&pot in the home then she was with his 2child and he got cancer and later passed a way ,oh yea my son was molesterd by the uncle too after he died my ex-3rd husban told her to go after me for child support up untill now i have proof she lied to the court about wher i lived in NY and my Son is most likely my brothers kid or a navys kid hes a mess and my daughter is a fighter like her dad and IM going to bring the fight to my ex in Federal court under the magna-carter law,bill of rights,14th amendment,civil rights law!!hpoe this may help someone ,God Speed to Yous All!!!!!!

  71. I was working in Kuwait and had a one night encounter with a prostitute from The Phillipines. Like a drunken idiot I didn’t use protection. Anyway here I am 9 years later and I get a notice to appear in court. So now I am paying $1500.00 a month child support for a child I will never meet and am an instant deadbeat dad with a $42000.00 back child support bill. When I asked if I could bring the child to the states and give her a good life here, they didn’t want to hear it. So my only right is to just keep paying. I was going to retire in a couple of years as my health isn’t the best, but now I will just work until I die. Or at least for ten more years. And people know that in the philippines this money is a fortune. Also my family here will suffer as we were living within our means but now need to cut way back on just about everything. Cable TV is a thing of the past.

  72. Greg Abbott and his band of blood suckers are out of control i switch jobs in 2002 and the same time the mother of the child moved no forwarding address to me. 5 years later i get a notice they will be taking child support out of my check for 3 years they take it out I get laided off and first thing out of my unemployeement is child support never missing a beat i had to cash in my 401k to survive. What they did then was freeze my bank account even though 3 years straight they are taking out child support and back child support and blackmailed me into giving them 1000.00 that i took from my 401k with penalty before they would release my money right after that i file income tax and am told have goes to her then at the last minute all of it went to her now out of 191 i pay every 2 weeks 40 goes to interest who getting the interest not the child it goes to there pockets i am sure if this amount is 6% I guess I cant ad someone needs to get that idiot out of there

  73. Its slavery…. Slavery is back in the USA and we are it…They cant be prosecuted for the mistakes they cause…They only care about the $$$$ anything else does not mater…

  74. As I research as much as possible on what I and many others consider unfair, and even criminal ways in which child support enforcement is in Texas….I stumbled upon this which is the basic hand book, but read this at the very bottom….kudo’s to who ‘included it’…..

    I find it un amusing that fathers and mothers who are seriously doing the best they can in a upside down economy do and are or will be facing charges which include ‘contempt of court’ because they fail to show up….because they missed a letter from court(especially in a particular case I personally know of in which the father lost his job and his residence/became homeless, but attempted time and again to communicate with child support of this by borrowed phone and never received one single reply or so much as a heads up…it became a contempt of court he had no idea about until much later, hence he went to jail)or worse unable to pay but wanting to pay are forced jail time under a ‘felony’ charge….

    This will certainly not help them aquire a decent job even when they are struggling, have proof of such attempts either…meanwhile the other parent is receiving state money and refuses to allow the non custodial parent to even see their child ….and worse skips the state in which they are receiving benefits from!

    I know of another case where the mother is struggling to pay and while she still has her car, lives in it….but still attempts to get a job….even part-time…meanwhile not only is back support stacking up but ‘interest rates’ to line the already federally money lined pockets of the entities which have been given so much authority to do so….

    The system set into place works not for childeren and their family’s to raise them but in such ways it is hurting more in the long run…..and I perceive that many are hurt/angry and this will continue like a festering wound until all hell breaks loose in one form or another…..’it won’t be good and it won’t be pretty’….and it sadens me in more ways than I can possibly express as well as the injustice by the laws and those who misuse them for their own insanity, and greed as well as ‘power’….

    If one understands truly ‘Power’ and those who have it to abuse…they will begin to understand what this is truly about….

    I wish with all my heart there was something I could do in a real way for the above mentioned cases as well as many I have read here and other places as well….

    Good luck and Blessings…


  75. and now here is the mentioned website with e-handbook for Texas as well as what it reads at the very bottom…so good luck attempting to even complain on any of it with a fair outcome! and who ever added this at the bottom (your not kidding!)


    Five Lessons Learned Dealing With The Attorney General

    1 Know that the Office of the Attorney General in all likelihood will not respond to or even acknowledge any of your letters, even certified letters.

    2 Know that the Office of the Attorney General will probably not bother to respond to inquiries from your state or federal elected officials.

    3 Know that the Office of the Attorney General will very likely not grant you an Administrative Hearing even though they say they will in their written communications to you.

    4 Know that the Office of the Attorney General is not at all interested in your access to your child or even in the well-being of your child or children in general. They are only interested in boosting their collection rates so that the Attorney General can run for and win future elections.

    5 Know that the Office of the Attorney General will use draconian methods, such as liens and levies against your bank accounts, even if you are current on paying a child support judgment.
    Actual Experiences Dealing with the Attorney Generals Office

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  79. How can I file to have my child support payments dropped, because I was laid off and I have no income. I have never been late and I have over paid by almost Six thousand dollars. I really need so help.

  80. Thank You for this article. It sent us in the right direction to get the facts of the law and how to remedy out situation. Not all will find this helpful since not all have had fraud in their case. For those who have, I hope this can help you (and us as we attempt to remove arrears based on fraud.) Texas does allow for DNA now but they do not go back retroactively. I have learned that they may also come back on him for future payments until the child is 18 because the CPS courts order to stop “collection” is just that and it doesn’t remove the original order despite the fact that the child will be placed for adoption. We have learned that we MUST file a Bill Of Review ASAP. In order to fight against the AG it has been recommended that we use a former Assistant AG as they will be most qualified. Also very few Family Law Lawyers know about Bills Of Review apparently. I have also discovered that many will not admit their lack of knowledge and will tell you to simply file the DNA with the court. The bottom line is that the law of TX will only remove future payment as an order modification with DNA. They may also be able to adjust the $ amount based on the income fraud, but there is one fact alone which can be successful for voiding the entire order… When she testified at the court that there could be no other father she lied. The DNA is proof that she lied. Only with this type of fraud can arrears be forgiven. You get 4yrs from the order or from when the fraud became know to you to file the Bill Of Review. We are within 4yrs overall, but since we just got the DNA results we have technically just discovered her fraud. By the fact that she told the court there could be no other father and the DNA proves different she has committed perjury. I am told that the other standard question a mother would have to answer for the record is “were you ever married to anyone else” If your wife did not disclose a prior marriage she could also have committed equivalent fraud and my may win with a Bill Of Review. I am told that they are not easy for lawyers and the one you use must know how to word them in order to be successful. That is why we were told to use a former AG. To find out more about the corruption in the TX AG office search Ginger Weatherspoon and her case against the AG. Since judges are bullied too I am still concerned we will not be successful. I hope that others in TX and other states who were victims of fraud are reading this and can use this to help your situation. The lawyer for CPS said this is precedent setting stuff. Apparently the CPS system would like to see DNA on all cases. We were almost given custody of a 4yr old who doesn’t know us due to lies.

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