Years after domestic violence complaint, court rules man still cannot buy weapons

Restraining order lifted, not gun ban

Years after domestic violence complaint, court rules man still cannot buy weapons
Wednesday, August 29, 2007
Star-Ledger Staff

A person who has had guns seized by the police because of domestic violence cannot buy guns later — even if the event was long ago and a restraining order has since been dropped, a state appeals court ruled yesterday. Continue reading Years after domestic violence complaint, court rules man still cannot buy weapons


British lawyer for woman trying to deny father time with child faces prison for perverting justice

Note:  Here is a case of a lawyer perverting the courts, almost getting a father imprisoned for a completely bogus charge. Here is what the father said after all this came out:

Meanwhile, the father has been left deeply bruised by what has happened. He still does not see his daughter as much as he would like. He is disillusioned with the courts system. ‘Anyone who contemplates going through the family courts system should consider pulling their own fingernails out instead; it’s less painful,’ he said. ‘Appearing at these private hearings, where parties and their lawyers too often seem to have the smearing of their opponents at the top of their agendas, robs you of your dignity and your belief in the system.’

The friend of the stars who fell from grace

Bruce Hyman was a barrister and an admired TV and radio producer. Then, inexplicably, he perverted the course of justice and now faces jail

Jamie Doward, home affairs editor
Sunday August 26, 2007
The Observer

A barrister and renowned radio and television producer, who has worked with the likes of Anthony Minghella, Michael Frayn and David Mamet, is facing jail after being found guilty of attempting to pervert the course of justice. Bruce Hyman, chief executive of Above The Title Productions, has pleaded guilty to attempting to falsely incriminate the husband of a client he was representing in the family court. If jailed, it is believed it would be the first time that a barrister had been sent to prison for such a crime. Continue reading British lawyer for woman trying to deny father time with child faces prison for perverting justice


Corrupt Play Therapist Marsha Kleinman getting her due

Just received this notice (newspaper story also included below) –

In case (by any tiny chance) you have missed the news. Marsha Kleinman is now the subject of a complaint filed by the AG’s office. This comes only months after a separate civil suit was filed against her for unrelated incidents. Channel 12 is planning a story, the Star Ledger has already run one and is doing a follow up, and the New Jersey Law Journal is planning a major piece on her.

If you’re not familiar with her, thank God. Kleinman routinely uses “play therapy” to induce children to make false sexual abuse allegations against their fathers. She has destroyed countless lives, including a former client of mine.

Please, please everyone – get the word out. Her victims must be gathered. If you know anyone who was victimized by her, have him/her contact me. PLEASE REVIEW ANY RECORDS YOU MAY HAVE AND TRY TO GET VICTIMS TO COME FORWARD.

– Dave

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AG: Highland Park psychologist coached girl on sex abuse claims

by Nawal Qarooni

Tuesday July 31, 2007, 2:43 PM

The state Attorney General’s Office has filed a complaint seeking to revoke the license of a Highland Park psychologist who has frequently served as an expert in criminal child abuse cases based on allegations she coached a 3-year-girl to make false claims of sexual abuse about her father. Continue reading Corrupt Play Therapist Marsha Kleinman getting her due


Land of the Less-Free – New passport and child-support laws

Thanks to Glenn Sacks for finding this L.A. Times Editorial Commentary on
Paternity Fraud (and other issues),0,123074.story?coll=la-opinion-center

Editorial contains link to article “The Innocent Third Party: Victims of
Paternity Fraud”

Found at:
Land of the Less-Free                                                                                 
New passport and child-support laws are making the country less free for law abiding citizens.                     
By Matt Welch                                                                                     
August 21, 2007                                                                                      
What kind of America-hating ghoul would be against Strengthening Our Borders or going after Deadbeat Dads? After all, the  terrorists are busy plotting another 9/11, and the children continue to suffer.                       
But when Democrats and Republicans agree on bumper-sticker policy, it’s the rest of us law-abiding citizens who are at  risk, whether we know it or not. And right now the federal government is determined to use such once-sacrosanct documents  as passports, Social Security numbers and drivers licenses to try to restrict all manner of bad or unpopular behavior —    behavior that in most cases is complletely unrelated to the limited areas of work and travel these documents are supposed   to regulate.                                                                                 
Beginning this New Year’s Day, all Americans — includinng the significant non-terrorist population — are requirred by U.S.
law to show a valid U.S. passport when reentering the country by air from anywhere within the Western Hemisphere. By Jan.
31, 2008, the requirement will be expanded to include crossings by land or sea. No more cruising down to Baja for the
weekend without a water-stamped, biometrically sound international travel document!            Continue reading Land of the Less-Free – New passport and child-support laws


CNN Video on Child Support and Passport – Must see and comment

Received this from a friend:

I don’t necessarily think that they do some of it on purpose at CNN, they just haven’t really studied the realities of the system in depth and like most of the media are afraid to tackle an issue that may make Women look bad and Men look battered.  You must watch this Video.

I suggest that everyone flood CNN regarding the inequities in the law and suggest that Family Law Reform would be the RIGHT/TOUGH questions to be asking our political candidates, not the same old drivel on Abortion/Womens Rights/Gay Marriage/Etc.

Family Law Reform is truly the most important issue for our future.  One has to look no further than the daily news to see the results of our current state of Family Law.


Fathers rights duo arrested at gunpoint

Fathers’ rights duo arrested at gunpoint


TWO British Fathers 4 Justice activists were arrested at gunpoint by a Swat team at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, the campaign founder said yesterday.

A support crew of four were also held as the memorial was evacuated by US authorities.

UK activists Jolly Stanesby and Mike Downes organised and performed the protest on Friday, with support by US colleagues on the ground, a Fathers 4 Justice spokesman said.Stanesby and Downes scaled the Lincoln Memorial at around 1.30pm dressed as tourists.

The spokesman said the men were being held in US custody in Washington and could be deported or placed on trial. Continue reading Fathers rights duo arrested at gunpoint


Fathers 4 Justice protesters sieze Lincoln Memorial

Get this posted to all you know … It is time the Child Abused called Custody is stopped !!!
Keith Owen
Ohio Coordinator
Contact: Donald Tenn, F4J US 916-838-6291
August 17, 2007
Fathers-4-Justice UK Comes to America Today on a Humanitarian Mission
Washington, DC —
Two Briitish activists from Fathers 4 Justice UK have just landed on the Lincoln Memorial. Jolly Stanesby (aka Batman) and Mike Downes (aka Captain America) have climbed The Lincoln Memorial because of Abraham Lincoln’s connection with the abolition of slavery.
This humanitarian mission is designed to save children and parents from the ravages of the for-profit divorce industry that terminates the parental rights of thousands of Americans daily. Many believe these courts and actions are unconstitutional, and much is being done to seek federal intervention. About every two seconds a child’s bond with one good and fit parent is terminated because of a family law system and divorce industry that is in need of serious reform. States receive billions of federal dollars annually as incentives to drive up child support that is paid by American taxpayers.
Jolly Stanesby has been involved in more than fifteen different civil disobedience actions to help children in the UK, and has a dream that someday all American and British parents will be treated equally.  He hopes that the family court systems will acknowledge what science has known for decades, that children grow up far better when they have near equal time with both parents.
Fathers 4 Justice has been a nonviolent direct action organization since 2002 and has had a major impact on the treatment of fathers and children in family courts.
For more information, please go to


Alienated Girl Calls Dr. Laura, Dr. Laura Tells Her Go See Your Dad So You Can Find out the Truth

Glenn Sacks

Alienated Girl Calls Dr. Laura, Dr. Laura Tells Her ‘Go See Your Dad So You Can Find out the Truth’

Background: Parental Alienation occurs in a divorce or separation when one parent, usually the custodial mother, turns the children against the other parent, usually the noncustodial father. Often this alienation takes the form of giving the children a negative impression of the father–to read one example, see the second part of my blog entry Sad Parental Alienation Case from the 1940s.

To learn more about Parental Alienation and the controversies surrounding it, see my co-authored columns Protect Children from Alienation (Providence Journal, 7/8/06) and Shockome Syndrome, or click here.

Kathy, a reader, sent me the following letter concerning a recent call to talk show host/author Dr. Laura Schlessinger:

“Today a 12-year-old girl called radio host Dr. Laura to ask whether she should contact her father, who she has not had a relationship with since she was 7. The girl told Dr. Laura that ‘my father is manipulative.’

“Dr. Laura responded: ‘Where did you hear that — your mother, your grandmother? No 12-year-old comes up with that terminology on her own.’ Continue reading Alienated Girl Calls Dr. Laura, Dr. Laura Tells Her Go See Your Dad So You Can Find out the Truth


Criminalizing America’s fathers by Stephen Baskerville

The article below is published in today’s Washington Times.  It is an op-ed version of an longer article, “Welfare and the Road to Serfdom“, recently published by the Institute for Policy Innovation, a highly-respected think tank that specializes in welfare and fiscal issues. 

To send a letter to the editor, go to

Stephen Baskerville


Forum: Criminalizing America’s fathers?

August 12, 2007
Last summer, conservatives were celebrating 10 years of welfare reform. Now we learn out-of-wedlock births are at a record high and married couples comprise less than half the nation’s households.

And those out-of-wedlock births no longer proceed from just low-income teenagers. Inspired by books like Peggy Drexler’s “Raising Boys Without Men,” middle-class, middle-aged women are now bearing many of the fatherless children. This number does not even include the children of divorce, which almost doubles the 1.5 million out-of-wedlock births.

This plague of fatherless children is driven not only by culture but also by federal programs that subsidize single-parent homes through quasi-welfare entitlements for the affluent that welfare reform did not address. Continue reading Criminalizing America’s fathers by Stephen Baskerville


Mandatory arrest for domestic violence doesn’t work – even Harvard says so 8/10/07

Mandatory arrest for domestic violence doesn’t work – even Harvard says so 8/10/07


Fostered, if not mandated by the 1994 Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) of 1994, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin all passed laws making arrest mandatory in domestic violence cases. In addition Arkansas, California, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, North Dakota, and Tennessee passed “preferred arrest” laws that amounted to the same thing.

In the year 2000 I began looking at what impact Colorado’s mandatory arrest law had in Colorado Springs, one of seven cities in the United States where the mandatory arrest policy had been tested prior to becoming law. Initially I plotted police data for the ten-year period from 1990 (before the law was passed) to 1999 (five years after mandatory arrest became law). That plot was later expanded to the fifteen-year period from 1990 to 2004 and is shown below.

Plot of fifteen-year compilation of 911 calls and arrests for simple assault in Colorado Springs, Colorado, versus increase in population

There is a spike in 911 calls for domestic disturbances in 1994. But by 1995 the word about the consequences of calling 911 in a “domestic” had spread like wildfire and 911 domestic disturbance calls dropped dramatically, and kept dropping as shown by the red line in the above plot. Clearly, the draconian police response mandated by the 1994 DV laws primarily acts to deter citizens from calling 911. Subsequent research by others found the same result in at least three other cities. Continue reading Mandatory arrest for domestic violence doesn’t work – even Harvard says so 8/10/07