Big changes in family law are ahead

The way the state calculates child support will change radically Jan. 1, posing questions about who pays more and who gets less.
The most profound changes in Minnesota’s child support laws in two decades, scheduled to take effect Jan. 1, have some observers concerned that poor custodial parents — mostly moms — may end up short-changed by a new formula for figuring out monthly payments.Others see the overhaul as an overdue leveling of the playing field between mothers and fathers caught in one of the most common and contentious issues that face modern families. Continue reading Big changes in family law are ahead

Fathers’ rights activists rally outside courthouse

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ZANESVILLE – A national organization seeking to bring attention to the issue of childf4j rally custody cases rallied Thursday in downtown Zanesville. Local Fathers 4 Justice members organized their first rally in Muskingum County to not only support fathers in the county, but to help shed light on a subject they say needs more attention.

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Does the National Fatherhood Initiative Get It Right on Fatherhood?

Received this from Stephen Baskerville:

Does the National Fatherhood Initiative “Get It Right on Fatherhood”?

The National Fatherhood Initiative held a “media event” yesterday at the National Press Club in Washington and released a survey called “Pop’s Culture: A National Survey on Dads’ Attitudes on Fathering.” A panel discussion followed with representatives from the media:

Leon Harris, News Anchor, WJLA-TV (moderator)
Kevin Kay, General Manager, SPIKE TV
Stephen Perrine, Editor-in-Chief, Best Life Magazine
Dion Haynes, Education Reporter, The Washington Post
Jonetta Rose Barras, WAMU-FM analyst and author
The topic was, “Does the Media Get it Right on Fatherhood?” The theme is ironic given that NFI’s extreme reluctance to examine the causes of the fatherhood crisis in family court abuses leads some to question whether the National Fatherhood Initiative itself entirely “Gets it Right on Fatherhood.” This is somewhat unfair. NFI deserves enormous credit for calling the nation’s attention to the crisis of fatherless children. Whether NFI can continue to be on the cutting edge of solutions to this crisis remains to be seen. Continue reading Does the National Fatherhood Initiative Get It Right on Fatherhood?