Norweigan Gov. Minister Attacks Shared Parenting, Pushes Feminist Family Law Policy

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Reidar Hjermann, Norway’s ombudsman for children, is now pushing one of vindictive divorced or separated mothers’ greatest hits–that shared parenting is bad for kids because it’s “inconvenient.” According to this recent Norwegian newspaper article:

“‘Children need individually tailored solutions,’ ombudsman Reidar Hjermann told newspaper Aftenposten on Wednesday. He thinks that splitting their time between their parents’ new homes should be the exception, not the rule.

“When parents split up, Hjermann acknowledges that they have to split up everything from their shared home to the cars, TV and stereo. Their children, however, shouldn’t be part of the math. Continue reading Norweigan Gov. Minister Attacks Shared Parenting, Pushes Feminist Family Law Policy


Superbowl Champion Supports Shared Parenting

The State Journal – News for West Virginia’s Leaders
They’re trying to appeal to lawmakers.

Story by Hillary Crowder
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BECKLEY- — A three-time Superbowl champion spoke in Charleston today — but, not about football.

Tim McKyer is a former NFL defensive back, but today he appealed to lawmakers in the capitol to make changes in the family court system.

That’s after a custody battle for his children dating back 10 years.

He’s hoping to promote shared parenting.

McKyer says in order for children to properly transition into adulthood, they need to have both parents present in their lives.


Shared parenting bill fails in North Dakota

Shared parenting bill fails | North Dakota News
PIERRE, S.D. (AP) A bill to make it clear that South Dakota judges can order Shared Parenting, or joint physical custody, has died in the Legislature.

Officials say some judges don’t believe current law allows such arrangements.

The bill, which would have allowed joint physical custody even if one parent objects, was defeated 8-5 in the House Judiciary Committee.

Opponents of HB1101 say shared parenting has been tried without success in other states.

They also argue that children would suffer if such arrangements are forced on parents.


The Failure of Family Policy by Stephen Baskerville published

 From Stephen Baskerville:

My Chronicles magazine article, “The Failure of ‘Family Policy’,” published in the January 2008 issue, is now online:  Chronicles is a very prestigious magazine of politics and opinion, with a very well educated and influential readership.  The article has already elicited some 32 comments, none of which seem to come from fathers’ activists.  One participant says:

“This is an excellent thread and the comments illustrate why Chronicles is one of the few publications worth reading these days. As a state district judge who has raked in the criminal and family-law muck for years, I concur with Mr. Baskerville and Mr Wilson.”

An excerpt on Vox Nova, an influential Catholic site, has also initiated a lively discussion:  It is described as “a wonderful article dealing with divorce and the Republicans.”

This is mainstream coverage.  Some of you may want to join these discussions.

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