Fathers arrest for protesting on sidewalk in front of D.A.

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 From: Cfjmessage@aol.com

Subject: Two CFJ Members Endure False Arrest in San Miguel County

Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 15:35:14 EST


Last Thursday, two of our members – Lee Kittell and Dale Harapat – both fathers who have been unreasonably denied access to their children by the courts, were arrested along with a third person on a public sidewalk in front of District Attorney Richard Flores and Sheriff Chris Majar’s office in Las Vegas, NM (San Miguel County).

They were simply holding up posters regarding wrongdoings of Richard Flores and walking along the sidewalk. Two of the men have heart conditions and Lee was on crutches because of an injured ankle. Upon arrival at the detention center, both Lee and the third gentleman were checked by the prison nurse and an ambulance was called. The stress of the incident caused chest pains for both men.

Dale was booked into prison, and prison officials claimed they did so because “his friends said that he wanted to make a statement”. (They did not say that.) Dale was not released until Friday afternoon. We need to back up these men who are taking time away from their lives to make it known that this system is corrupt and that it is hurting children and parents. 


It’s simple. Make four phone calls to the following people and voice your protest about this unlawful arrest and detainment. 

 San Miguel Co. District Atty Richard Flores (505) 425-6746

San Miguel Co. Sheriff Chris Majar (505) 425-7589

Las Vegas, NM Mayor Henry Sanchez (505) 425-7335 (let him know that you will avoid Las Vegas and tell all your friends to do so since you could so easily be unlawfully detained there) Governor Richardson (505) 476-2200 Read more below.  

We may be protesting your situation the next time, and it is imperative that we fight to hang on to the right to free assembly and free speech. It’s about all we have at our disposal right now to inform the public about government official wrongdoing in our state. Continue reading Fathers arrest for protesting on sidewalk in front of D.A.


Idea: Blog candidates on Father’

  1. Here is an idea that has some merit:


  2. fastscott said,

    on February 20th, 2007 at 6:59 pm

    I am just putting this out there for you to consider.

    I have been blogging on candidates sites. The problem is that these blogs do not get much notice because everyone is consumed in the Iraq war and the thread gets lost in that discussion.

    This week I am targeting Newt Gingrich.

    Thursday evening 2/22/07 at 8 P.M. mountain time is my target time.

    Go to newt.org and register for the blog. Do this before 8 so you can get registered. Do not be a bystander. Your participation is needed. Registering is free.

    The purpose of the blog is to find out what his stance is on reform of the family court system and the long overdue promise of reform of USC 42/7/IV-D/666. Blog your concerns. We may get some notice. Reform of the family court system is just not an issue in your state. National reform will help in your states reform. National attention will get your states attention.

    I am not a Gingrich supporter-I support no candidate at this time.

    The purpose is to try and get the issue to the forefront. This week it is Gingrich-next week it will be another candidate. We need to get this into the national dialogue. It needs to be addressed as one of the top domestic issues for the next national election. It is at the heart of “family values” and family survival.
    Thank you
    P.S. go ahead and copy this and post to any other sites you visit


Coward Judges lose – distraught father found not guilty of threats

Following are two news stories, the first is how the jury found the man not guilty.  The second is from an earlier story that goes into more detail about the charges for which the father was arrested.

Man found not guilty of making written threats to judges

The Associated Press

Jurors accepted a man’s testimony Wednesday that two e-mails he sent to judges were harmless rants about his child custody battle, not threats to kill or injure them or their families.

The six-member jury deliberated two hours before finding Patrick Cahill not guilty of two counts of making written threats. Continue reading Coward Judges lose – distraught father found not guilty of threats


Man threatened with 4 years prison if he doesn’t pay thousands of dollars in child support for a child he didn’t father

By Joe Lambe

McClatchy Newspapers Source


KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Once again, Missouri judges have ordered a man to pay thousands of dollars in child support for a child he didn’t father.

This time, even the child’s mother agrees the man is not the father. Yet a state agency says he is, because he was married to the woman when she gave birth.

The state wants David Salazar thrown in jail, and an appeals court on Tuesday agreed. Continue reading Man threatened with 4 years prison if he doesn’t pay thousands of dollars in child support for a child he didn’t father


Shared Parenting advocate helps elect sympathetic Congressman

Robert Pedersen, Co-Founder of A Child’s Right, mentioned in the Washington, D.C. based newspaper “The Liberator”. Download robert_pedersen.PDF  Robert Pedersen/Tim Walberg Story

The Liberator is a Washington, D.C. based newspaper that is considered to be “the authority” on shared parenting all across the United States.  It is published by the ACFC and has a readership estimated at close to 30,000.

The story that reports Robert Pedersen’s efforts in helping Tim Walberg win over an incumbent Congressmen starts on page 1 and concludes on page 14.  This is quite an honor for A Child’s Right to reach this level of national attention!  The news story also mentions Robert Pedersen’s unusually high vote count for the minor political position that he ran for – County Delegate for Precinct 2.  Continue reading Shared Parenting advocate helps elect sympathetic Congressman


VAWA is Not Helping Women, Report Shows

Received this yesterday:


VAWA is Not Helping Women, Report Shows

It’s no secret that the Violence Against Women Act often ignores civil liberties and discriminates against male victims. But everyone assumed that at least VAWA was beneficial to women.

RADAR’s latest Special Report, “Has VAWA Delivered on its Promises to Women?,” reveals this belief may be false. Continue reading VAWA is Not Helping Women, Report Shows