Corrupt Play Therapist Marsha Kleinman getting her due

Just received this notice (newspaper story also included below) –

In case (by any tiny chance) you have missed the news. Marsha Kleinman is now the subject of a complaint filed by the AG’s office. This comes only months after a separate civil suit was filed against her for unrelated incidents. Channel 12 is planning a story, the Star Ledger has already run one and is doing a follow up, and the New Jersey Law Journal is planning a major piece on her.

If you’re not familiar with her, thank God. Kleinman routinely uses “play therapy” to induce children to make false sexual abuse allegations against their fathers. She has destroyed countless lives, including a former client of mine.

Please, please everyone – get the word out. Her victims must be gathered. If you know anyone who was victimized by her, have him/her contact me. PLEASE REVIEW ANY RECORDS YOU MAY HAVE AND TRY TO GET VICTIMS TO COME FORWARD.

– Dave

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AG: Highland Park psychologist coached girl on sex abuse claims

by Nawal Qarooni

Tuesday July 31, 2007, 2:43 PM

The state Attorney General’s Office has filed a complaint seeking to revoke the license of a Highland Park psychologist who has frequently served as an expert in criminal child abuse cases based on allegations she coached a 3-year-girl to make false claims of sexual abuse about her father.

In addition to the license revocation, Marsha Kleinman could face fines from the complaint filed Friday before the state Board of Psychological Examiners, a part of the Division of Consumer Affairs.

The accusations focus on Kleinman’s treatment of a young girl between July 2003 and December 2004. She is accused of questioning the girl about possible sexual abuse by her father in “a suggestive, coercive and/or manipulative manner,” according to the 16-page complaint.

Kleinman, 56, denies the charges.

“When people are advocates for children who are harmed in the home, they become a lightning rod, and there are people such as myself being targeted across the country by fathers’ rights groups to shut down people like myself who protect children,” Kleinman said today. “I expect all of this to be resolved.”




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10 thoughts on “Corrupt Play Therapist Marsha Kleinman getting her due”

  1. To read the formal complaint filed by the NJ Attorney’s General office, visit Anyone who has had any dealings with this woman should contact David P. Davis (above) immediately.

    As of now there are many, many individuals (victims) who have come forward to report this “psychologist” has done the same/similar to them. Same/similar patterns, same/similar violations listed in the complaint, same/similar accusations, same/similar damage to the children and their families.

    NJ must be held responsible if they continue to allow this “predator” to practice while the complaint and final outcome lingers in the courts.

    Nothing short of criminal prosecution is acceptable for this “creep”. Alleged criminal acts: assault on child/children, endangering the welfare of a child/children, fraud and mail-fraud.


  2. I am writing because I went thru the same thing with a so called
    “counselor”. My daughter was 6 yrs. old then (2000) and the mother had found this 60 yr. old nutcase thru a family-services agency that supposedly provides aid to distessed families.

    My X had taken our daughter there a few times without my knowledge. I found out when she scheduled an appointment during my vacation time with our child. My attorney advised me to keep appt. and that way I would give this counselor a chance to see us both…which I did.

    Of course this counselor refused to speak with me and whisked my daughter away for 45 mins. The next time I went to court my attorney showed me a copy of a horrible letter describing my daughter witnessing “abuse’ by me against the mother and that my daughter “said” she did not want any more overnites with her dad but could tolerate “short visits”.

  3. Just what the mother “ordered”. I was able to defeat this attempt with 12-14 letters from friends, family & co-workers. Many did not know each other but their opinions all lined up the same and that was impressive. It was great to see the X turn red with total anger and explode.

    Incredibly I was told by my attorney that the Court thinks highly of this person. Now my X is taking our daughter to see another court-appointed counselor (an old lady about 50-60) who emotionally & verbally molests our child whenever she expresses her feelings for her fatherin an effort to invalidate them. The Mediator describes her as the ” childs counselor” to push the idea that whatever this woman says she is speaking for my daughter. This woman evens tries to abuse me over the phone.

    It is disgusting that this type of behavior goes on with the court’s blessing. Yes these people state they are toatally in the right because they are trying to slay all these evil fathers and yes they need to be totally prosecuted. This is going on in California. I read Ms. Kleinman’s response. I’m sure the Nazis felt the same way too.


  4. I am in desperate need of a “Father’s Rights Attorney”…one who truly understands the bias and the unsrupulous tactics used by the mediator and her list of vipers/counselors/evaluators. I have interviewed several Family Law Specialists without success.

    If anyone can send along a reference it would be greatly appreciated.

    No one can truly understand unless they hear their child say “I want to go to your house Daddy” and you have a court order that says they must go back to mom, and experience the devastation this abuse causes. I would love to see the officers of the court live by the decisions they bind on others. Thank you. e-mail:

  5. Good. If there is a chance these alleagations are true, at a minimum I hope she gets her license taken and has to shell out thousands.

    In Houston, Texas the likes of Edward Silverman and Jean Guez are two that have willingly prostituted themselves. Guez, to suck up to so-called advocacy groups, like the Justice for Children in hoped for future dollars and business from them, alleged my daughter had been abused though there was no proof. Guez also refused to entertain any meeting with me.

    (Justice for Children along with the Stop Family Violence Organization recently filed a lawsuit with the Interamerican Commission on Human Rights claiming all men are sexual predators and all woman are correct in anything they say.)

    Silverman was asked by the Texas Board of Psychological Examiners to remove himself from our case after I wrote and submitted a 413 page analysis if his twenty page psychological assessment of his lies.

    I hope this case involving Marsha Kleinman reaches a national discussion!

  6. I am a victim or shuold i say my daughter is a victim o marsha kleinman. after argueing 3 x in court and filing a complaint with the AG, she has finnaly been thrown off my case although the damage is already done. I am looking for anyone who is interested in a class action civil suit against her or if there is a class action suit in progress that i may know about. Pleas help me put an end to this monster

  7. News 12 New Jersey is DOING A STORY ON KLEINMAN TONGITH – THURS – OCT 18 at 7:00 p.m. Walt Kane is the reporter. They were supposed to run it yesterday, but due to other breaking news events, had to postpone til tonight. COMCAST CHANNEL 62 or log onto New 12 NJ online and watch.

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