Child Support Injustice in the news

Child Support Injustice Exposed
Reported by:
Brian Collister
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News 4 has discovered there are men in Texas who are told by the state to pay thousands of dollars in child support, but they are not the father of the children.  News 4 Trouble Shooter Brian Collister revealed the state knows it, but is making them pay up any way.

Rey Valdez was in the middle of a divorce years ago when his first wife told him she was pregnant.  He wound up paying $300 a month in child support for his young son, but when the boy was a teenager, Valdez got an anonymous call.

“I got a phone call, and I was told that, ‘You need to look at who really is father of [the child] because you are not,’ and that angered me.  I mean, how dare they?”

Confused and concerned after the call, he bought a DNA test.  The results showed Valdez was not the boy’s father.

“It wasn’t right,” said Valdez, “I just couldn’t believe something like this could happen.”

He went back to court and the judge ordered the Attorney General’s Child Support office to do a DNA test.  That office got the same result, that Valdez is not the biological father.

Despite those results, the judge ordered Valdez to keep paying child support.  So far, he estimates he’s shelled out about $18,000 to his ex-wife for the boy.

Valdez said, “It’s money that could go to my children, my wife, myself, but I’m still paying it, cause the law tells me to.”

You see, the law in Texas says a father only has four years to challenge paternity.  If they find out after four years that they are not the father, like Rey Valdez, the law says they are still the parent and still required to pay child support.

State Representative Harold Dutton has tried to pass paternity fraud legislation that would allow a father the right to challenge paternity with a dna test at any time. He told the News 4 Trouble Shooters what’s happening now, “is worse than an injustice because now you have the state participating in a fraud.”

“We have to fix it so the person paying child support is actually the father, and whatever we have to do to fix that, that’s what I think we have to do,” said Dutton.  His bill hasn’t passed because he says the Attorney Generals office, which collects child support, opposes it.

The AG’s office denies that.  We wanted to ask Attorney General Greg Abbott about paternity fraud, but we only got this statement:

“The Office of the Attorney General is obligated to follow the law.  We must honor court orders that establish paternity and require the payment of child support.  Our staff always encourages men to obtain paternity testing when it is a legal option.”

Representative Dutton said he’ll file his bill again next year, but he said he needs your help.  You can contact your state representative and senator and ask them to support the change.




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12 thoughts on “Child Support Injustice in the news”

  1. DNA should only be used to establish who the biological father is.

    It should never be used to force so-called “child support” on anyone.

    I shouldn’t have to explain why.

    It would be self-evident to any reasonable person.

    If people can’t come to grips with this issue, then it’s time to overturn Roe vs Wade.

    Abortion, adoption or abandonment should never be options for women.

    If they spread their legs then they need to be held responsible.

    If that were the case, I don’t think any man would have a problem accepting responsibility for not “keeping it zipped up”.

    That said, in this man’s case he should not have to pay, and the courts should be trying to find out who the real father is, in the child’s best interests. Not so the real father could be forced to pay, but rather so the real father has a chance to decide if he would like to be a parent to his son.

    The kid has a right to know who his real dad is, and the father has a choice in whether to share equally in parenting his child.

  2. I just wanted to add that the *sorry excuse for a mother* in this case should be vigorously prosecuted as the despicable criminal she is. She should be forced to pay restitution to the falsely accused victim, in addition to a lengthy prison sentence for fraud and intentionally inflicting irreparable damage on all parties involved.

    She is the perpetrator in this case, everyone else, including the taxpayer, are the victims.

  3. The real Victum here is the innocent poor fool who has to eat FROM THE HANDS of the Corruption Created, Fueled, Owned, Ruled and Controlled *GREED* Empowered Polotiticians!

  4. My husband pays for two children that are not his… one is his brother’s child BUT we still are made to pay for thousands!

    If DNA can clear a man of RAPE, then it should be used; regardless, of age to release a man from child support obligations.

    Paternity fraud is widespread and these women know what they are doing! It should be STOPPED!

    I have written the Tennessee politicians, child support authorities letter after letter attempting to get something changed BUT nothing… We spent thousands of dollars in court for the ex-wife to walk out laughing becasue we still had to pay.

    Moral to the story, the Great State of TN, does not want the responsibility so therefore, someone (like my husband) is made to pick up the tab.

    Meanwhile, her children have the SAME rights, as our children do if something were to happen to my husband. That is NOT fair nor right! It’s bad enough we do without to pay her childsupport…

  5. Women are hurting children!they are using children for a paycheck.My husband has been paying child support for a child that is not his,but because he signed a voluntary acknowledgement form under the statement mother gave him and by her being his companion he signed the paper thinking he was the father of the child.This is hurtful to the child and the alleged father.My husband have been betrayed and is paying for another mans child. this child deserves to know where and who he came from.the Illinois laws need to be changed. This is certainly not healthy to any child.This lady have not done this once but to all three of her children . THE CHILD SUFFERS

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  7. In the near future, paternity testing should be routine, required by law, at the birth of a child, before a name or fathers name can be placed on the birth certificate. Women certainly know when there is a possibility that the child is not the child of their husband, or companion, but that it could be the child of their lover(s). To save face, or to gain monetarily they keep their secret. This is an evil thing to do to all concerned. The poor child, the man who has believed he is the father, and loves the child, the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, whole families are torn apart by such a lie. And to have this man pay thousands and thousands of dollars in child support for many years for a child that is not his is clearly FRAUD. Why can’t these wronged men file a civil suit for Paternity Fraud against these lying cheating women. These criminals need to pay back all the money they have stolen and they should serve time for their crime, time equal to the time that the man has been wrongly paying her child support. Believe me when all concerned find out something like this after eight years . . . well, it is just so hard to accept that one person can do such a thing as this to her own innocent child. Is there a greater form of child abuse than this? Who knows what long term damage has been done to the child by his mother?

  8. My judge orderd the case over, told me i was done, but they still send me bills, it is still on my credit report, and they still are withholding money every chance they get. I am now attempting to get legal council and sue. If they can ignore a judges order, where can I get justice?!

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  10. I have a situation in which I have custody of my 10 year old daughter. I have had her since she was 2 and a half. Her mother now claims that she is drug-free and that the child I have ben raising all these years isn’t my daughter. She has told my daughter this as well and told her that she will help her find her “real father” and she also told her a name of an individual who is her father. Every year she drags me into court on false allegations of abuse. She has also instructed my daughter to make the allegations and it is very disturbing. The court has done nothing to protect my daughter and I from this sick woman.

  11. I am a victom of child support Paternity fraud, Its pritty bad when the people of the united states voted State and Fedral officals to uphold the law and when they are the biggest crook’s they do not uphold the law and allow women and child support agencys to commit fraud.I have been refused DNA test’s and the mother has ben convited of corperat fraud by signing her boss’ signature for Gerber toy division, and with her thinking that she cold get away with that, she thinks that she can sign anybody signature to any forme and collecting state and federal bennifits while owning a day care center, and our so called electied officals allow women like her to continue to commit fraud. This has been brought to the state of Wisconsin and to federal officals and it falls on deaf ear’s. If any state or federal offical that knows the truth and refuses to do anything about it should be arrested and charged with adding and abetting a fellon. Where’s the Fucking justice?


    Lost everything.

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