New Illinois law targets wheels of deadbeat parents

 This isn’t really a new thing, since most states have done this long ago.  It is most interesting how these people twist words, using an Orwellian newspeak.  Basically, political and bureaucratic tyrants want everyone to think they are good guys, working for the greater good.  So they use terms like, “It’s all for the children” to justify whatever they want to accomplish.

In the story here, it is blatant that family now means mother and child.  They don’t address it nor do they explain it in any way, they just simply refer to children and families as recipients of child support, which, as the governor who signed the bill into law said, “More avenues to collect child support payments means more Illinois children can have the childhood they deserve.”  Notice how subtle and masterfully phrased this is.  Then read here how there are “delinquent parents”. | News | New Illinois law targets wheels of deadbeat parents
It’s a politically and culturally popular issue these days around the country, with states seemingly adding new tactics all the time to catch up with delinquent parents.

“There’s been a strong focus on it” in Illinois recently, said Teresa Kurtenbach, spokeswoman for the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services. “We’ve taken a lot of drastic steps . . . We’re trying to make sure families are stronger by getting them the support they need.

Notice also, these people no longer use “single motherheaded households”, or “father”, or single mom, etc.  They can then claim that this is not a gender issue.  Are there noncustodial mothers?  Of course there are, but not in any numbers that come close to comparing to the number of fathers excised from the lives of their children.

Let’s face it, a child support order means, almost always, a fatherless child.  The child support system, as it has evolved recently, is specifically designed to get the state further inculcated into the private lives of citizens, and for the state to ostracize children from their parents.  It is extremely effective (Think about it, we now speak of the rights of children outside the context of the fundamental rights of parents.  This means that in fact, single mothers are at risk of being estranged from the children too).  It is basically destroying any concept of family, and by so doing, will forever alter the way people relate to one another genderwise, as well as creates an atmosphere in which people seem to just accept whatever the bureaucrats and politicians want to do with respect to their personal lives.

If a parent chooses to abandon his or her family, they should of course be allowed to do so.  But they shouldn’t be rewarded for it.  So often it is the mother (in cases where children and custody are involved, it is the mother, three quarters of the time, who initiates the divorce).  Why?  because it is now OK to ditch the father, and trade him out for a new model, maybe a bigger schlong and a fatter wallet, who knows, “You go girl!”.  The thinking is, fathers aren’t that important, it’s a male role model that is important, and any decent man can fill the bill.

Personally, I don’t see any way to fix this situation.  I believe this is a case where the forces of darkness have won the day.  Perhaps it is time to totally ditch the concept of the nuclear family, and simply outlaw natural birth.  Maybe we should just make kids in test tubes, put them into surrogate mothers, until the time we can make an artificial womb, and then take the baby away from mom (we’d never even know who the father is), and rear the child in a collective.  Kids wouldn’t have moms or dads, those concepts wouldn’t even exist.


Doctor falsified abuse reports to get kids to experiment with – many died

This story is yet one more example of why doctors and “professionals” in the field of Family and Pediatrics cannot be trusted.  This man may have permanently hurt or even killed as many as 10,000 kids, destroying countless lives.

Is this doctor responsible for parents being falsely branded as child abusers? | the Daily Mail

by SUE REID –  Last updated at 00:55am on 27th October 2007

Lawrence Alexander suffered a difficult childhood. Neighbours pointed at him in the street. He was inexplicably bullied at school.

When he invited his few friends home for tea, they nearly always refused. His family moved from Cornwall to Sussex and then to Shropshire. In every fresh place, there were whispers.

His parents lost their jobs and the only member of his extended family who sent birthday presents was his father’s sister, Aunt Nina. Continue reading Doctor falsified abuse reports to get kids to experiment with – many died


Gitmo at home: Domestic violence courts in America

Gitmo at home: Domestic violence courts in America

Gitmo at home: Domestic violence courts in America
By David Heleniak
Online Journal Guest Writer

Oct 22, 2007, 01:44

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Domestic violence is a very real and significant problem in America. This month would be a good time to address the attempt of state governments to combat domestic violence through the issuance of temporary and permanent restraining orders.

In the wake of the attack on the World Trade Center and our nation’s response to terrorism domestically and abroad, there has been a flurry of negative reaction in the press to the subjecting of suspected terrorists to trial by military tribunal without the constitutional protections afforded other criminals. As John F. Kearney, III, put it in the March 24, 2003 issue of the New Jersey Lawyer, “All of us want as much done by government as possible to protect us from more Sept. 11 attacks or worse. None of us wants to be nuked, poisoned or fall victim to a suicide bomber. But none of us should want, either, to give away our hard-won liberties.” Continue reading Gitmo at home: Domestic violence courts in America


Design Student Questionnaire

This is a bit unusual, but the request was original enough that I thought I’d post it.  A design student in England is focusing efforts on designing living spaces for non-custodial fathers.  He’s developed a questionnaire to help in that endeavor.  You can contact him: ALEX POTTS.  The questionnaire follows: Continue reading Design Student Questionnaire


Feminist Justice at Duke

New article published in Human Events by Stephen Baskerville:

The falsely-accused Duke University lacrosse players are suing the city of Durham and prosecutor Michael Nifong for malicious prosecution, claiming “one of the most chilling episodes of premeditated police, prosecutorial, and scientific misconduct in modern American history.” In fact, their ordeal was nothing out of the ordinary.

Few Americans realize how extensively our criminal justice system has been corrupted by leftist ideology. It has now reached the point where the criminals are prosecuting law-abiding citizens. Continue reading Feminist Justice at Duke


Taken Into Custody – Baskerville on the Radio

Latest message from Dr. Baskerville: 

My book, Taken Into Custody, now has 11 reviews on Amazon — all of them 5 stars and most are superlative.  Earlier this week it was selling at the 3,000 ranking, which is extremely high. 

One reviewer writes:  “This is perhaps the most important book ever to be published about the Western Family. ‘Taken Into Custody’ is the most thorough examination of the Anti-Family Movement’s enormously successful (and very heavily funded) efforts to ‘replace’ the natural family with a simulacrum of ‘the extended family’ in the form of a big business/big government bureaucratic ‘village’ that will ‘scientifically’ raise ‘all of our children’.” Continue reading Taken Into Custody – Baskerville on the Radio


Publicize Baskerville’s New Book: Taken Into Custody

I received this communication from Stephen Baskerville, author of Take Into Custody, a new book that exposes the injustices of Family Courts.

Taken Into CustodyGlitches at Amazon and some other online sellers have been corrected. You can now buy the book easily at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, WorldNetDaily, Borders, and other booksellers. In fact, the Amazon sales ranking has been very high. (Amazon is now featuring 6 reviews, all of which give the book 5 stars.) WorldNetDaily reports they are already sold out and have ordered more. Last week, the publishers told me they have ordered a second print run.

Now is the time to contact radio stations and get interviews. Again, if you are connected with a local group, you should try to come on with me for a joint interview. Below is a sample letter you can send to talk radio producers, either before or after you phone them. Attached is a press release, and several pages of highlights from the book. Continue reading Publicize Baskerville’s New Book: Taken Into Custody


Stonehenge protest fathers fined

Again, Fathers4Justice gets in the news with their protests.

BBC NEWS | UK | England | Wiltshire | Stonehenge protest fathers fined

Protesters F4J Father 4 Justice campaigner Jolly Stanesby dressed as Robin Mr Stanesby dressed as Robin, during a protest in October 2003. ……
A spokeswoman for English Heritage said after the case: “Although the protest back in February was peaceful and there was no damage to the stones, we were disappointed that this group chose Stonehenge to make their protest.

“We feel this was disrespectful to the monument.”

I have to agree, the protest was perhaps disrespectful of the monument, however, I would ask these people how it is that they are complacent, complicit, and willfully ignorant of what is happening every day in family courts, not only in Britain, but in Canada and the U.S. What is happening in family law courts is staggering in its immensity and in its effects on society at large. In this so-called advanced and civilized age, why is it that governments can so easily destroy a family, and then spend billions trying in vain to repair the damage that a failed social policy has created? Continue reading Stonehenge protest fathers fined


Some are more equal than others

Just received the following from Stephen Baskerville: 

The piece below is published today in WorldNetDaily, which has a huge and very influential circulation.  It addresses child custody within the context of new feminist attempts to change the Constitution.  To help get more such pieces published, please respond with letters to the editor.  Please use

Note that the site also contains a plug for my book, which is being sold on the WND site.

Please forward this email and urge your friends to buy and publicize Taken Into Custody.  Thanks.

Stephen Baskerville


WND Exclusive Commentary

Some are more equal than others

Posted: October 9, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Stephen Baskerville

The substitution of the re-titled “Women’s Equality Amendment” (WEA) for the same old text of what was known in the 1970s as the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is a real-life validation of George Orwell’s fictional portrayal of the opportunism of extremist political movements and their tendency to turn high-minded ideals into the opposite of what they promise. In “Animal Farm,” Orwell’s allegory of the Soviet revolution, the pigs proclaim that “All animals are equal.” Once they seize power, the pigs revise the principle: “But some animals are more equal than others.”

[The rest is at]

Get Baskerville’s new book, “Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family”


Dads Delay Puberty In Daughters – Strange Men Bring It On :

Dads Delay Puberty In Daughters – Strange Men Bring It On :

I’ve just had an article published in the online publication called that discusses an article that recently came out in the Chicago Tribune about the health risks posed to girls who are beginning their puberty at ever increasing younger ages.  Here is an excerpt:

We we see here is a clear ideological bias by these researchers cited in the Chicago Tribune article, as well as its author, Ms. Griffith, against any suggestion that the biological (real) father could play such a vital role in the psychophysical development of their daughters.

This kind of bias in some academic and journalistic circles has been building for some time. It was pointed out by David Blankenhorn in a 2001 USA Today article entitled “Dads, Daughters Forge Key Bonds” Blankenhorn, president of the New York-based Institute for American Values and an editor of The Fatherhood Movement: A Call to Action, correctly points out that most of our grandmothers would laugh at the question of whether biological fathers play a unique and vital role in the development of their children, but these days of ideologically driven academic research gives us such opinions of that of Louise Silverstein and Carl Auerbach who wrote in 2000, in the American Psychologist, that they were “convinced” that the biological father makes no “unique and essential” contribution to his child’s development. Other “responsible, caretaking” adults can do the job just as well.

To read the entire article, GO HERE