Airlines ban on men sitting with children may be unlawful

IOL: Airlines’ ban on men sitting with children ‘may be unlawful’
Airlines which do not allow men to sit next to unaccompanied children – apparently over fears of abuse – could be guilty of unlawful discrimination, New Zealand’s Human Rights Commission said today.
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Texas (and all other states) Could Lose Child Support Enforcement Funds

Note from ANCPR: All states are really scared. The House passed, but the Senate didn’t, a form of the bill that would start to cut the federal matching funds for child support enforcement. Look for this to be in the news in the near future. My bet is that they will back off of this, but who knows? Budgets are getting tight, and they are likely to get lots tighter!

KTRE-TV – Lufkin/Nacogdoches, TX – Texas Families Could Lose Child Support Funds
A bill passed by the U.S. House could cost Texas families billions of dollars in child support. The bill would slash funding for child support enforcement.

The budget reconciliation bill would reduce federal financial participation in child support programs from 66 percent to 50 percent by 2010. The Texas attorney general is concerned.

The cut in federal funds would require the attorney general’s office in Texas to reduce its child support staff. That could lead to a nearly three billion dollar drop in child support collections.


Study – Wounds of divorce linger long past childhood

KRT Wire | 11/28/2005 | Study: Wounds of divorce linger long past childhood

Chicago Tribune

By the time she was 5, Elizabeth Marquardt was traveling across the country alone, flying coach as she moved between her divorced parents. She says her parents split with very little conflict, perhaps owing partly to another kind of distance – geographical – between them.

Now 34, Marquardt seems well-adjusted, dividing time between her job as a resident scholar for a Washington, D.C., think tank and her own family – husband and two kids – in Highland Park, Ill.
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Secrets and lies – National –

Note from ANCPR: While some of what this woman says is correct – the issue is complex – nevertheless, why is it so difficult for these college – professor – types to recognize basic moral issues? Morally, this author is nothing but an insect.
Secrets and lies – National –
“Paternity fraud” implies deceptive women cuckolding men into believing children are biologically theirs. But the truth is more complex, and more human, writes Leslie Cannold.
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Mothers, put in your two cents |

Note from ANCPR: This is an amaziningly brazen and biased editorial. The assumption is, fathers only care about money, and don’t really care about their children’s welfare. Here’s a quote: “In practice, parenting time too often becomes a lever that noncustodial parents use to force down their obligation. Noncustodial parents request the additional time with the children to reduce their financial responsibility, but fail to honor the commitment. ”
Mothers, put in your two cents |
Mad dads changed Ga.’s child support rules. Now, custodial parents should act.

Published on: 11/27/05
To explain the current status of Georgia’s new child support guidelines, state attorney Jill Radwin offers a simple algebraic analogy: “We know that x + y = z, but we can’t assign any values to the equation because there are no numbers to plug in yet.”

To make sure that the equation doesn’t ultimately add up to less support for Georgia children, custodial parents and child advocates ought to make their voices heard at a series of public hearings over the next month on the state’s new child support guidelines, which become law in July. Born of years of dogged effort by fathers’ groups, the guidelines won passage this year, replacing Georgia’s current formula for determining support with a model perceived to be fairer.

The question is, is it fairer to children or to parents?
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Ga. father fights for right to daughter |

Ga. father fights for right to daughter |
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 11/23/05
George McCormick brought a car seat to court Tuesday, hoping he’d need it to drive home the baby he’s been searching for since last winter.

But it was her prospective adoptive parents sitting across from him in court who learned that they will get to spend at least one Christmas with the 10-month-old they hope to raise.

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Update from Glenn Sacks

Just received the following from Glenn Sacks. There are quite a few valuable and fascinating links in this that can best be followed at the following link:
Campaign Update: Boston Globe Columnist Urges PBS to Cover Fathers’ Views
Campaign Update: Boston Globe Columnist Urges PBS to Cover Fathers’ Views

November 21, 2005

Some of you have contacted me concerning donations to our PBS campaign. It is certainly true that this campaign has been costly both in terms of money and time. If you’d like to donate to support our efforts, click here. Thanks to those of you who have already donated.

Boston Globe Columnist Criticizes Breaking the Silence, Urges PBS to Cover Fathers’ Views

Columnist Cathy Young criticized PBS’s Breaking the Silence: Children’s Stories and urged PBS to air fathers’ views in her new column PBS’s negative picture of fathers (Boston Globe, 11/21/05).

In the column Young noted “Film producer Dominique Lasseur told me he was shocked by the backlash” to the film. This is true, but not in the way one might think.
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Mother won’t let father see child – wants male mentor instead

I just received this communication from John Murtari:

If it isn’t bad enough to be separated from your kids and not able to
see them — how would you like to visit a website, or get the
Newspaper and see a picture of your child on the front page and read
they want a Big Brother/Sister — but you don’t count! Imagine
reading that your former wife says your son needs another
‘male’ involved in his life as a friend (at the same time they are
blocking your relationship with your child in Court!). Would it be
too much?

A brief message triggered by a Big Brothers/Sister story that appeared
on MSNBC, If that link does not work
we have a copy at our web site: http://www.AKidsRight.Org/sandifer.htm
It was a Front page story in the Colorado Springs Gazette.

This happened to Mike Sandifer who happens to be
a personal friend. This is part of what he read:
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PBS’s negative picture of fathers – by Cathy Young

PBS’s negative picture of fathers – The Boston Globe

CHILD CUSTODY battles are always wrenching, particularly when there are allegations of abuse. For years fathers’ rights groups have complained that men face a pervasive bias in family courts, while many feminists have countercharged that the real bias is against women. The latest round of this debate is being waged over a documentary, ”Breaking the Silence: Children’s Stories,” which has been airing on Public Broadcasting Service affiliates in the past month.

The film’s point is simple: Children in America are routinely ripped from their mothers and given to fathers who are batterers or molesters. The women’s claims of abuse are not believed by the courts and are even held against them when mothers are suspected of manufacturing false charges as a divorce strategy.
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Letter to the Editor: Feminism and Motherhood > editorial > Letter to the Editor: Feminism and Motherhood
As always, thank you for bringing common sense to the propaganda-ridden argument that fathers are always abusive and mothers always protective of their children.

I’m not surprised at NOW’s backing of the PBS special report “Breaking the Silence”. Take a look back over the decades at where women’s rights groups like NOW have taken us:
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