Employer in child support case arrested – JSOnline

An employer who has refused to repay child support payments that he deducted from employees’ checks was arrested Wednesday afternoon while working as an armed security guard.


He’s now working as a security guard.  Notice that they use in the first paragraph of this story quoted above, that he “refused to repay”.  Typical of contemporary news writing.  More accurate, less provocative would be “hasn’t paid”.

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DNA tests can be wrong!

He says he lost 5 years with his daughter because of a medical mix up at VCU medical center. A mix up that said he was not the girl’s biological father. “I hate to see her walk out that door,”says Robert Downer. Downer says it all started 6 years ago, when he took a paternity test at VCU Health system in 2003. It said he wasn’t the biological father of little Cassidy Walker. But Downer felt in his heart and soul that he was. Downer says, “I will never forget her first night here, “her very first night here, when she told me that God told her that I was her daddy and it hasn’t been the same since.”


DNA tests tend to be a slam dunk in court.  Apparently, as this case tragically indicates, you can’t necessarily trust these labs.

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Wronged ‘deadbeat dad’ may be free of child support | ajc.com

In a recent interview, Dena Smith, spokeswoman for the state Department of Human Resources, said her agency will propose legislation in next year’s General Assembly to make sure what happened to Hatley will not happen again to anyone facing the same predicament.

Hatley, 50, sat in a South Georgia jail in Adel for almost 13 months even though a special assistant state attorney general and the judge knew he was not the child’s biological father. In 2001, Hatley had been ordered to pay $16,398 in past-due child support even though a DNA test proved he was not the parent.


Good for Mr. Hatley.  This is an example of a civilization gone nuts.  It won’t get fixed until the state gets out of the child support collection racket, and when mom’s who defraud men this way are put into jail.  I happen to think it is a very serious thing to lie about who the father of a child is.

I hope we’ll learn whether indeed, Mr. Hatley is forgiven the child support debt.  It should also be interesting to see if this proposed legislation gets anywhere, and who speaks against it.

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Ill. officials collect $1.4B in child support — chicagotribune.com

He says several programs helped his department achieve the record level, including those that deny hunting and fishing permits to parents who don’t pay child support. Other programs suspend their driver’s licenses or post deadbeat parents’ photos on a Web site.


Isn’t it amazing how just about everyone in this country has bought into the idea that it is the purview of the state to be in the child support collection industry.  It’s a big business, and I believe it is one of the major factors destroying this country.  It’s a mind set that is toxic.  Basically, our position is that the state should not be imposing itself into private lives to this degree.

Ill. officials collect $1.4B in child support — chicagotribune.com.


Nas ordered to pay Kelis $44,000 a month in child support for baby born Wednesday | TV, movie and music news | Music biz | EW.com

Nas ordered to pay Kelis $44,000 a month in child support for baby born Wednesday | TV, movie and music news | Music biz | EW.com.


Wow. Just like the Eddie Murphy case, this is something more than just “child support”.


Eddie Murphy Ordered To Pay $50K A Month In CHILD SUPPORT To Mel B … $5,000 Less Than NAS IS PAYING KELIS!!! – MediaTakeOut.com™ 2009

Eddie Murphy Ordered To Pay $50K A Month In CHILD SUPPORT To Mel B … $5,000 Less Than NAS IS PAYING KELIS!!! – MediaTakeOut.com™ 2009.

ANCPR Says:  Wow.  That’s a lot of money. Seems like we shouldn’t call this child support.  It’s something,  but it isn’t child support


Bill to give fathers say in abortion proposed

The first step has been taken by an Ohio State legislator, Rep. John Adams from Sidney who introduced a bill called H.B. 252. The bill would give the father rights regarding an abortion. The bill would make abortion without a father’s permission a misdemeanor. It would also make naming a false biological father a misdemeanor with a maximum fine of $1000. A similar bill was introduced in 2007 but the Planned Parenthood group protested the measure.


I doubt this will pass.  Too much entrenched opposition to anything giving more recognition to the importance of fathers except in so far as they can pay child support if the mother chooses to keep the child.

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Deadbeat Dads show back–now on Lifetime :: Dr. Helen Smith

As if Lifetime television doesn’t portray men as villains enough already, now Glenn Sacks has emailed about the new Deadbeat Dad show (it was the “Bad Dads” show that Fox dropped) that the station has picked up, just to twist the knife a little deeper:

Lifetime TV announced the launch of its new, father-bashing reality show Deadbeat Dads last week, and Lifetime received several thousand protest letters, calls and faxes last week. This week we take our protest to the Hearst Corporation, which owns much of Lifetime TV.


Just when you thought it couldn’t be worse…. here they go again.  Somehow heaping shame on a father makes these people feel good.  Very sick people are behind these shows.

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Bill collectors who chase down deadbeat dads are now themselves potential targets, after a City Council probe showed they are ripping off their clients.

The private collection agencies often charge their clients – frequently, single moms – as much as 30% of whatever they collect, plus application fees that average $158, according to the investigation.

“There are too many unscrupulous agents out there who are charging exorbitant collection fees or are using contracts that impose hidden fees,” said City Council Speaker Gifford Miller (D-Manhattan).


This isn’t the only perfidity these slimey people commit.  They operate outside the fair credit laws, and so they feel justified in lying in order to trick you into agreeing to a payment arrangement that has no legal force.  These people regularly threaten you with jail, yet they are not able to do this.  Only a judge in a trial can sentence you to jail, and if jail is a possibility, then they are required to offer you legal representation if you can’t  afford your own.



Does This Celebrity Divorce Indicate an Important Cultural Shift? :: Glenn Sacks on MND

Does the Kaczmarek-Whitford divorce indicate an important cultural shift?


Former “Malcolm in the Middle” star Jane Kaczmarek has blasted rumors she’s fighting for full custody of her kids with her estranged husband, former “West Wing” actor Bradley Whitford.


Commentator and Fathers Rights Advocate, Glenn Sacks, may be right here.  There may very well be reluctance now on the part of some mothers to go for sole custody because of stigma, but I’m not so sure. The system is still primarily an adversarial one, and the least thing will trip up the best of intentions.

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