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Domestic Violence – New Study Proves Men Experience it more than women

RedOrbit – Health – Home Violence … Men in Firing Line#

Home Violence … Men in Firing Line

A STUDY of patients attending family doctors has found that 52 per cent of men and 43 per cent of women have experienced domestic violence.

The research, carried out by Trinity College Dublin and published in the European Journal of General Practice, reflects the findings of all other two-sex studies carried out in Ireland. (more…)


3 of boy’s grandparents killed at ball field | Chicago Tribune

3 of boy’s grandparents killed at ball field | Chicago Tribune

DANDRIDGE, TENNESSEE — Gunfire erupted after a 10-year-old boy’s baseball game, leaving three of his grandparents dead and his father wounded, officials said Tuesday.

The shooting began Monday night as players and families were leaving for the parking lot. When it stopped, the boy–the subject of a lengthy custody dispute–was seen standing among the bodies of his family. (more…)


Self-described Battered spouses take aim at a controversial custody strategy

Note: This is from the most recent Newsweek.  Interesting the obvious bias here.  This isn’t investigative reporting.  It is advocacy. The basic assumption is that all moms who allege abuse are telling the truth.
Fighting Over the Kids
Battered spouses take aim at a controversial custody strategy.
By Sarah Childress
Sept. 25, 2006 issue – It took six years for Genia Shockome to gather the courage to leave her husband, Tim. He pushed her, kicked her and insulted her almost from the moment they married in 1994, she says. She tried to start over with their children when the family moved from Texas to Poughkeepsie, N.Y. It didn’t last long. Tim called her constantly at work and, after they split up, pounded on her door and screamed obscenities, she alleged in a complaint filed in 2001. Tim was charged with harassment. As part of a plea deal, Tim agreed to a stay-away order—but denies ever abusing her or the children. In custody hearings over the past six years, Tim has insisted that he’s been a good father, and argued that Genia’s allegations poisoned their children against him. The judge sided with Tim. This summer he was granted full custody of the kids, now 11 and 9. Genia was barred from contacting them. (more…)

11 years and counting – Bizarre divorce saga: A man, a woman and missing millions

Bizarre divorce saga: A man, a woman and missing millions

The Associated Press
MEDIA, Pa. – The inmate to his lawyer: “Do you have any news for me?”
Four thousand ninety-three days have passed. The answer never changes.
Not the news H. Beatty Chadwick wants, anyway. For 11 years now he has sat, worked, read, written, then sat some more in a county jail in Delaware County, outside Philadelphia.
The place is a lockup in the old-fashioned sense: holding cells, essentially, not much light. It’s meant for run-of-the-mill crooks, many just passing through on the way to comparatively luxurious state prisons.
What it was never meant for is inmates like H. Beatty Chadwick, the slight, scholarly, enigmatic central figure in one of the most bizarre divorce cases in American history.
The charge is civil contempt of court. It is meant not to punish but to coerce – in this case, to force Chadwick to turn over $2.5 million the courts say he hid overseas in a vicious divorce dispute.
Except he won’t. Or can’t, depending on whom you believe. (more…)


From Glen Sacks: PBS Follows Through on Commitment to Air Balanced Program

 Excellent comments on PBS show from Glen Sacks:

PBS Follows Through on Commitment to Air Balanced Program

Last October PBS aired the film Breaking the Silence: Children’s Stories on many of its affiliates. The film  portrayed fathers as batterers and child molesters who use family court machinations to wrest children away from their mothers. The film was extremely one-sided, and presented a harmful and inaccurate view of divorce and child custody cases. Moreover, the film portrayed one mother as a heroic, victimized mom, when records which we made public show that she had abused children under her care, and had lost custody for that reason. (more…)


Dad owes $347,000 back child support – may face 90 years in prison

Note: The last sentence is what caught my attention:

If the district attorney decides to file all the counts requested by the sheriff’s department, then Brayshaw, if convicted, could face a maximum prison sentence of 90 years.

Deadbeat dad, caught in Florida Keys, owes $347,000

 A former town of Farmington man living an idyllic, Jimmy Buffett life in the sunny Florida Keys will be hauled back to our soon-to-be frozen tundra after he was tracked down by authorities who say he owes more than $347,000 in back child and spousal support. (more…)


Roberge, others helped defeat custody bill in NH Letters

Roberge, others helped defeat custody bill


Published: Sunday, Sep. 10, 2006


Currently, shared parenting or joint custody is only awarded in 16 percent of divorce cases. According to studies by the American Psychological Association, “A major advantage of joint custody may be its ability to address the high rate of current father absence subsequent to divorce. Joint custody has been correlated with increased father involvement.”

Another benefit is that there is “decreased re-litigation” with shared parenting, and less conflict between spouses in general. (more…)


In losing son, man finds a crusade

Press & Argus – – Livingston, MI

Christopher Sorgani discovered his former girlfriend had given his newborn son up for adoption despite his continual requests to raise the boy. “I was infuriated,” the former Brighton man said as tears slid down his cheek. “I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t believe … she just went away and gave away a child, my child. How could she do that, knowing I want kids?” (more…)

Share – Dr. Laura Debates Feminists on Men and Violence – Blog | Blogs | Popular Blogs | Video Blogs – Dr. Laura Debates Feminists on Men and Violence – Blog | Blogs | Popular Blogs | Video Blogs

Dr. Laura Debates Feminists on Men and Violence
Tuesday, September 05, 2006
By Wendy McElroy

In a recent radio broadcast and newspaper column, Dr. Laura Schlessinger addressed the ‘Take Back the Night’ movement that protests violence against women. She accused it of deliberately ignoring data that suggests men may be more vulnerable to violence than women.

In the Santa Barbara News-Press on Aug. 27, Schlessinger wrote, “This information should, but probably won’t, usher in a new approach to gender and violence.” The new approach would offer male victims as much attention and compassion as female ones.

Why won’t this happen? Schlessinger explained, because “the ideology, fomented by politically correct [PC] feminists, that women are an endangered class has been supported almost universally in our culture, government, and educational facilities.”

That PC ideology rests on the concept of women as victims and men as aggressors.

The backlash against Schlessinger was dramatic and instructive to others who consider questioning the dominant paradigm of victimhood. (more…)


Baskerville article at – Ted Baehr Movieguide® – Ted Baehr’s Movieguide®

The advent of “no-fault” divorce has given rise to a system that strips fathers of their children, accelerates the breakdown of families, and makes a mockery of the marital contract.

By Stephen Baskerville

For the moment, while the Federal Marriage Amendment is moved to a back burner, it’s a good time to heighten our awareness of a broader menace. Same-sex marriage is a symptomatic threat to families, compared to the more fundamental effect of “no fault” divorce. “Commentators miss the point when they oppose homosexual marriage on the grounds that it would undermine traditional understandings of marriage,” writes Bryce Christensen of Southern Utah University. “It is only because traditional understandings of marriage have already been severely undermined that homosexuals are now laying claim to it.” Michael McManus of Marriage Savers writes that “divorce is a far more grievous blow to marriage than today’s challenge by gays.” (more…)